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  1. Hello everypony, once again i was invited to perform for in Ponyville, but it's an unofficial visit this time, so my manager won't be here and it seems i'll need your help once more to have this show go. First things first, we're going to need a familliar,yet totally different song (for this part you'll have to change/tweek the lyrics of an existing MLP song from the show/movie/equestria girls/or even fanmade songs. or you can ponyfy a non pony song, then post your new lyrics here) Rarity is awefully busy this year, so if anyone here is an artist, i'd like to ask you to style my mane and design an outfit for the show (you have to draw(edit? sculpt? make a video? anything visual art) a new outfit and mane-do for Rara's show) and like always, my favorite part, i'll chose some of you to perform with me, though this year it won't be from the school but from this forum (for this one, you'll have to record a song and post it here, it can be any song, be it from the show, fanmade or one of your own, but it has to be mlp related) and of course anyone who helps will be rewarded for their efforts,(with a badge according to which task they helped with) the deadline is one week from now(see lock time)
  2. what do you think AJ? shall i try it?
  3. Welcome to MLP Forums Coloratura. :pinkie: