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  1. yeah... im actually drawing AJ right now ^^ i just got SAI recently and am practicing drawing ponies on it...hehe and my favourite is probably fluttershy...or...i dont even know i love them all! no offence, except rarity...ill admit. shes a nice person and all. but we can all agree she is very over dramatic and sorry but people like that bug me in a hard way. so im not fond of her...but i even wouldent want her replaced!
  2. So...i feel stupid. everyone is saying how it must have been a joke, and i believe you. but now i feel stupid for believing in such a silly thing.... you can all see why i would panic/worry though right?
  3. i dont think AJ is a background character at all! im just saying that i had a BUNCH of people tell me that and it made me worried. i know its a there is SOOOO many replies...and i feel a bit stupid now...but you can see why i got upset can you not?
  4. wow i got so many replies so fast! i understand its most likely a joke...but you can see why i would be worried of this correct? AJ is quite important and even the THOUGHT of her leaving is just...horrible
  5. i hope your right...but i cant really help but worry of course
  6. i know but alot of people prefer vinyl scratch to AJ... I really hope its just a joke but i cant help but be scared for one of the mane six being replaced....I dont want any of then replaced! not even rarity...and I really dislike her..
  7. so I was talking to a friend today and they said they heard that in season 5, which is a long ways away i know, but still. in season 5, apple jack is leaving and is going to be replaced with vinyl scratch. or DJ pon3 because she is "too much of a background character" . What do you guys think? is this true? I personally hope not..I love AJ :okiedokielokie:
  8. anyone out there a pony AND homestuck fan? :3

  9. hehe! welcome to the forums! im new too. everyone here is super duper nice, if you need help just ask! and the best thing to do is just get rid of the " and replace them with '. hopefully that will work. i hope it helps! brohoof! (\
  10. hehe! thanks! and yes, it does seem a bit dark. but sorry, its one of the little mistakes iv made >n<
  11. So this is a drawing iv done of derpy licking your screen xD it was drawn by moi and you can find it on my dA riiight here: so what do you guys think of it? :3 it is my first drawing of derpy and i know it has a few mistakes. the main one being the little bit of white around her eye. but i cant fix it so.. ene
  12. is it normal for people to update their "status" type thing like. every few minutes? i go online and see 9 notifications and... they are all updated statuses from my friends. ._.

    1. TheChosenPony


      I would guess. This forum can be a pretty social place

  13. i feel like uploading some art onto here..but im not exactly sure how. could anypony help?

  14. okay im a very confusing person so let me explain. im FTM. so im a girl what wants to be a guy. and im pansexual which means im into any kind of person. but leaning to homosexual. which since im a girl. (though i wanna be a guy) im leaning towards girls. you got it right the first time xD hehe! anyways. oh gosh you are all so nice! thanks also on and make a bit of music... c:
  15. Oh! Well this is not NSFW o.o her boobs are covered and shes wearing i guess its fine ^^ its borderline, but not. ;3 hehe. But what do you think of it?