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  1. As 2012 departs, and 2013 is ushered in, may you find peace and happiness in the days to come. Hope everyone has a happy new year! ~~
  2. Well this was posted in the off-topic section, so as it is not related to the show, it's fine to be discussing the current topic. ~~
  3. Mexico eh? Have fun, and watch out for those pesky cartels! (Just kidding, but seriously though, you're pretty lucky to be able to go to Mexico on a whim like that) ~~
  4. I'm sorry, but fencing, with proper gear and precaution, is no more dangerous than most major sports. I'd know, because it used to be a hobby of mine. ~~
  5. Well I'm not exactly sure how much I can say, as I'm not very far up in the chain of command, but it was a film. Nothing major, but it certainly wasn't something that took a week or two to film. I can say that it took a whole lot of dedication and effort from many talented people, and even though I was a cast member, there were certainly many more people who deserve more credit than they'll probably receive. I can certainly let you know more about it when I get more information, if you want. ~~
  6. Sure was, and it actually turned out quite successful, which really made the time and energy put into it worthwhile. Ah the joys of the Entertainment Industry... ~~
  7. "Hurricane Fluttershy" was pretty sad, but it didn't make me actually cry. In fact, the only thing I've ever watched that made me come *very* close to crying was the ending to Les Miserables. ~~
  8. If anything, we are in the golden era of the fandom right now or soon will be. The fanom is larger than it ever has been, and sure, it's attracted and brought about some negative types of people/behavior, but I believe it's better than it ever has been. Think of the massive amount of fan art, fiction, websites, and merchandise that's created daily. However, after the show and fandom have both simmered down, I think people will look back to the days when the show's content was at its peak. These will be remembered as the golden days. ~~
  9. They're okay for a first attempt (I especially like the Fluttershy drawing), but could use some work on the smoothness and rough edges/weird angles. I do like the color scheme you used on Moonbeam. ~~
  10. Regality! I haven't seen you around here in a while. Thought you left the site. How are you?

    1. Regality


      I've been doing pretty well lately. Just headed back to where I live after spending sometime with my family. I actually never intended to leave the forums. I had just become a bit busy with a project I was involved in, so there wasn't ever that much free time I could spend on other things. Fortunately, now my schedule is very flexible, so I can revisit some hobbies.It's nice to be back on the forums though, and to see new members, and others I recognize. How are you fairing these...

    2. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      You could say I'm all right. has begun private alpha testing, and will soon be moving into public testing. Apart from that, I've rediscovered my love for PC gaming and have been trying to clock a few hours into that every now and then. School is the usual - I hate it, even though my grades tell a different story. =D

  11. Okay, so today I just found it something pretty disturbing, and perhaps a bit funny. For Christmas break I'm visiting my family, and my mom is a teacher at the high school I attended. Well today she just informed me that my former history teacher was arrested and subsequently fired. Apparently on one of the last few days before the Christmas break, he was caught drinking on the job. This in and of itself was quite startling, but then I recalled something that almost made me burst in laughter. As his student, I remembered how he would always have a TON of Coke cans and boxes lying around in his classroom. We always used to joke about how he may have secretly been mixing it with Jack Daniel's. The class was an AP history course, and his lectures always seemed very unusual. He was certainly one of my most memorable teachers, apart from a few instructors I had in college. If he really had been drinking on the job for that span of time; I'm at a loss for words as to how he managed to get away with it for so long (though he was one of those teachers that was favored by both the students and the staff). So I'm not certain that this was what he was doing, but it sure would've been a good explanation as to his "teaching methods". ~~
  12. This is a good idea, but it probably wouldn't happen on an official level for the same reasons why the public chat room was removed. ~~
  13. Since I started watching MLP: FiM, my favorite thing to do on YouTube has been replaying all of the songs from the show. I also watch some of the fan-created/remixed songs, but I find that most of them aren't my taste. ~~
  14. Fun fact: There was actually never a TV rendition of anything from G2. Most people think My Little Pony Tales is G2, but it's actually considered part of G1. In fact, G1 had several TV specials, My Little Pony: The Movie, My Little Pony 'n Friends, and My Little Pony Tales. Additionally this generation was the longest, lasting from 1982-1992. ~~