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    Chatting is one of them! So feel free to send me a message!

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  1. letting u know. u kinda hurt my feelings of the yeah ok

  2. Not a pony... not a cute boy or girl. Meh, 7/10 i'd say.
  3. If you know this song, then you most likely also played this game. Well, game... it is more of a once in a life time experience. It was there before the rise of social media. Durring the time MSN was big. It saw Skype on the rise, it saw the explosion of people going to Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. People were on this game to hangout, explore and chat with people from all around the world.
  4. It snows here sometimes. It ish pretty. Did not see any this year yet.
  5. Any form of love will do. Two days ago. But I usually enjoy many if not most things I do. Last time you went star or cloud watching?
  6. *boops*


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      Hello sugarcube <3

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      Oh. Oh my..

      How are you, love?

      Faring decently I hope?

  7. I am thinking about the comission I asked from a friend. It is not yet finished.
  8. Yes I know you.

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      Must've been a long time ago tho.

    3. Sunamena


      2018 and 2019

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      Yeah, that's a while ago. I haven't bothered with the place for ages.

  9. Ladies and Gentlecolts, The game is now in open beta! PMQ (Pony Master Quest) open beta Fillies and gentlecolts! Finally! We are happy to announce that today, october 10th of 2020, exactly 10 years after the innitial release of the FiM pilot, our game is going into open beta. What to expect? It is open beta, this means you should not expect a finished product, finishing this game is a big undertaking, and to finish it, will take more time. However, now you can play the game, help test it with us, and steer us into the right direction by giving us feedback. Your opinion matters. Your help truly makes a difference to us. This community is what makes this fandom what it is today. Yes you, you and your contribution to our project, and any other project in the fandom is what makes our community the one we adore and love! You can already experience basic gameplay as of now. Some of you have been to a convention this year known as Heartswarming Con. You received a card there, in which many of you have already redeemed (or still need to redeem) this special character. You can play with her! Aside from Ember, there are 10 species with unique specialisations to play with! Check it out here: For support, check out our Discords: Bronies @ Belgium Discord Server: Pony Master Quest (PMQ) Discord Server:
  10. Forgot to follow. ^^

  11. Banned because Tacos should be eaten on Taco tuesday!
  12. Banned because you do not speak french.