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  1. Happy Birthday, Pinkamena-Pills! :balloon::)

  2. Welcome Back

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      U received many brohoofs on February 8 how are your hoof? :mlp_please:

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      I had to replace it with a mechanical arm from a 5th mainline game about demon hunting, and was made by a girl who lives in a seemingly magical, indestructible, drive-anywhere-no-matter-how-ridiculous van.
      But i wont cray about it. Devils never cry.  :mlp_maud:

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  3. Happy birthday! 

    And your profile pic is pretty cool too! :)

  4. Merry Birthiversary!

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      Thanks! It's very merry, indeed!  :laugh:

  5. :balloon::mlp_pinkie: Happy birthday, Pinkamena-Pills! :mlp_pinkie::balloon:

  6. Happy Birthday, Pinkamena Pills! I hope you have a great one! :) 



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      Thanks! Love that song :mlp_pinkie:

  7. By the dark powers of the Pinkie Stone, I call upon you @Pinkamena-Pills to return! 


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      By the powers of Joy, i have finally arrived! :mlp_pinkie: Totally not mega-late at all, yup-yup, totally not late, my summoning speeds are at the maximum - totally not abysmal. Really. But not really, for realzies. :mlp_maud:

  8. Howdy, Pills. :)

    Nostalgia incoming in 3, 2, 1...

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      Heya, Miles! Hope you're dong well, also thanks for the nostalgia :lol:

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      I'm doing pretty good, and you're welcome. Hope you've been well, too.

  9. While i am totally late have many moments of Pinkie that are my favorite..--basically all of them, i'll nonetheless try to pick one that personally hit home for me in a specific way: The ending scene of Party of One. Pinkie's in full on negativity mode, believing her to not only have abandoned her, but also now attempting to throw a ironic party for her no longer likely being in their lives. She was dragged their to boot too! Such rudeness; iknow right?! Ofcouse, after it being revealed that they were actually throwing her a surprise birthday party... *ahem*..thus explaining their behavior ect, Pinkie goes from being miserable to elated once again, then enjoys her birthday party with her friends, and hopefully that cake too because that looked really desirable; for realzies. To me the scene really highlighted how one can fall into negativity & cynicism just by viewing things in your life in a particular light(especially at first glance), and how changing/adjusting your outlook on the situation(or the truth of the matters being revealed to you) can make you feel a complete 180 on the situation. Imean, your friends aren't always going to disown you then later barge into your teaparty, talk smack to your best friend whose made of a bucket of beats - then try to kidnap you; making you sit on their face in self-defense and not have it be due to trying to lure you to a surprise birthday party! Im sure we've all had those moments like the ending of Party of One -- not sure about the teaparty thing tho -- probably just a few of us on that front
  10. Ever had a day, where your just abit down in the dump due to happenings? Even if your usually a cheery jolly jellybean? i think we all have. Even Pinkie has! Regardless of a reason, whether it be because of a confrontation with a friend, dropping a batch of eggs after you just cleaned the kitchen floor, getting your arm cut off by a deltoid-less samurai, issues at work, toxic youtube comments, love issues, or a vengeful goat devil trying to reset your universe -- we all have those down in the dump kind of days. And we all usually feel pretty bad about it in one way or another, even if we openly stay positive. But it's alright, it's alright to feel bad when you've had or are having bad day. What isn't alright is when you give up hope. Or when you let that bad day erode at your heart & soul. Bad days happen, for some it's alot less than others, and vice-versa. But bad days don't define you, it's what you do to overcome that bad day(s). To improve, to heal, to make amends, or just smile again, to make them smile again. Or pick the Retry option! Regardless of how horrible things may be or may seem or outright be, you can still be joyful, whether it be by yourself or with others, in some way, or some fashion, that flame is still there. Strive for it, that joy, for yourself, and for those you care for. Yes, it's difficult-- sometimes seemingly impossible, impossible; impossible. But if you give up, or let the situation(s) bury your joy, you certainly won't be breathing to well. Because, you know, your're buried. Imean idk maybe some people can breathe dirt..or..something..air pocket? Maybe they don't even need air!..huh.. - Well hopefully you get my point! Just remember: We all sometimes fall into a den of despair, or entropy. But that doesn't mean we cannot ever strive to rise out of it in joyous harmony.