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  1. Virulence

    A new pony in town...

    Welcome Welcome! You will make so many friends. Have Fun and pony up /)
  2. Virulence

    New Pony!

    Welcome to the forums fellow Rarity lover! Anyway, you will make tons of friends all over. -Your Rarity friend, Virulence
  3. Definitely Invader Zim. That show caused nightmares...
  4. Virulence

    Hopes for Christmas?

    Well I hope to get a kindle fire, but not really hoping. I hope 2014 brings me happiness...
  5. If your bored, do something you like to do. But I know what you mean. Lately I've been drawing, so that repeals boredom for me.
  6. Virulence

    Why do some new members do this?

    Yeah I see this frequently. I used to be like that, but now it's a must check thing for me.
  7. Virulence

    Movies/TV Suckiest horror movie you have seen?

    I would have to say Sharknado. That was just.. Why is that a movie? It was so stupid and just... A waste of money to make.
  8. Virulence

    General Media Which comedians do you like?

    Jim Gaffigan is my all time favorite comedian. He is so funny, and I can relate to all of his jokes. (This one made me laugh for almost 30 minutes.)
  9. Oh yes I remember this show. I was such a tomboy as a child. Great show for kids.
  10. Virulence

    Save Flash Sentry!

    I agree. Save Flash. Twilight really had a crush on him, and after all that she just forgets about him, and they will never meet again? That's cold..
  11. Virulence

    Which form of Sunset Shimmer do you like most?

    Shimmer looked better in human form to me. As a pony, she kinda looked weird. She was pretty in human (Not as pretty as Rarity)
  12. Virulence

    who would sombre be in EG?

    I can see him as a weird goth kid that's always getting expelled for causing havoc.
  13. Virulence

    Red's awesome drawing thread

    Woah those are really cool drawings. Keep them up. (I like the scootaloo one)
  14. Virulence


    Hey welcome! Hope you have fun on these forums!
  15. Virulence

    Hello there!

    Welcome to the forums! You will make so many friends, trust me.