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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. I.  AM HERE.  For how long?  WHO THE FUCK KNOWS?!

  3. *boops* Hey, remember me?  Yeah, i'm that guy that hasn't been on here for about 3 years.

    1. Serious Sam

      Serious Sam

      I seriously hope you remember who I am though, I still remember you

    2. Misty Rose

      Misty Rose

      I remember you too pal. How's it been? :)


  4. Well, good to hear everyone's doing semi-well. I might make another visit sometime. In the mean time, take care everypony! *huggles all*

  5. Be honest here...who in the hell missed me!?

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    2. Doc. Volt

      Doc. Volt

      stuff and reason with mods, same old story XD

    3. Serious Sam

      Serious Sam

      Of course, but discussing a ban isn't exactly the thing that status updates are for.

    4. Doc. Volt

      Doc. Volt

      that is the reason why i got banned XD discussing about others ban.. but let's forget this shit, it is no more any of my buisness, i am just here to stay in contact with friends

  6. M-makusu..? Please don't go...*hugs you tightly*

  7. For a second there, I thought you were talking about the Group B rally division.
  8. Hey, you on?

    1. Wayzer
    2. Serious Sam

      Serious Sam

      I think Scarlet want to talk via skype

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! thank you for everything that you have done for this community! We appreciate it!

    1. Bronyette


      :3 no problem dearie. And thank you.

  10. Broken heart, we meet again....*sigh*

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    2. Doc. Volt


      What?! Don't tell me Otty broke up with you already!?

    4. Han'ei


      Hello darkness my old friend...

  11. I just asked...I asked Otty to be my special somepony...and she accepted! <3 You Otty!

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    2. Serious Sam

      Serious Sam

      Thank you, all of you, for the wishes; it's very much appreciated! ^_^

    3. Sweet Pen

      Sweet Pen



      I'm pretty sure i'm not, because I only hurt other people, so why I need a bf.

    4. Jack Baker

      Jack Baker

      Awesome, bro! I wish good things to come for you and Otty! :D

  12. @@Lightning Bliss,Very cute! Very well done, their expressions make it even better.
  13. @,Suddenly, the train lurched forward and ran over Rarity. And then Iron Will came through the window and punched the train, causing it to disseminate into atoms.
  14. @, Suddenly, a train crashed through her house.