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  1. So... i was really confused what she did to get her mane look nicely again... but then i realized she prolly colored it and straightened it. Yes, this was a great episode to me, because we got to see Zecora and Rarity's mane style, or, well, what she made out of her ruined mane plus the clothes, looked really great, i think everyone can agree on that. So yeah, i also love the moral again. It doesn't become that clear and you can't completely connect it to practicle RL purposes, but i think it's clear that this episode underlines that the quality you're most known for doesn't dictate who you are and/or how great you are. Ah, screw it, i am too lazy to write any more it's 2AM...
  2. You are naked in a bed in the wrong neighborhood.
  3. NOW you're in the wrong house!
  4. I am a pony, i don't really do clothes.
  5. What the 🅱uck did just walk in on my bed?!?
  6. ... why are you asking me, i didn't do it!
  7. I think it was really really great! Everything about the episode was pretty good. Except... well... the leap of faith thing. That was absolute bs. It should've been like: DD: This is impossible! There is no way! P: There is! If we wait for Rainbow Dash to get low enough so we can jump down on her, we can safe her! DD: Are you crazy? We could never jump like that! Also, who says we have enough time to untie her, or that the tower doesn't break?!? P: Well, we just gotta take a leap of faith! Then it would've been a 5/5 What we got now is basically "Be suicidal and ignore risks because no matter what you do it'll be fine", no it won't! But of course, it always needs to be ruined 4/5 €dit: I really love how dash is true to her element and not giving up. It seemed a little bit too ambitious but i mean, she IS Loyalty. So that was very good. Without rainbow dash being that loyal this whole thing would've failed. Also, how was Rainbow Dash captured that easily? Flaws flaws flaws...
  8. So, time to start trying catch up on all the MLP episodes. Well, the last four or so.

    I am so disinterested in the show all the time and once i ONE frame of it i'm instantly all brony mode.

    That's good... i guess? 

    1. The_Gobo


      Once you one frame of it? :P


  9. Hello there, you're welcome!
  10. COME. ....<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<iN
  11. uhm, what? What about you?
  12. Wanna light stuff on fire?
  13. Anybody like alcohol? Do you? Cause i got nothing special except... vodka and very expensive vodka...
  14. o///o i-i.... uhm... o-ok.... >///<