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    Chatting is one of them! So feel free to send me a message!

    Next to that, biking, walking, board games, programming and pony's!

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  1. Let's see if I remember how to hug you? It was two stars right?

    **Hugs** :catface:

  2. Anypony intrested to help test the game? <3
  3. Hi Cutie!

    1. Heasol


      H-hey there. :blush:

      How are you? :fluttershy:

    2. Sunamena


      I am doing just fine!

      How about you?


  4. So the question is if I would date something that is perfect? Well, yes of course. No one is limiting me from dating both a robot and a human being. This would be a nice addition to my life. If anything, It would do many household tasks, and I love cuddles. I do not mind getting cuddles from either a robot or a human. IF at any point, the robot IS sentient (self aware), I will treat it like any other sentient and self aware entity, with respect and kindness. Otherwise it sounds like a good addition to life.
  5. I see two Fluttershies <3 Fluttershy is a cute pony!
  6. I hope we will become friends forever! <3 You seem cute!
  7. We both like the outdoors and nature! Hello from Belgium! <3
  8. Welcome Happy Heart! You look cute! Do you like hugs!?
  9. Banned for having a human avatar!
  10. Cutie!

    1. Sparklefan1234


      *Looks in mirror* DoesThisLookUnsure2U.jpg 4JLRBCz.gif :P

  11. You still are a cutie we all love and like though <3
  12. I am also open for chat with everypony <3 =3
  13. Today I learned nothing, I was right all along!
  14. You are a QT! =3

    1. Lazy Ferret

      Lazy Ferret

      Thank you hehe ^^

    2. You



    3. Sunamena


      QT = Cu - Tie
      Q = Cu
      T = Tie