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  1. Wait, does that mean we gon' do it underwater? Awww yeah!
  2. spoiler

    Brilliant episode! Not much to say about it! All in character, decent conflict, logical conclusion to it and nice plot. The only problem i have, i guess in general, is that Starlight was called by the map. That is most curious and needs an explaination! And i guess i'm gonna have to come up with one now.
  3. I would like to invite Aku.
  4. Now you're in mine, dear naked pony which's body i can now see in it's full glory, which is why i notice all it's stripes :v Uhm, no? If i'd cut off your head you certainly would. But seems you don't because you're on land <3
  5. Wouldn't you like die right now? :U
  6. Oh, Panzer. This does not work.
  7. I believe ponies are capable of doing it. Since they seem to have way more flexible joints than normal horses, which are similar but still capable of doing more complex movement. In the fandom i often see Bipedal ponies looking rather good. And i think it all has to do with how the posing is done. In my book, ponies are capable of standing on two legs, but it is more comfortable for them to stand on four. In the show i wouldn't really like them permanently standing on four, since that would take that cute "horseyness" away, if anyone knows what i'm talking about, but for temporary passages, where they need to stand on two i wouldn't mind.
  8. You're medic main? How fitting i'm heavy main.

    I sympathise with you, because you got similarly many hours in TF2 :D

    1. Frozen Glow

      Frozen Glow

      If I remember correctly medic and heavy are the two least common mains. :ooh:

      Medics a really fun class but kind of stressful because you have to keep track of allot of stuff all at once and people rely on you, tho that's also what makes it so fun

    2. FizzyGreen


      My two mains, Heavy and Pyro, are the ones that are broken/unbalanced in the eyes of tf2 competetive.

    3. Frozen Glow

      Frozen Glow

      Yeah I get what you mean I'm guessing the tf2 Team agrees because both are getting rebalanced... eventually.

  9. Had surgery in my mouth today, it hurts soo much :(

    1. Varrack


      Ouch. I get my wisdom teeth out next week..

    2. Shineling


      *Huggles* Sorry to hear that :( 

    3. The_Gobo


      Please don't die.

      That would ruin quite a few people's year.

      Get better, if you don't mind D:


  10. Get out! My mouth hurts horribly!
  11. omg that profile picture so cute im dying <3

  12. But you are cold And i love the cold <3
  13. I love green pones! ^-^