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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. -boops all the ponies that read this message ;)

    1. ShadOBabe


      Oop! I have been boop’ded! :wau:

  3. I'm not there. I forgot to check the Discord to see if there was a meet up . When was it at? The last two days I had a hectic time with other things including meeting Britt, smash tournament, a few meetups with friends. Then Sunday that Pokémon USUM tournament took up all my time.. Didn't even go to the vender hall the last two days
  4. Banned for requesting someone to give you love
  5. Banned because I have one of the cutest profile pictures
  6. Love your avatar and username, Cadance.

    1. Cadance of Love

      Cadance of Love

      Thanks. Cadance is a really lovely pony and has gained best pony status ~~along with Fluttershy~~ so I wanted to give her some more love and represent her :love:

  7. Just coming over to put this blanket I got from Bronycon here
  8. Boops RC ~~I changed my username here :v~~

    1. Rainbow Cloud

      Rainbow Cloud

      Yeah, new name looks good :love:

      Matches you're theme change from Flutter :)

  9. Banned for not doing the rubber chicken dance
  10. Watched Britt Mckillip, Rebecca Schoichett, Michelle Creber, Black Gryph0n, and a few others doing a acoustic concert and it was so awesome . I mainly went because Britt was also going to be there and didn't want to miss that. Even if a smash tournament was around the same time..