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  1. I hate when people discriminate against others based on things which they can't change, such as race, ethnicity, or country of origin.
  2. Then why did the British decide to rob India? A number of people in England have a condescending attitude and they think they can still go bossing other countries around like they did during colonial times. Perhaps you can't stand the fact that India's economy is booming and will eventually overshadow Britain, all without imperialism and nationalism. It's no wonder why the Scots are fed up with the English. England is no longer the powerful nation it once was and now just tries to insult its former colonies. It's time for the British to get over their colonial hangover.
  3. That each of them changed the culture of Britain to make it what it is today? That the Normans and Vikings influenced Britain linguistically and the Romans introduced a new legal system? To be fair, German immigrants in the US did not speak English for up to three generations. If Austrians can be nationalistic, then so can Zimbabweans. How would you feel if Mugabe refused to let white people into Zimbabwe? Maybe the Afrikaners in South Africa should assimilate by learning to speak Xhosa. Indians are one of the most integrated groups of people in Europe, and most of them are wealthy or educated. Turkey has democratic values similar to European countries, which makes Turkey culturally similar to Europe. Your post is an example of argument by assertion.
  4. Do you realize how Britain was created? the UK itself is a union of England, Scotland, Wales, and North Ireland. Throughout history, various ethnicities have lived in the British Isles. White Brits typically have Norman/French, Saxon/German, Roman/Italian, or Viking/Danish/Norwegian ancestry. How could nationalism be taken seriously in a country which was built by a variety of groups and influenced by a variety of cultures? This statue was recently unveiled at Parliament Square:
  5. I'm just glad that the UKIP lost. Multiculturalism and immigration are the greatest things to happen to the UK. Britain needs more educated doctors from India and China. If the UK wants to remain an economically strong country in the future, it must become humble and do business with India and China.
  6. The times are changing. It's a good thing that there is an increasing rate of interracial marriage in America. It's upsetting how arrogant people can be. There are still people who are stuck in a colonial mindset who falsely think of India and Nigeria as poor and underdeveloped, despite the fact that both countries have made exceptional progress after independence and have become far wealthier.
  7. Sonic screwdriver........... *jumps out window*

  8. Well, caste discrimination is illegal and has been for a long time. It is not as common in urban areas as it is in rural areas. While there is religious conflict, education is seen as the way to reduce it. People in India are more aware of political corruption than before and are taking steps to solve the problem. By the way, Hinduism is actually a very inclusive religion. For example, there isn't really a long and complicated process to become a Hindu. It is just a way of life which you choose to live.
  9. I'm eager to know what people on this forum have to say about India. Just to start off, here are some things you should know: - India is the world's largest democracy, and it's one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. - India has a rapidly growing economy. - The number zero was invented in India. The modern numeral system that is used throughout the world originated in India. - India is home to the world's oldest surviving religion, which is Hinduism.
  10. It makes sense, doesn't it? The people who are against diversity the most don't have anything to show for themselves. They can't conceive of individuals with a different way of life surpassing them.
  11. I would rather live in the US instead of living in countries such as Japan or England where I will be considered a foreigner. The UK and Europe as a whole have become unwelcoming due to the rise of right-wing anti-immigrant parties. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are decent places to live in and are multicultural nations of immigrants just like the US.
  12. Unity among countries can be a great thing, but I don't think that the North American countries are going to unite into one country anytime soon. However, the US has more in common with Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean than it does with Europe. Mexicans, along with various Hispanics and Latinos, have lived in the US longer than Europeans have. The Southwest portion of the US originally belonged to Mexico before being taken by force, but there are a large number of Hispanics and Latinos in the area to this day. The US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and India were all former colonies that have become independent and have more in common with each other than with the UK and the rest of Europe. In reality, however, the US never had a defined culture.
  13. If you think that diversity is a problem, then you are blaming others for your own failures. Gaming is fun, but there are better things to do. All religions can be reformed.
  14. A melting pot is not necessarily supposed to have a single dominant culture. Think of it as having various cultures mixing to form a common culture. An example of this could include the mixing of the English and Spanish language in the US (Spanglish) or various ethnic foods being incorporated into one's diet. Canada is an immigrant nation which focuses on the salad bowl model where there isn't a main culture to assimilate into. In both models, tolerance is supposed to be promoted. Both models overlap to an extent. The cultures of various ethnic groups have become part of the history of the US and Canada. I don't know as much about Canada as I do about the US, so maybe a Canadian can give you a better idea about Canada. That's true, and eventually cultures change over time as a result of migration or various other influences. British culture has been influenced by various groups such as the Romans, Vikings, Normans, and Saxons. It also has been influenced by former British colonies such as India, which is where the British learned about spices and tea.
  15. My parents are immigrants, but I was born in the US. I am going to consider myself native to the US even if I am not part of the largest ethnic group. Native Americans are native to the US, but if you consider White people to be native then you must also consider Black people to be native since they have been in the US as long as White people have. Hispanics were living in California when it was made a part of the US so they are also as native as Whites are. If you don't like the changing demographics of melting pots such as the US, then you can always move to a monocultural country that is not a melting pot.