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  1. I miss you :<
    If you're ever back please let me know what your Discord is, I wanna hang out with you again :(


  2. Away

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    10/10 Awesome portrait
  3. Away

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    My avatar is an actual picture of me.
  4. Away

    Being naked

    I like sleeping naked. It's just more comfortable, you know
  5. Away

    Finding your next best friend

    I would like to give this a shot. To be honest, I've been feeling kinda lonely lately. I think I just need to make more friends. Even if I'm not really a part of this fandom anymore, I'd still welcome anyone here to message me. c:
  6. Away

    Do you like the hot weather?

    NOOOOOOO lol i'm sick of it. the humidity here makes it even worse xc
  7. I will drink to the very last drop and fight till the end!
  8. Away

    Food What Is Your Midnight Snack?

    Whatever we have in house at the time. Right now, we have some ice cream and cookies. Yay ^^
  9. Away

    How do you feel about people smoking weed everyday?

    they need jesus bless you
  10. Away

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    10/10 perfect
  11. Away

    Health What do you do before bed?

    I stay up on my phone until I realize I shouldve been asleep hours ago rip
  12. Away

    Favorite food? Cupcakes or Muffins?

    I think cupcakes, but I don't like to have too much frosting on them xP
  13. Away

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    Yeah, it was kinda beautiful tbh. Definitely a Rose-like moment. It kinda shows how much his powers have grown too c:
  14. Away

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    I loved the new episodes! Although I hope they'll revisit the Cluster soon. It felt kinda weird just leaving it on that note. Oh, and the watermelon Stevens were really cute. I was also watching some episodes with my little bro earlier. It makes me happy that he actually likes the show :3