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  1. Um... thanks I guess. It's because I just lost interest, not just in this specific rp, but in rp-ing in general.
  2. Oh shit I didn't notice sorry guys it didn't notify me for some reason I actually don't have any desire to run this rp anymore unfortunately, so if someone else wants to oblige to fill the role of the DM, just say so, because I don't want to anymore :<
  3. After 2 months and a half of postponing it, it's finally here, enjoy guys WARNING: contains harsh language.
  4. Two people off the top of my head are forum members TailsIsNotAlone and Flipturn. Here, just listen to Nate's (TailsIsNotAlone) voice: And I don't have Ben's (Flipturn) voice on record, but it's beautiful.
  5. Yo, it's another video. deal with it. WARNING: this video contains harsh language, and I was really tired, so don't hold it against me :V
  6. Sorry guys for being absent for about a week, I was diagnosed with mono recently, and mono sucks ass : I was dealing with that so I took my mind off the forums for a bit. But, know that I am fine and dandy, mono is far from lethal, it's just annoying. Anyways, I've stockpiled 2 interviews in my absence, so here they are, first off, LoyalRaccoonBL. 1. When did you first discover the show, and what made you join the actual fandom? My memory is a bit fuzzy, but it was either by searching for Know your Meme and then seeing it as link under it. Or, it could have been that I searched for My little pony in the know your meme site. As for joining the fandom, I had just finished watching the first season. Season 2 wasn't out yet, so I decided to check EQD. I started hearing fantastic music, wonderful fan art, just overall great videos, it was awesome. The community was so nice. It all felt wonderful. So I decided I was brony. I even remember the day I became a brony: July 10th, 2011. 2. Who is your favorite character from the show, and why? Here's the thing. I actually have two favorite ponies who are basically tied. Those ponies would be: Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. Rainbow Dash has a lot of stuff about her that I like. For one, she is very athletic. Which is always nice. She also loves speed. I love speed characters. I just, love characters that go fast. Sonic and the Scout are great examples to me of this.The idea of going fast is just awesome. <3 She's also a tomboy. Usually all the good qualities of a guy, on a girl. What more could you want? Then there is Pinkie Pie. Oh boy Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie is basically who I want to be. I want to be a guy who makes people smile. Not only that, but Pinkie Pie hilarious, and have lots of great antics and moments that just can't help but smile. Another thing is that Pinkie Pie is a mystery. Not only in how she is able to pull off some of the stuff she has pulled, but also because of her background. We pretty much barely know anything about it. She is just a fun character. <3 Also, best singing voice in the show and one of the best songs. 3. Now that season 3 is over, what do you think of it as a whole? Well, season 3 has been a wild ride. Personally, I found it quite good. I actually have Too Many Pinkie Pies and Babs Seed as my favorite episodes. I think people are being a little too harsh about this season, it wasn't that bad, there really wasn't a bad episode, if there was, it was usually debatable because of what other stuff they had in it. If they had bad characterization, they had good humor, if they had bad story, they had good characterization. All of them were either excellent, or just satisfying. I think this season was pretty much the show staff experimenting with new ideas. It was a fine season. Two hoofs up! 4. What do you predict in the show's future? The show's future looks interesting, with Twilight now an Alicorn, there are so many possibilities to explore. What I think they will start out with is what are the disadvantages to being a princess or an alicorn. From interviews, we pretty much know Twilight's core personalty is going to remind generally the same and that Twilight is going to stay in Ponyville. All pretty good news. While it seems a lot of people are thinking the show is going downhill, I personally think that it is going to be even better than before. The show is probably going to give it a new way of expressing Friendship lessons. They did it in season 2, would be nice how they do it next season. Also, opener is probably going to change. Though, that was kinda obvious. Though, I wonder if we are going to get a new remastered version of the theme song. They are also probably going to explore places like the griffin kingdom now that Twilight is a princess. Overall, the future is mysterious, but that makes me all the more excited to start speculating. 5. Is there anything going on in the fandom that you do not approve of? Oh boy. Well, it's not that people aren't fine with Alicorn Twilight, it's understandable that people are skeptical, however, I think people need to understand that that doesn't mean you can be a jerk. That is my problem. People being jerks to hasbro and to each other simply because they don't agree with Alicorn Twilight, (and Equestria Girls). I really wish people were more like: Well, you see, I think Twilight being an alicorn has a chance of going bad because... Instead of: Hasbro is a bunch of idiots! **** you Hasbro! There's more to it...but it kinda gets a bit personal... 6. You've been a forum member for a long-ass time, my question is, why are you still here? I think the more general answer is that I'm just loyal and optimistic. I can stick with things even though at times it looks bad. There, were so many chances I could've just rage quit because of either the forum or the fandom. I am also still interested in what people think of recent events in the brony community, pony or not. There are also so many smart people, and I learn new things everyday; The most important one is that my friends are here and I love chatting with them. I love talking to them, and it is usually a treat to see what they think. It also so much fun chatting with them and also talking to other people to see what potential friends I get. Friendship is magic after all. 7. Coffee? Nah, not a coffee person. :3 This guy has been on the forums longer than the time I've spent playing drums, that's really impressive. Raccoon is a good boy, he dun' gud. And now... It's Narutardedscum everyone! And no, that's not German for middle-finger. If you are actually wondering what his name means, he explains it in his profile, so check that if you want. 1. When did you first find out about the show, and what took you into the fandom specifically? It all started when I stumbled upon a pony thread on the website in the summer of 2011, I soon found the characters to be interesting and quite nice to look at, but what really pressured me into watching the show was when someone posted the a link to Rainbow Dash Attack, that very game started not only my interest for the show, but also my love for Rainbow Dash. I started to wonder why this show is so popular among men, so I asked some of the people there and they just told me to watch the show. The problem was that I didn't know what network does MLP air on, so I checked and found out that it airs on the Hub, and luckily my cable company has the network, so I watched it and thought it was mediocre at first (First saw "Griffon the Brush Off" at five in the morning, yeah Guam time), then I saw the 1st episode of the show and thought about watching it more, so I started downloading the episodes and got officially hooked into it. If it weren't for AMVhell, then I would've never gotten into the show at all, I owe it to them. 2. Why is Rainbow Dash your favorite pony? A reason for that is because I admire her looks, her spirited personality and her tomboyish exterior (To tell you the truth, I have a long standing love for the tomboy personality, I have a like for several tomboy anime characters too.) not to mention her undying attitude of loyalty. Overall, she's just that awesome. *note: that was a bad-ass answer. 3. Now that season 3 is over, what is your opinion of it as a whole? Season three in my opinion wasn't that all that great compared to seasons 1 and 2, but I still loved what it showed us, "Keep Calm and Flutter on" was my favorite in this season. In the end even though Twilight became an alicorn, I just don't get why most of us not seem to like her as a princess, I actually have no problems with her. This season in my opinion was enough to get me pumped for season four, I look forward to it. 4. What are you planning to do around the fandom now that season 3 is over? Well during the down time known as the Pony Drought, I would be making more hand drawn artworks, I'm planning to upload a picture of a human Princess Twilight to Deviantart, and if I can, I would try and make a PMV too. Also I will continue roleplaying in the RPs on this site. 5. What do you predict in the show's future? I haven't predicted anything for the forth season yet, but if I have to now, then I predict that the newly crowned princess Twilight would probably choose to still have some adventures with the other five. well I guess that's all could think of. 6. Is there any bronies in specific you aspire from? I don't really have anyone in mind, sorry. 7. Are we human? Or are we dancers? I'M NARUTARDEDSCUM, AND YOU'RE BROOK. THE REST ARE ALIENS, TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Naru please, it's obvious we're all just dreaming this and we're actually figments of the giant space camel's imagination, everybody knows that.
  7. Absolutely nothing! I come up with shit on the spot to make that boring old list a bit more interesting. Also, as far as I know, everything written on it is 100% (in)accurate :3
  8. I can't believe people actually came back to this topic I made it like 2 days after I joined the forums lol Actually, that's not a bad idea, but I would assume most of the bronies around here aren't my age, so meeting random adult strangers would be somewhat awkward. Also, I'm only 14, I can't even organize that much, and even if I do manage to pull something off, it would be lame as shit. Cool, how old were you when you moved?
  9. This, without a doubt, is my favorite season 3 song. Not only does it have a perfect delivery, it's the best singing I've heard Applejack (a.k.a. Ashleigh Ball) do in the show so far. I know this doesn't exactly contribute to the conversation but I had to say it :>
  10. Rainbow Dash Loyalty X five ninja turtles swimming in liquid shame
  11. RDL X a drawing of two chairs stacked on top of each other
  12. I have finally reached a decision, Hearth's Warming Eve is my favorite episode.

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      Toa of Ponies

      Thats in my top 5 but , like snowdream said, lots of people

      Don't like, windigos are awesome!

    3. Toa of Ponies

      Toa of Ponies

      Thats in my top 5 but , like snowdream said, lots of people

      Don't like, windigos are awesome!

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      That's in my top 3 :)