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  1. I want to be sad at how forgotten my OC (Crimson Grinn) is now, but that's difficult to do when it's completely and utterly my fault. I haven't updated his page in years, and he is, in all honesty, badly written. I was thinking of rewriting his page, but I don't even know where to begin... so much angst and grammar issues. :blush:

    The worst part is that all of my other characters are probably the same way, now. I've spent so much time away, as a result, my characters have aged horribly. *sigh* 

    1. Drago Ryder

      Drago Ryder

      Yeah. I guess you could say the same for some of my characters.



      Well, that's a matter of opinion. I've been told on several occasions how bad Crimson is as a character, and which of the several aspects of his character are so bad. Some claims have been exaggerated, some have been brutally honest. Either way, even though he may be a badly written character, but I still have a soft spot for him as my first real OC.

    3. Drago Ryder

      Drago Ryder

      That's understandable.

  2. *Contemplates whether or not to join or make a new RP*

  3. Gotta work on a new description of myself, because my old one... yeesh. :P



      I may or may not work on editing Crimson's character page, as well, because I can't help but cringe at my old writing style and the edgy backstory I used for the poor guy... XD

  4. Man, it's been ages since I last visited this site... brings back memories. ^^

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    2. Alpharius


      I haven't watched that so I'm not sure if I made a reference by mistake XD 



      Nah, theories and mysteries are just a big part of the fandom. I made several strange theories on the shows plot, before it ended, and a few of them ended up being right, surprisingly, lol.

    4. Alpharius
  5. I still live, in case anypony has been curious on that topic, lol.

  6. Hey. I don't know if you'd be interested in this, but would you be willing to join a RP based loosely off of one-punch man?

  7. Man, finding jolly cooperation in Dark Souls 2 , at my level, is a huge pain.

    1. Geoff the Skeleton

      Geoff the Skeleton

      Praying to the sun might help.

  8. Oh, I can just restrict Crimson from using Ragestar or Voidstar, it's no issue. Also, Vanylla isn't my OC, she's my friend's OC. So I can't play her in the RP.
  9. Thanks! And yeah, I know his backstory and CM story and everything are full of old cliches, but I originally typed that up nearly 3 years ago, and haven't really updated his backstory much since. As for his wife, I'm not the one who controls her, nor am I the one who created her. That honor would go to my friend, SimplyRarity (she may or may not have changed her name). And not only is he married, but he also has three kids, whom were all made by SimplyRarity.
  10. Is this RP still free to join? Because I may be interested, if you'll have me. My OC's profile link is located in my sig, if you wanna take a look. NOTE: I haven't gotten around to updating his info, so his CM story is a bit... edgelord, to be quite honest. Also, before anyone asks; no, he is not a bad guy or a villain of some kind. Despite his very bloody beginnings, Crimson is actually quite friendly.
  11. Honestly, I doubt it. Your info on your page says that you joined this year, and I've been extremely inactive this year. I used to go by the name Ragestar, or RAGE, until I changed it to what it is currently. So I honestly see no reason why I'd be familiar to you, unless your a big role player and you happened to be scrolling through some older RPs I was in. But if I am familiar to you, then cool! XD
  12. 1/10 Sorry, I don't know you. Mostly because I don't really interact the newer members all that often. Although, its understandable that you don't know me, because I haven't been on much this year. I mostly lurked around the RP section, anyway, so I'm not very famous to begin with.
  13. The reason most people here won't recognize me is for two reasons; 1, I've changed my username and avatar (though my profile page is still the same) and 2, because I mostly stuck around the RP section (but I haven't RPd here in forever...) Oh, and 7/10 I know who you are, but I don't know much about you. Sorry... ^^;