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  1. Oh well, I wasnt confident enough to play Rarity but I was willing to try Celestia goes to the human world to? How exciting but she is going to have a panic attack, nopony moving the sun in Equestria is a problem.
  2. I need to counterbalance this, more non-suggestive Redheart pictures stat!
  3. @, Thats fine, the mane six can ask for advice from time to time but Twilight is ultimately the leader of the group
  4. There does seem to be quite a bit of that around, guess its because shes a nurse but I honestly wouldnt know. But Im sure that if Redheart just did a google search of herself her reaction would be a bit like this
  5. @, This is good, she seems to know a bit about navigating the Everfree forest it seems so she can be the guide if your cool with that.
  6. @, Perhaps something can be sorted out, it depends what OC your using
  7. @, Perhaps a couple OC's could be used, somepony who could guide the mane six though an Equestria now being consumed by the Everfree and some kind of magical researcher
  8. @@Hypn0ticD, Name: Rarity Species: Unicorn Age (Human):25 Gender: Female Height: 5ft 7in Weight: 147 pounds Eye color: Blue Mane color: Purple with gradients Description of pony form: Rarity is a unicorn mare with a white coat and purple mane which she always keeps properly styled and fashioned to reflect her lifestyle. She also has long eyelashes to compliment her eyes Occupation: Clothing maker/ designer Backstory: Rarity lived a mostly sheltered life with her parents who didn't really uphold the standard of her current living, it wasn't until she went to visit her uncle in Canterlot that her interest in fashion was sparked (though her cutie mark came later). Seeing all the high class ponies in their fine clothes and their mannerisms was fascinating to her considering that everything was so different from Ponyville. As such she tried to act like the ponies around her, seeking their approval and not really achieving it (due to her age). Noticing her interest her uncle purchased a sewing machine that she could practice making clothes with. Since then Rarity has honed her skill as a designer and as soon as she was done with formal education she purchased the Carousel Boutique a establishment she paid off by making dresses. Currently Rarity still aspires to be the best in her trade and will do just about anything to make the next big fashion hit in Canterlot. Description of Human Form: As a human Rarity has a dark skin tone. Her arms a longer than most other humans but not so that it's a surprise to anyone. Her facial features include long eyelashes, a smaller nose and small lips. Among other features her hair is average length for a female, her hands a small and dainty with long nails and her breast size is, let's just say, generous. She also has long legs and a relatively thin waist. Cutie Mark: Three stylized Diamonds Sorry I was a bit late with this one I was off doing something. This is what I got so here is my hat being tossed into the ring. Hopefully this will be enough to get the ball rolling
  9. Cool, we need a Twilight. I just need Applejack and Rarity if @@dusk shade, would be Fluttershy
  10. I'll try my hand at Rarity, I haven't RPed her before but I can try....... Give me a moment.
  11. Anyone want to be Rarity in an RP? We still need a Rarity

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    2. DoubleRainbow_Dash


      Well if anyone can manage go to the OOC tread for and Unexpected Trip to the Human World

    3. Super Sand Legend
    4. That Horse
  12. @, I would say what happens but its just so much to look through, Im going though it all myself considering I just got the part of Celestia
  13. Hello there!

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      Great thank you! And you? ^^

    3. DoubleRainbow_Dash


      Im great thanks for asking

    4. Felix


      Sure thing! Thanks for the friend add. ^^