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  1. Hi there, and happy birthday! =3 Hope you have a good time~ ^.^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2015/3/11/847259/large.gif

  2. ok ill check if he will he could prob do other stuff too so ill ask
  3. i could see if my friend could turn your oc into a pony if you want tho if he says yes idk how long it would take him
  4. my friend and i wish to enter our oc's were going to be working on the background story's win we get them finished ill make links for them cus my friend don't have a acc on hear oh and i think my friend said he would be interested in helping if you still need more help if you want i can check with him agen im sure he would prob want to draw maybe other stuff he would prob disagree with me but hes really good at drawing idk about writing since i havint read anything hes written ill attach a example of one of his i havint seen it but he said he also trying to do a comic to see how well he dose
  5. i act more like myself online then offline tho online its still you got to talk to me to know me i still may hide things tho enles you bring it up
  6. i would show proof but as i said the kind im working on you cant realy see enles you can see energy like chi or if the persons strong enofe at it to make it visible
  7. i never said any of the you tube stuff is real and iv aredy said right now all i do is energy fights and enles you can see that kinda energy i cant show that
  8. magic ant that simple its something you have to work at to be good with it just like anything else tho you can be born stronger at it then others tho that dosint mean others caint work at it to be better then the one born with it like energy was simple for me to do and start having energy fights with people
  9. i havent even tryed anything with fire yet iv bin working with energy i have gotin fire to move a little with no air current before
  10. has anyone ever tried energy fighting if you don't know what is is i can tell you if you want and if you have do you want to try to fight me i find energy fights vary fun
  11. i'm basically alwase up till past 6 am even on school days stayed up 3 nights before with no effects i still felt fine not sleeping don't seem to really affect me
  12. thing is im not relay trapped on anything and i never said it represents someone i said the snake itself is real and iv never had a relationship and yes i have no desire to avoid it cus i have no reason to
  13. actually i made friends with her then she ate me lol and what if i said she was real i know shes real i can feel it and me and her are more then just friends now
  14. this is the dream it started out as i was in a room with o doors or windows then all of a sudden it was filled with snakes i tried to pick one up and it bit me then i seen a giant snake in the middle of the room and i walk up to it and she coils around me and rubs her head agenst mine then she asked me if i wanted to be friends with her(you could hear the loneliness in her voice)and i said yes and at the end of the dream she ate me and said we would meet agen win i fully remember the dream what dose everyone thing and what if i said she was real
  15. im working on being a blacksmith plan on trying to foge a traditional katana since im prob going to be making mostly swords and stuff im more likely to be called a bladesmith
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