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    Chatting is one of them! So feel free to send me a message!

    Next to that, biking, walking, board games, programming and pony's!

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  1. I must admit. These Corona things make things hard for everyone. But as an autist, we have it even harder. (most of us)
  2. You feel bad for people with autism? For what reason exactly? For our struggles? For how we get treated?
  3. I think it must be Fawly Towers? Or the thing with Captain peacock. Would you hug me?
  4. It has blue hair! So Ilike it. It does have one eye coverd, making it look shy.
  5. Welcome cutie pie! Enjoy your stay!
  6. Happy World Autism Day everyone!!! I received a card from my parents for this day!
  7. It is called a veenmole over here yes. And it acts like a mole yes.
  8. I dont know, but... blue hair! But id snuggle!
  9. You look adorable!

    1. Cagey


      Thank you! :wub:

  10. Sunamena

    Ask Kyoshi!

    If it would be possible, would you go on a picknic with me? Would you like to eat on a queit field? A forest? Somewhere else? What would you like to have to eat and drink on such a picknic? Would I be allowed to hug and cuddle you? =3
  11. I am not afraid of getting it myself. I am more worried about others if I am very honest.