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  1. Oh wow holy shit this was one of the best episodes and the best way a shipping/love episode was executed. Not gonna get into too much analysis here, since i'm too lazy to write. But i do not see any flaws with this episode. As looking for things that could've gone better determines how bad the episode is and therefore determines how good it is in turn. (Same in math with probability calculation) Also, it's harder to find the bad things rather than the good because there are too many good to list. But i feel the love story was REALLY cute between the two. Although i see a problem with them meeting is BABIES and talking and having love feelings and talking like adults. That was a little off. The rest though was great. I felt for them, their relationship felt really natural and everything, the conflict between the families was understandable as it was driven by emotions just like the love between the two. The episode had a good start off that initiated the whole plot well and every one telling the 3 about the story was also just a great way to tell a love story without affecting the current canon. It is also great that none of our headcanons were destroyed as it is still unclear where the apple parents are as to this point so we can only take guesses by the implifications of the show. Great and heartful episode <3 10/10 Edit: I sometimes almost cried for them.
  2. spoiler

    That was the idea behind it. I mean, discord could just turn into her ^^. But no it had to be like that like Discord.
  3. spoiler

    Oh wow, that was a pretty cute episode and i'm sure discord x fluttershy shippers had their hearts beat as high as sky scrapers and as fast as a car engine. I liked the idea of discord being normal, it was funny to see, and also nice that he himself didn't have that much of a problem with it. Well, his body did as he started to "demanifest". As always, discord brought great comedy into the whole thing and made it very funny. Also, i need to know the name of the song when he was at the barber, i heard it in gmod videos before but i don't know where. Although, i would've liked to have it all break down. Like, not fluttershy expecting almost EXACTLY what discord had but more like make everything discord has in his home be "disguised" as normal and let fluttershy be like "uhh, yeah this is... ...okaaay..." and then make everything break and make fluttershy be like "this is more like it!" and discord like "really?!" Still, 5/5, i liked it c:
  4. Ride
  5. Damn, it is hard to keep up when you're so busy :(

  6. Heyya pls stay plsss ;^;
  7. It's usually just the last one that posted, except when different things are said in the last posts.
  8. Some do. Do you? I mean your ava looks like you wear clothing.
  9. Yes, or your dead skin. :T
  10. It is the curse of this thread. It magically teleports all the cells that contrain our DNA into someone elses bed. Which is why only we get teleported, and now our clothing :F
  11. Mega Thread

    A selfie stick that is held outside of a flying plane? What is this?
  12. I was naked in nature today. So naked in bed is no problem. Even with somepony else.
  13. You're here! I've been alone in my bed for so long wow... it really comes as a surprise...
  14. Mega Thread

    Eh, time for an update i guess. Just gonna throw a quick pic in here o3o