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  1. Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  2. Help a Villain Win!

    Am I that pony, or what do you mean?
  3. I thought about this But i rather stand with this, cause i feel like they some pegasi magic, that makes it easier for them to be light or to withstand gravity of some sort. Maybe repell air with their wings very well? I mean, there must be some form of a boost, otherwise it couldn't have been taken away from them. When it comes to the question of the thread, i would therefore say, no, it doesn't require alot of energy, as they are built to fly. In nature nothing forms unless it is energy efficient and/or helps to survive. So i guess, BECAUSE it IS there, it must be energy efficient. Like i said, nature always strives to keep the energy level as low as possible. Itwouldn't go all wings if they would waste a ton of energy.
  4. Help a Villain Win!

    What do we learn? Hobbies and passions are nice, but nothing is gonna beat a payed professional! (Because the writers write SOOOO well, as we all know )
  5. aaahh yes, old news!
  6. Help a Villain Win!

    My favourite one is discord. But how could I have helped him back then? i could've... hey, this is evil! I could've taken spike and burned all the letters that celestia sent.
  7. can deer ponies get a cutie mark?

    I think it depends on if you want your character to inherit the ability to attain a cutie mark. When it comes to hybrids, many features seem to overwrite each other, as you can see with the hippogriffs, which bear a strong resemblance to ponies, yet, don't have cutie marks. I think the real question is how much of a hybrid is she? Is she a pony in her core, who has inherited deer traits? Then she should be able to gain a cutie mark. Except if that trait was somehow destroyed or damaged but that's for you to decide. Is she a true hybrid, meaning that there was alot of mixing going on? Because then she might be able to get a cutie mark, depending on how the mixing went. Is she a deer in her core, who has inherited pony traits? Because then i feel like her being able to get a cutie mark should be very unlikely, BUT POSSIBLE! I mean, what if that trait somehow made it through? Short answer: The more pony she is, the more likely she's able to get a cutie mark.
  8. Depends on how horrible the crime is and how much "not-okay" it is.
  9. You just got kissed by your favorite pony. What do you do?

    So, for me that would be Starlight. On the muzzle: I would look at her really surprised, ask her with a smile what that just was and why she did it. Asking her if she had any kind of feelings for me. On the cheek: Give her a big hug actually and be like "Aww, i love you too! ^^"
  10. For one, queen chrysalis. Not only because changelings are disgusting sick and twisted buck beings who are prolly really seual, but also because belonging to a hive or an army, a kingdom, might just be what i'd like. Having my place, being part of something bigger. Then again, Discord is really my kind of personality. I'm at least a bit as crazy as he is and it would be great serving him and doing stuff with him alongside him. Would be a really personal bond i guess. So yeah, Chrystalis is good, but i'd rather choose Discord.
  11. Celestia moving the sun

    It might just be! I dunno, i was kinda inspired by Goat-kun.
  12. Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  13. Celestia moving the sun

    There is a race to become god. The universe is much bigger than anyone thinks it is. What they have seen up until this point is only one fifth! There is so much sh!t, that they don't know about, so much! There are forces far greater than harmony and friendship... like... Newtons laws and... supernovas! Celestia's ultimate attack! The eldest negi wrote and put all his time and work into writing the Nightmarenomicon to make the weak races prepare for the war that is about to come.
  14. Celestia moving the sun

    yeah I also thought like "Hey! Didn't she like... say that power shouldn't be abused?" Well i mean, it was pretty cool but very contradicting.
  15. Winona, Applejacks dog

    ...because they're sentient...?? i dunno man this all kinda gay...