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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy Hearths Warming everyone and a Merry Christmas!

  3. Confucious said something along the lines of "The master, when with those in the village he grew up in, speaks with ease. The master, to those with similar rank, speaks casually. But the master, to those of higher rank, spoke with honor and nervousness." Honestly--it's no different than how you would talk to your boss. You should respect your boss, you should be able to be casual. But you should always be nervous--still. You shouldn't drop that guard. Now, what would happen if Twilight treated Celestia like she does ANY other pony? Nothing would change, but would Twilight view Celestia the same way if she did this? I don't think so. What would happen if you met Laura Faust in real life? Would you talk to her like you do your friends--or would you be so nervous that you forgot how to talk to anypony properly? That you don't want to say the wrong thing so you don't make a mistake and lose ALL that hard work that you invested.
  4. Honestly, I don't think it's too much to ask for for that at most. I considered it when I saw the rainbow status. Honestly even if it's for mane waving I don't think it's a bad deal. This community does a lot of good and honestly the support is what you're showing, the money is just something that's temporary. It shouldn't be a one time payment, because that defeats the purpose of the subscriber status. That's like me saying "I payed Playstation Plus last year--but not this year, I'm still a subscriber!" Doesn't work that way--even if it's out of generosity, I'd rather just sit in a group and even if I don't log in, just like knowing I'll be in colors. Not to mention I'm sure others feel the same way with just making a one time payment and not having to worry about bills coming out every month.
  5. Please don't play Destiny--I bought a PS4 for it--and I regret it. I was really looking forward to it. I suggest Warframe. Play that it's free, everything in the game you have to pay for you CAN get for free--and it's got 9 planets more than destiny. Not to mention--you don't have one play style you can have MANY based on your suit/gun/etc. Destiny pales in comparison to Warframe.
  6. NOT SLEEPING TONIGHT!!!! JUST GOT THE 10K YEN CARD IN. I'll update you on Dragon Quest Builders~ :DDDDD SO HAPPY! I COULD SCREAM! *Faint scream*

  7. I'll remember that--I truly have liked your forum for a while y'all do a good job. Do you guys have a yearly budget where one person could pay a chunk and not have to worry about it--or is it just a straight up monthly payment. Didn't know if you guys had a year pack of each so for those who do donate could just do it at once if they choose to, for those who are fortunate.
  8. If the Simpsons has been around since I was a child, MLP can find a way to make it last. Whether the Mane Six grow up into full grown creatures to then spawn another group is up to them, but I doubt people would like that--so to even keep it along the lines of Family Guy and The Simpsons where both seem to never pass time--this is what the creators would have to do. Whether this involves continuing to teach lessons to the Mane Six, or it's involving ALL the creatures we've seen in Equestria (note Twilight's friends that she forgot, but we know better than she does), and have episodes surrounding them, and their lessons. Inducting new ponies into the Mane Six--to allow them to teach their wisdom is a beautiful thing and if they can, it's almost like teaching Vegeta not to be evil.
  9. Every year--or just a one time payment? I never understood the subscriber status more than you get it when you pay--I never knew if it was taken away at the end of the year.
  10. So, I was looking through the moderation to see who does what now that the Pink Fluffy Unicorns have invaded the bottom. But no one is in it, nor is there an assigned duty, besides being cute. How can we be in the Pink Fluffy Unicorn cult--or is it exclusive to only the fluffiest and the pinkest of single corns?
  11. As much as I really want to love Play-Asia, right now, I really don't. I've been craving Dragon Quest Builders and they've yet to send the PSN card, digitally. I'm so angry I could break something. *faint kick*

  12. No one in life ever stops learning, if you do--then you become incompetent. It's true that it feels like if someone learns one lesson we all should--but often times that's not the case. You sometimes have to actually go through the trouble yourself to understand what the lesson really is. I can tell you a million times not to speed, but until you do it--will you understand why I say it.
  13. Finally saw season 5! Loved it.

  14. 10/10 in my world! that's my opinion!