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  1. Hi Princess Twilight this is the Fox saying hello to you. :)

  2. What a champ. I cried, again. My third time watching it and I was just sitting there like NOPE and then when Twilight said thank you to her friends my tears. But my grandma said it was good so a plus for her. Have you ever let your parents/grandparents watch it with you??
  3. I feel that bronies are people who enjoy the show. If someone makes art out of it, that's so awesome and should be recognized, but it doesn't make them any better than the other bronies. In the end, we're all here for the same reason.
  4. This looks fantastic. I cannot WAIT to see the whole thing, as soon as possible. Gosh, I sure do love ponies. And I love everyone who helped make them possible.
  5. Trying Twilight Sparkle as of now - 7:08 P.M. Stopped at - 7:30 P.M. I laid and cooperated through the whole thing. I don't know why, but I do feel rather..curious and oh gosh, I looked over to my right and it's just so messy. I need to clean it. No sorry, I should get back on task. Well, that was very interesting, I want to do it again.
  6. I am sick and literally just took this and I've been in bed all day. But Twilight's here. So I'm okay.
  7. Instead of being rude to me , tell it to Omegle.
  8. I was bored last night so I drew Cadence and Chrysalis One is colored (really bad ; ; ), the other is not. I colored it through Photoscape, and I know it's bad, but it's an outline for what I'm actually going to color it as. But I hope you like it! It took two hours blehbleh! Sidenote : Chrysalis is half her, half Cadence. So instead of having a Cadence horn, she has hers. I wanted her to be that way so we could know she was a Changeling!
  9. Well, they actually started a new thing, they monitor the cameras and will send someone to jail / ban them ba dummm But I understand, it was also midnight so I gave up. I found five random people on the MLP tag.
  10. To me, I've lost three friends because they didn't want to be a brony anymore. And online, I've lost ten-fifteen. They all said "the show is stupid and boring", "I've lost interest" or "Princess Twilight is a dumb idea." I'm not telling them to shut up @poniesforfun, I'm telling them to get over themselves if they think Princess Twilight is a bad idea. Our community is a family, and we can't just drop each other. I personally don't think the fandom will fall, but people are leaving, and more will.
  11. Wow I'm hungry. I should eat chow mein.

  12. Friends! :3

    1. Princess Twilight

      Princess Twilight


      Your avatar made me happy and so I read your "about" and thought you were cool!

    2. NostalgicPony


      Well thank you! I really do love making new friends. :>

  13. For first I have Trig - 8:30 For second I have Physics For third I have Government For fourth I have Economics For fifth I have English I get out at 1:45
  14. A pony...becoming an Alicorn without becoming royal... Why, I do believe so. Being a princess or queen, it's something you have to earn here in Equestria. A stallion becoming an alicorn, I've never seen that in my days... Spike is alright. He's still a little baby dragon, trying to keep him off his greedy intentions at times, and sometimes he just serves and sleeps and does nothing all day.