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  1. Been busy of recent, and havnt been really much on here. Busy with music production, and Remix Contest :)

  2. Actually not to well honestly. Been in a pretty bad rut. Trying to keep myself busy which is not going all to well. Depressed and in worry of me and my friend. Plus with that, I been realizing a lot that I'm pretty much a shut in, not to many friends. I only have one RL friend. And only a few close friends online. And only one I talk to the most. And I feel that, I should try to make some more friends and stuff. My emotions are all in a crazy circle right now. Since being diognosed with Bi Polar Manic Depression. My emotions and thoughts go haywire. :/ But I know not to give into any really bad thoughts. But the depression is just really hard. I'm going to try to find something fun today or something to help me out of this rut. Just so much stuff going on in life right now is driving me crazy... @.@
  3. I been playing Stardew Valley and The Division. Sometimes some Rainbow Six Siege if I feel like it lol
  4. Nice scultpure!! She looks great! I say keep up the good work. Your pretty good at Sculpting.
  5. I have it on PC. I'm currently lvl 18 and have not been into the Dark Zone to much. Though I have to say, the game is interesting and graphics and everything in the game is beautiful. However. In my experience so far. (Since I use a Nvidia card) Nvidia had a crap driver update recently causing me to have to swap cards to roll back the driver. And have no idea if they fixed that yet. But what I am getting at with that is, there is some parts in the game on the map that have some serious graphic glitches. It could just be me due to having a lack of an updated driver but it could still be the game. My one friend has an ok computer and has a lot of trouble running it. But other then some technical stuff here and there. I think its a good game. I dont see it anywhere near like Destiny. Though in the DZ it can be fun (Was in beta) But there can be a lot of people going rouge. Or people who is there to ruin your fun. But thats up to the player who they want to play as. I have no problem of those being rouge or anything. But if their being a complete jerk on the mic about it while being rouge, can be very annoying. But I havnt run into that when I was in the DZ a few times. So I guess it depends on the instances. But the missions can be very fun and encounters can also be very repetitive but some can be fun. Playing the game with friends also add the benefit of fun, better then solo most times. Thats basically what I have to say about it.
  6. How often would you say you make mistakes?

  7. Bored. lol Could prolly play a game, possibly a bit of The Division or Stardew Valley lol xD

  8. I'm thinking that I should be more active here and socialize some more. Also TrotCon has been on my mind a lot. Cant wait to go this year!!! x3
  9. Tired and bored mostly. xD Might go do some things. :3
  10. I'm going to repost here. My Skype is; shinji.kazuya Feel free to add me, please let me know your from here first. Or I will most likely overlook the add. :3
  11. Sorry I havnt been around, been very busy and occupied by other things! I need to be more active here. :)

  12. Wow its been a while. I been pretty busy. And sick... xD Getting better now though! :)

    1. Kyoshi


      Glad to hear that! ^_^ Lottsa people been sick lately. :c I surprisingly haven't been.

    2. SilyGeny


      Aw, get well soon :3

  13. Thinking on what I should do for today. I am prolly going to go back and learn some more Italian. Its a bit confusing but I felt that way with Japanese. Yet I know a bit of Japanese. But Italian seems to be fun. Pronunciation is hard at times. Especially when you were learning another language. lol
  14. Checking messages and browsing through the forums.
  15. I'm feeling ok. Been hard week. xD So many things to keep up with. However, pushing through! I actually started to learn a little Italian out of fun. Its going slow, but its fun.