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  1. Yeah. What am I, not a hamster?
  2. Shiki

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Even with filters I've got massive RBF
  3. You've still got me, at least
  4. Don't worry babe I'll be gentle uwu
  5. Zoop


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    2. Zoop



      It goes good!!!! I went to school and now I make good moneys and life is comfortable. 

      I'm glad to hear it! 

      What sorta work did you end up in? fluttershy_happy_by_angelishi.gif.7dcdb4aef092a697e0101895239e21a6.gif


      How you?

      Mm, as well as can be for 2020. NSg2gmg.gif

      As much as an extreme introverted shut-in that I am, remaining diligent with regards to covid considerations after nearly an entire year has definitely taken a bit of a toll, to say nothing of the political climate around the nation and everything else that the year has thrown at everyone. I actually moved across state lines right before things blew up with the virus, as well.

      All in all... been an eventful year to put it mildly. 0/10, would not repeat.


      It is always nice to see such friendship here on the forum!

      Friendship is magic, after all.


      No room, I want everyone to see

      H-how forward. bRyeOfi.gif

    3. Shiki


      Yeah I'm lucky that my 2020 kinds just went well. And like I got a new job during this covid crap anyway. So many people are struggling now it's so sad ):

    4. Zoop


      I mean, in the grand scheme of things I'm honestly doing pretty damn well over here - no financial concerns or anything of the sort, worst I've had to deal with have really just been inconveniences at the end of the day... which is definitely something worth keeping in mind tbh.

      ...and it's all the more reason to celebrate the things that have gone well this year, like that job tbh

  6. Nah I'm dumb as a brick but that's okay, I have other features that make me worthwhile
  7. I love loving love and loving my lovely lovers
  8. Shiki

    Health How well do you sleep?

    I swear I'm narcoleptic I take like 3 naps a day minimum despite getting like 6 hours at night
  9. Nah the last thing I wanna celebrating is being alive
  10. I'm so dang hungry but I spent all me moneys
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