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  1. Vocaloids are awesome, I love listening to the music, as well as exploring more about the characters themselves. As for favorites Miku is definitely mine, I've always enjoyed her voice. "Glass Wall" by GHPZ is definitely my favorite song and Rockleetist did an absolutely stunning cover of it. Original: Rockleetist's Cover:
  2. We should start a club of people with grey coated and white maned OCs.

    1. Shadow Beam

      Shadow Beam

      That fricken avatar by the way.


    2. Sidon Aldermane

      Sidon Aldermane

      Haha you're totally right and it should be called the Coat and Tails club

    3. Shadow Beam

      Shadow Beam

      Pure genius. *rubs hands devilishly*

  3. that avatar is so majestic

    1. Sidon Aldermane

      Sidon Aldermane

      Haha, why thank you kindly

  4. Hey everpony! I'll be hosting a segment of the Legends of Equestria 24 Hour livestream on Sunday at 4-3 AM EST. Be sure to stop by!

    1. Allen


      Thank you for the heads up, it's a 24-hour Saturday livestream on Twitch.

  5., I'll stop later.

  6. @@GuyNamedEarl, Thanks! ^^ This is the first time I've been able to try it properly. I've been studying metalworking for years and I'd like to eventually become a professional blacksmith. @@Silver Letter, Thank you! Yes I hope to improve significantly, I'd like to start casting some miniatures next.
  7. So I just had my first exposure to drop casting today and whoo-wee was it fun! For those who may not know, drop-casting involves pouring molten metal into a mold which contains a cavity carved in a certain shape and then allowing it to cool and solidify. Pewter is a "white metal" which means it has a very low melting point(450 F - 575 F) and hardens very quickly. It's something I've been wanting to try for a very long time and I'm pleased with the results. Still a little sprue cleanup to do but done for the most part. Note: The pendants are not flawed the holes are meant to be there. I wanted them to have an organic or eldritch look to them, originally vining plants but the channels weren't deep enough and it changed into something I found much cooler. Lemme know what y'all think!
  8. Wow you guys have a lot of really excellent feedback. I think that @@Ochre_Dust, makes a good assessment.
  9. So I'm looking for some first hoof information on a project I'm working on. I'd like to know which of the ponies you think has the best color scheme in MLP. If possible please add a comment explaining why you chose who you did, especially if you chose "Other." Thanks in advance and happy polling! Note: This is not a "Best Pony" poll. Feel free to choose your favorite character, but please pick them because you believe they have the best color scheme. Edit: Added Background Ponies
  10. I really like the german dub, the voice actors are just as talented as our originals, but only the italian Applejack can really hold par to Ashleigh, especially when singing. She has a very rich voice.
  11. Your plushies are beautiful. How long have you been sewing?

    1. Nervous Stitch

      Nervous Stitch

      Oh, thanks so much :) I've been sewing random stuff since I was really little, but I've been doing pony plushies for around a year now!

    2. Sidon Aldermane

      Sidon Aldermane

      That's really cool, it's always nice to see someone who enjoys their craft. I love making plushies but I'm very fickle with long projects so I stick to animation. ^^'

  12. Job opening for me! Ha I think that it would really depend on the animators, they'd still have the wonderful voice-work and writing, so that's two tics in favor of. The real advantage behind the show's style is the amount of expressiveness you can give a 2D character. Though truth be told it's pretty much the same process for 3D.
  13. You have a very good eye for detail. That WhiteDiamondsLtd piece is especially nice.
  14. @@LiraCrown, Yes indeedy, every element in the image.
  15. Had what I thought was a funny idea come to me yesterday. What would be a situation that occurred between Big Mac and a recently adopted Winona? Here's the result. Hope you guys enjoy, let me know what you think!