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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Oh cool , I am not a huge fan. Just not my type of games! Awh sorry to hear that!, I don't have any brony friend irl!
  3. Hello. I like your OC, she's pretty :o Reminds me of Night Glider

  4. Awh sorry to hear that! What game do you think you will buy first? :3 (Add me on Skype!, I am on there and kik all the time if you wanna talk :3. Ruslan_Husky) Add me!, I posted my psn earlier
  5. Lol of course you can! :3. That's the whole point of it!
  6. Sure!, do you not have any games on steam?
  7. Grr the app won't find you!, I will add you soon!
  8. Hmmmm, what's your steam and I will add you? It was the disc drive, but I sold it already after I got my ps4. I just figured I would play my games on my brothers if I get desperate. I appreciate the help though .
  9. Not at all!, steam is Dbzthedwarf and psn is...ruslan_dash I think?. I will double check in a few My ps3 died!, the only other i have is 360 but i dont have gold for it or play it. We can still chat :3
  10. Hi there, my name is Emerald Bliss, or furry name is Ruslan if you prefer. I am sure there are tons of these threads..but I am looking for some Brony friends that enjoy talking to others..maybe play some games and such, in truth I have like...2 brony friends that talk to me. I have Steam and Ps4 , several games for each and I enjoy talking to friends and roleplaying if that's your thing... Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope somepony is looking for a new chatting friend .
  11. Hi! :)

    1. Emerald Bliss

      Emerald Bliss

      Hello there, how are you?

    2. CinnamonPop


      Doing well, you? :)

    3. Emerald Bliss

      Emerald Bliss

      I am pretty well, :) thank for asking

  12. Lol yes i do, Message me if you wanna chat
  13. Hello, My name is Emerald . I am actually Male IRL, But i prefer to play a female for ponies. I am not actually sure where i should post this, So please move it if it is in the wrong spot. But to get to the point, I have had so many male and so few female friends over the years online, I want some female friends with the same interests and hobbies as i do, Maybe eventually be partners if it goes well enough (that is of course not a requirement, Just something i would like a lot). Anyways let me go on and get to what i enjoy and maybe a bit about me. I enjoy Youtube, Video Games (360,PC
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