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  1. Happy birthday, birdie. Are we having coffee cake?

  2. Severe depression for the last seventeen years since my mom died, which has worked itself into some Anxiety issues. I have no idea who I am and I never really established an identity for myself so it can be insanely hard for me to find purpose or anyone to connect with so most of the time I just rot away in my room, alone. Have trouble holding relationships together, friends and loved ones. My diet is constantly falling apart even after I fix it. And I haven't really done anything with myself in six years. Oh, and I drink too much. I'm a fucking mess
  3. Allow me to be really hipster for a sec, but you can't forget my main man, Black Mask. (either incarnation) Where do I begin with this guy. He's got class, a really interesting design, he took control of Gothan and turned Penguin and Two-face on eachother, he's done some other big things (which I'm not going to spoil), he's actually gotten under my skin better than the joker, and to top it all off, he has some of the wittiest and funniest banter with Deathstroke I've heard in some time. What can I say, I just love this guy. And seeing as Glados has already been mentioned, guess I'll bring up the real queen of AI terrors. Shodan from System Shock 1 & 2. This megalomaniac AI who thinks she's a god and created a new form of life. Uses you throughout the entire second game, while talking down to you no less. Always one of my favorites.
  4. I can completely understand this. I recently took my hand at starting one of those tumblr ask blogs (mostly out of bordom) just so I'd have something to do. Then one of my friends who knows some other popular blogs starts showing it around and now I have 300+ followers with only 3 posts and no idea what to do next and the doubts that I can live up to the quality that I started with. I guess the only real advice I can give is keep trying, don't think about any of them as if their going to last more than a month and just put your best foot forward. Don't think of the destination, but rather the road you want to take. Hell, my gf started with some of the worst art out there, and now in only two years I could easily put her in the top for style and general creativity. And the only thing that started all that was pure boredom. Hope something in there helps
  5. It was good, a bit same same but it shows potential. The melody could use a little more variation and a general EQ and more work on the mastering wouldn't hurt. Pretty good for a first try in a new genre! Cheers~
  6. Wonderful! Got a lot of energy and a good bass! Keep up the great work!
  7. I've just been weight lifting, too many crunches, running, and stairs (and oh how I hate stairs now) and a mish mosh of other things. Burned 20lbs of fat in the last month, woo. And the diet I've been on is helping.
  8. "I don't care how big your claws are, Get the F%^&%#$ OUT FROM UNDER THERE or start paying rent!" 60% of the time it works every time.
  9. So I'm interesting in starting a small MLP based horror mod for Amnesia the Dark Descent. It would be a simple 1-2 hour game involving the main character running through a maze like map being chased by humanized versions (may change depending on several factors) of the main cast. I've already started the basics but I'd like to get a few more people involved and see what comes of it. Right now I'm looking for: Voice actors: Specifically the main six. I haven't decided on the complete cast, but Twilight is a key role. The others considered at the moment are; Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash. Modeler/Texture Artist: Need to be able to do human anatomy. Animator: For basic enemy walk/run cycles, attacks and standing poses. Programmer: Most of what we'd need is already in the engine so there wouldn't be much work involved here. The coding language is basic C++ from my understanding. Testers, Testers, Testers!!! I'm hoping to have this finished sometime before October. I'd love to hear from anyone interested!
  10. Don't really have that much merch, read fanfics only from time to time, but I keep up with the show and do write a bit myself. I'm planning a Soarin cosplay so there's also that. In it since the beginning and probably one of the lasts ones to leave if it ever ends. I guess I'm just one of those types of fans.
  11. Now, I've been planning on writing a Metro 2033/Roadside Picnic inspired fanfic for, oh say, a year now. I'm really passionate about it and I've been painstakingly trying to figure out the universe, characters, etc. But now the question I have is, would anyone even read it? I tend to see this big hype over everything Fallout Equestria related but do any other fics in the genre of post-apocalyptic get any recognition? I'm just worried that I've spent all this time for something that will only end up getting less than one-hundred readers and it's kind of starting to destroy my hopes of actually starting it.
  12. Sadly yes. But just one. And one out of over 50 is a pretty good number in my books.
  13. Six times a week at my local gym; three cardio, two light cardio and upper body, and one yoga. Only about an hour right now but I might add another thirty minutes soon. Add in an addition 2 mile walk there and back.
  14. Element of Nachos, the nachos I make are that of legend.