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  1. "Preventing cases of all out abuse between two or more disagree members"? That is when you deal with THOSE users. Again, these users should be disciplined and dealt with, not resulting in the topic being closed. Prevention of threads turning into what they may become does not have the only solution of closure. There are many alternatives that are better, such as disciplining the users who are responsible. Having multiple users involved in the issue does not resort to complete closure of the subject. That is simply the response of the staff. I already stated that I reported the user and there was evidence that either nothing happened or the topic was closed. Whether the experience of other sites reflects the experience on this site does not relate to the issue of how staff deals with discipline when the rules are similar, with punishment being likewise. Whether it was your choice doesn't lessen the stress of responsibility. It seems this is asking for sympathy for your argument, when it completely avoids the issue of actually doing your job. I assume the job title requires the ability to moderate with a certain amount of requirements. I am glad you serve the community, but if that's the argument that you will present, a person might as well join and not do anything at all(not saying you do nothing). That is a bad argument. For one thing, many sites(whether this is of the discussion anyways) provide this ability. "It's a privilege" That's an argument that could be presented on any basis. Having strict policy in a section doesn't justify closure of a topic at all. It simply means you hold each post to a higher standard, which I have been asking for through out my first topic.
  2. I have been seeing this much recently, and it is becoming irritating when users in the debate section bring up a controversy that should be discussed, and users intentionally cause havoc in it because they disagree with the OP's viewpoint presented. This leads to the thread being shut down and no one benefits. I view this as the laziness of the staff, and if the staff is going to hold a debate section they need to adhere to the discussions instead of closing them just so they don't have to bother with dealing with users who intentionally spark flame wars because they want the topic closed just to upset the OP. For the staff: You became staff. You accepted the responsibility of moderation. You hold the obligation to make the best out of the experience on the forum(at least by Feld0's standards), including sections you decide to host on the site. I keep seeing the excuses of "We already have enough responsibilities as it is." If you can't handle the position, maybe you should reconsider your position and maybe leave. I don't want staff to leave, but if you cannot fulfill your obligations, what is the point of even having you on the staff. We aren't asking you to climb Mount Everest. If a set of users are causing trouble, punish THEM not US. Now a rant on the users: If you disagree with something, don't be a childish person and cry on the forum because you disagree with a perspective. Instead of spreading blatant flame wars, actually discuss the matter and give rational thought. Now back to the staff: I contacted moderators on this matter, but it seems to be unresolved. Apparently, it is a rule that users must provide rational and valid posts that give the discussion merit(meaning it actually contributes to the discussion). Then, I see topics where users make a senseless post that is supposedly related to the topic and then everything gets off topic. Again, if you are going to have a Debate section, at least give it a debate environment. Of course, there will be people who say "there is a debate section to keep the controversial posts outside of the regular forum use." If that's the case, my response is get rid of it. Scrap it. Either completely remove it or change its name to "Unwanted Topics." Also, I see the excuse that "there will always be childish users who bring mayhem to topics." My response? Do your job. Discipline them. Don't just sit by and then close the topic because the topic gets out of hand. Do something about the users who do cause trouble. Message to all: I mostly go into the Debate section because I am always interested in topics that are controversial. I like to see bronies who like MLP to be interested in the topics of the world. It shows we not only like a show, but also respond to many of the issues that exist. However, when I see the garbage that goes on because users don't agree with a particular person, it upsets me. It leaves me baffled that bronies who preach "love and tolerance" don't carry out this slogan. Also, if you aren't going to take a topic seriously in the Debate section, don't join it. Just leave it alone and let the users debate. I have encountered this in my own topics, where if someone disagrees then they start nonsense to start havoc. Now, before I encounter the posts here(if any) that say "You don't know how it is to be a staff member," I may not be a staff member here but I am on other forum site(s). I know how it feels when the staff is overloaded with many requests, reports, and issues that arise. But that is the burden of being a staff member. If you have personal issues to attend to that will divert you from your ability to moderate the site, please take leave and maybe resign temporary, instead of wearing a fake nameplate as moderator. Bearing the nameplate states that you are actively involved. I have said my piece. I hope to garner response from the users, whether they agree or disagree with me. This is not directed at any one person. Thanks for reading.
  3. I'm not comparing the two, I am comparing their relation to the issue. A person can be bullied for being a homosexual or being a Christian.
  4. Wait, but the same logic could be applied to homosexuals or religious people. In fact, it could be applied to any particular belief. The logic fails because bullies simply try to find a way in, which in this case was his bronyness.
  5. I think MLP would be the best way to integrate the message because the writers are geniuses in providing multiple solutions, or solutions that may not be the best outcome, but work in the long run.
  6. I just looked at the date of the youtube video. Oops. But, as a topic in general, should MLP talk about it?
  7. I find it sick. This video contains the story at 1:05 or so: I think this thread belongs here, but please move if necessary. I think MLP should, in a light fashion, approach the subject, whether directly or indirectly. What do you think? Also, what do you think of the instance? Do you feel bad for him or do you think he is a coward?
  8. Another user here brought up how technologies get cheaper over time. High quality technologies are available for low prices. Mobile devices, for example. Once we tap into how the brain works, the simulation could probably make it unnoticeable in different. Evidence of history shows otherwise. And the vice versa might actually be the case once enough generations go by. We have come to accept porn and many other forms of media "normal" after a certain amount of years. If virtual reality becomes very close to reality, it, again, might not be noticeable.
  9. Could you say what elements? In a way, we all live a lie in the real world, especially in the social aspects.
  10. But then costs will come into play. Virtual technology will be cheaper than physical technologies.
  11. There have been many games made for the Oculus Rift that lean towards the idea of a relationship simulator. The question is once virtual reality becomes realistic enough and AI becomes more advanced, will it end human relationships? My opinion is yes because it may involve less responsibilities and it may have some benefits for those who are not so lucky in finding relationships. EDIT: I do not prefer virtual relationships. Let me be clear here.
  12. I actually hope this is the future of music:
  13. I changed the topic title to broaden the discussion.
  14. It is experimentation. Not saying I completely liked it, but saying its garbage just leaves objectivity instead of subjectivity.
  15. If it doesn't appeal to you, then just say so instead of saying its garbage. Not forcing you to, just don't go saying its garbage because you don't like it.
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