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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Dautt

    Gaming Weekly Gaming Extravaganza!

    Since JK hasn't updated the thread I think it's ok if I put the current information since game night is tomorrow. So this week we will be playing WoW just some messing around again and LoL also something else I couldn't really confirm anything other than WoW and possibly LoL. To join you can still contact JK and I'm putting the info below for those who are too lazy to read the stuff for last week. Steam as: Valkas Or on skype as: CallahanWash and if you can't contact him you can eather send me a steam message or try to pm me before I check the forum which In do around twice a day and I
  3. My mom knows because my brother asked me and tried to make a big deal out of it which didn't work but I don't think neither my dad or step dad knows well maybe my dad since he tends to check what I'm doing on the computer.
  4. Dautt

    Gaming Ponified version of Pokemon

    I tried it a while ago but I it wasn't close to being finished then.
  5. Dautt

    Gaming Weekly Gaming Extravaganza!

    I probably won't be there for Guns of Icarus but I can be there for wow and boardgame online as longs as someone lets me know when that happens. Also what is this RP talk JK.
  6. I haven't seen any announcements to show it here plus I don't like going to cartoons in theaters that much since I find there being more and louder talking but then again I just might be silly.
  7. I'd probably turn my little brother into one just because he thinks I shouldn't watch it since it's a girly kids show and it would be hilarius to see if he would try to hide it. Yes I'm a horrible person
  8. Well I don't watch the show as much as I used to, when I first discovered it I rewatched episodes all the time but that might probably have been since there were less episodes back then and I'm terrible with picking things. But I think I won't get bored with ponies as I love watching the new episodes and I hope it won't be like when I watched south park and got bored of it.
  9. I used to be allergic to most band-aids. I used to be blond. I never play one of my favorite songs so it's more awesome when it comes up on my playlist.
  10. Dautt

    Gaming Weekly Gaming Extravaganza!

    I have to admit that this was one of the weaker ones, it was fun but being that it ended up being me and Jormaz playing minecraft and Ben playing lol with his Jonathan and couple of other guys do to lag on Jormaz's server but it was still fun, less fun when I couldn't talk but still fun.
  11. I'm from the city of Reykjavík where the sun only shines during the summer and large cars are owned by many. But I wouldn't be surprised if most bronies are from N-America.
  12. I'm not hiding it but I don't go around telling people I am one but if they ask I say yes, the first person I told was my best friend because it was relevant to the conversation my mom probably noticed like when I was studying and I had a Twilight sparkle wallpaper on my computer and she made a joke about it and when my brother found out he asked me and I said yes and he proceeded in making a big deal out of it even if it wasn't a big deal.
  13. I was bored so now I'm the pope acording to steam

  14. Dautt

    Gaming Weekly Gaming Extravaganza!

    Hope you will be ok tomorrow if not you can always take a couple of pain killers or something. I hope my legs won't be killing me do to the workout today.
  15. I was banned on the same minecraft server twice unless I count the time my friend kicks me out of his creative servers but with both of those it got a bit dull for my taste. Usually though I try to follow the rules and stay out of trouble.
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