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  1. Not bad for first time,myself i cant even draw a stickman correctly. Only problem that i have is that Raritys mane is in the wrong color,it should be purple.
  2. The hobbit an unexpected journey. The characters were awesome,actors awesome,setting,everything is awesome. Middle earth is awesome,also it was nice to see actors who did LotR and new ones. Also i liked that the movie was 3 hours. Cant wait for the second movie. Also i liked that they made 3 movies.
  3. Slenderman he/she/it is just so bucking scary. The emotionless face,the suit,everything about him/her/it is ultra scary. Also one thing that scares me about him/her/it is that he/she/it dosent move ,but teleports when you look him/her/it. Here is the picture:
  4. Im a fan myself ,loved the show when i was a kid. My favourite was just ed. Also he reminds me of Derpy and that makes him even more awesome.
  5. Just kidding ,my new years resolution is to spend a lot of time with my tulpa and i plan on doing that. Like tulpaforcing a lot etc