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  1. oh yes~ thank you I can't wait to see it
  2. alright guys I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I will have some more time to work on the art for the game (how the areas should look before they get colored and made for the rpg, and event pictures, emoticons, etc) the bad news...I won't be able to have enough time for head writing the script. So I will be handing the head writer job to someone else. you will be working with Soren Nightwing and Hyper (they're pretty awesome~) and before you will get the head writer job I would like to see an example of your writing. In script form. just send me a PM or a note on deviantart (i'll put the link to it below) with an example of your writing and I will take a look at it thank you very much. http://yumi-and-zb.deviantart.com/
  3. Wooah I have to check on this topic a lot more. I'm really happy you guys want to help out with the project~ I'm still currently working on the script with a few other people on here and sadly its coming along a little slow (school, family stuff, some...minor cases of the sad sads.) but I think what I'm going to do is have my helpers write some scenes. like I'll write them a summary of what the part of the game should be about and what should happen and they would write it.
  4. Oh yes ^w^ I would really appreciate your help~ thank you
  5. aww okay then. I'm happy that you support the project ^w^ another update on the script guys~ Its coming along pretty good. Though my classes seem to be getting in the way a little but I'm trying my best to get it done as soon as possible. please be patient guys. love you all
  6. ooh I see. 3d modeling ^w^ that's pretty cool but unfortunately we're doing sprites for this rpg. but is there anything else you would like to help out with?
  7. update on the project guys~ the script writing is going good and I will soon draw out the maps and designs for the game~ so yea ouo
  8. That would help me out a lot. I've been trying to write the script but I've been getting a little bit of writer's block. so yes I would really appreciate your help~ thank you so much ^w^ I'll add you right away modeling? what do you mean?
  9. OOh I love it ^w^ okay you're hired~ ummm I'm not sure how to explain what they all sound like, but the episodes are online and you can hear what they usually sound like .
  10. hooray ^w^ I can't wait to hear your demo @Snuggle Puffy Cake oh yes go ahead and audition for anypony you like and you can just put a link to the demo here.
  11. oh awesome ^w^ I can't wait to hear it
  12. Yes that would be perfect ^w^ you're hired~ ooh send me a demo . I'd love to hear it ^w^
  13. Her artwork is amazing she can do the pixel environments~ oh okay. and no worries. there's no rush ^w^ take your time
  14. oh yay ^w^ just to remind you that it should have a bit of a creepy circus feel to the main theme. owo
  15. @Scrambles Oh good ^w^ and okay. let me know if she says yes or no. @Thunder-Dash Woooah!!! your music is awesome bro you're hired!!