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    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    While i am totally late have many moments of Pinkie that are my favorite..--basically all of them, i'll nonetheless try to pick one that personally hit home for me in a specific way: The ending scene of Party of One. Pinkie's in full on negativity mode, believing her to not only have abandoned her, but also now attempting to throw a ironic party for her no longer likely being in their lives. She was dragged their to boot too! Such rudeness; iknow right?! Ofcouse, after it being revealed that they were actually throwing her a surprise birthday party... *ahem*..thus explaining their behavior ect, Pinkie goes from being miserable to elated once again, then enjoys her birthday party with her friends, and hopefully that cake too because that looked really desirable; for realzies. To me the scene really highlighted how one can fall into negativity & cynicism just by viewing things in your life in a particular light(especially at first glance), and how changing/adjusting your outlook on the situation(or the truth of the matters being revealed to you) can make you feel a complete 180 on the situation. Imean, your friends aren't always going to disown you then later barge into your teaparty, talk smack to your best friend whose made of a bucket of beats - then try to kidnap you; making you sit on their face in self-defense and not have it be due to trying to lure you to a surprise birthday party! Im sure we've all had those moments like the ending of Party of One -- not sure about the teaparty thing tho -- probably just a few of us on that front
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    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Ever had a day, where your just abit down in the dump due to happenings? Even if your usually a cheery jolly jellybean? i think we all have. Even Pinkie has! Regardless of a reason, whether it be because of a confrontation with a friend, dropping a batch of eggs after you just cleaned the kitchen floor, getting your arm cut off by a deltoid-less samurai, issues at work, toxic youtube comments, love issues, or a vengeful goat devil trying to reset your universe -- we all have those down in the dump kind of days. And we all usually feel pretty bad about it in one way or another, even if we openly stay positive. But it's alright, it's alright to feel bad when you've had or are having bad day. What isn't alright is when you give up hope. Or when you let that bad day erode at your heart & soul. Bad days happen, for some it's alot less than others, and vice-versa. But bad days don't define you, it's what you do to overcome that bad day(s). To improve, to heal, to make amends, or just smile again, to make them smile again. Or pick the Retry option! Regardless of how horrible things may be or may seem or outright be, you can still be joyful, whether it be by yourself or with others, in some way, or some fashion, that flame is still there. Strive for it, that joy, for yourself, and for those you care for. Yes, it's difficult-- sometimes seemingly impossible, impossible; impossible. But if you give up, or let the situation(s) bury your joy, you certainly won't be breathing to well. Because, you know, your're buried. Imean idk maybe some people can breathe dirt..or..something..air pocket? Maybe they don't even need air!..huh.. - Well hopefully you get my point! Just remember: We all sometimes fall into a den of despair, or entropy. But that doesn't mean we cannot ever strive to rise out of it in joyous harmony.
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    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Happy Birthday, Pinkie Pie. Only you can bring me out of my endless lurking! . . . Wowzies.. It really has been a long time since i've posted here. Or there.. Orrrr mostly anywhere outside of responding to a status! Can i really just post a sentence or two and resign back to being a forum phantom for goodness knows how long on Pinkie's birthday? It is her birthday after all, and to me that means a whole lot -- even if im terrible with remembering dates unlike Pinkie herself. Actually, i could say her birthday means everything to me. Heck; birthdays in general. Imean, what really is a birthday?? Duuhhhh--a day where you get free gifts, some sweets, and a excuse to not go to work! But isn't it more than that? -- Not sure why im putting question marks--it's obvious that it does mean more than that. But i think often, least with those i know, and even myself sometimes--we sortof, kina brush over our birthday--blehh; just another day m'right? That certainly isn't really wrong to think tho. The world hasn't drastically changed, the orbits of the various celestial bodies don't go out of their way to do anything special for ya. The universe is, 99.999999999...% as it was, as it was going to be, as it is, and as it will be; your birthday or not. Is your birthday really that special at all???? It affects nothing in the grand scheme of, well, a whole lot of things! And yet, if you remember what your birthday represents--the 'just another day' that the particular day your birthday falls on -- remember what happened on that x-amount of years/decades/centuries/millennias ago and wowzies, thing really start to become almost insurmountably special! Because our birthdays are a tribute to when we began to exist in this universe. On that day, you were birthed...or flown by a bird onto a doorstep--regardless of however you were born, you were born. Regardless of where ever you were or weren't beforehand, if at all, you are here now. You can grow. You can experience. You can learn. You can feel in ways that the rest of that 99.999999999..% of the rest of the universe can't. . . Least im pretty sure a planetary body can't feel excitement for a episode of FiM..who knows! Anywho, what i do know, is you're here. I am here. They are here. We are here. Some are even here directly because of you. In this universe. A universe of wonders. A universe of joy, because we live in it and make it so. So take a look around, up, or down, side to side, or what have you. And be joyful. Because you are the 0.000000000..1% of the universe that can be joyful to, well, be, be the way that you are. So smile. Because our birthdays reminds you that we certainly got something to smile about.
  9. Pinkamena-Pills

    Do you find the above *character* attractive?

    I shouldn't, and din't want to, but i do. Lightning. Because Lightning reasons.
  10. Pinkamena-Pills

    What is Pinkamena like to you?

    Confused why the first "interpretation" put forth in the OP is a valid interpretation at all. It has no real solid basis besides fanon inserts and wild speculation that is just, well, stupid. I enjoy the slightly cray-cray depictions of the mane 6 such as Twilight in Lesson Zero, or Rarity in Inspiration Manifestation, ect. But, much like when i saw Party of One as a person who still hadn't accepted the fact they even liked the show yet for realzies, i din't immediately jump to the conclusion that they were career criminals, or closet killers; nonsense. I saw her for what she was(when i first saw such in Party of One): sad, yet still trying to find joy in her life. Sure, she figured her friends had abandoned her, and she decided to create a sortof happy place for herself in a attempt to stay joyful in the absence of her creed to make others happy. Ofcourse when her friends tried to return into her life, she was at first unwilling, defensive, angry, and just figured they were going to give her a 'see ya later' party or some trollish shit, something that likely felt damn insulting. Ofcourse, when she realized her friends actually din't abandon her, and were actually trying to surprise her with a party--she instantly went back to being, well, Pinkie. No longer were her friends trying to avoid her and not come to her parties because they don't like them and don't wanna be her friends anymore, instead, they were her best friends giving her one hell of a joyful surprise she din't even see coming. You could say 'why din't she trust in them in the first place', and ya that would be a valid thing to say. But im sure all of us have had moments of doubts even with our closest friends and loved ones. The thing is to not shut yourself out from them, even in your doubtful moments. Imean, you can, but, hopefully they drag you to a barn against your will and introduce you to a surprise party! I was fortunate enough to not know about the fanons ridiculous interpretation of Pinkamena until well after i had viewed the first 3 seasons. Seeing it baffled me, and still does, despite my obvious lack of sanity. As for how i personally feel for realzies without writing a fucking book, Pinkamena will always be a symbol of hope & joy for me. No matter how sad your life is, you can still find joy, especially with friendship, love, hell even a bucket of turnips and a sandbag. So ya.
  11. I'd smile, duh. There would be no need to force me, it would be impossible for me not to smile and feel joy, despite whatever day i've had.
  12. Pinkamena-Pills

    Why does human Pinkie usually have big boobs?

    Because them sugar tits are sweet, and Pinkie loves her sweets. For realzies, its likely the candy & various pastry eating, that and people just love fat sugar tits. Soooo thats what they draw
  13. Pinkamena-Pills

    The world's not ending, people.

    Lord Jeric has left. The end is nigh, my friend.