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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. You know how poeple say 'oh, part of me wants to do it but another...' and 'There's always a voice of self doubt but you must listen to it' Is like that, only Vinnies is just more pronounced and there is only Subscript and Superscript available as alternates to normal text, without bring in confusing colours, ergo, three voices, a 'fun' one in superscript,the one that spent four years at med school in subscript, and his main, most in take personality, the one in control.
  3. @ @@Suitaloo "YOU!" Vincent calls points towards the Lapris gijinka "Quiet" 'friendly voice, possible trigger. Phsycic type,blast a siren in there instead. Friend frist' "Actually, talk to him" he points to the patient. "And you, I like you, your like me, only I get paid to stay here. Oh, and if you can, and the allies voice doesn't, could you wake that one up?" 'Oooo, Vinnie. What. You bread should be ready! Hmm, It should be shouldn't it...' "He only needs to wake up, his injuries have been healed and his pancreas replaced with a tipans. Don't tell him that though, or Ribose. Now, if you'll excuse me I have a cancerous wheat experiment I need to check up on. Call me out when the injured arrive. Oh, and make yourself acquainted with the rooms Miss Nyx" He wanders into a small room at the back where he kept said experiment 'She's cute. And your thirty something. And too busy for a relationship. Oh no, I just thought she'd make a good ornament. She'll make a better assistant. Why do we keep that side around?​Because you love me and I'm an integral part of your phsyci​ really?Unfortunately so'
  4. Unfortunately I must leave this RP, I have work whilst everyone else is on, and I don't personally like format of this rp. Allen, fell free to kill Mick off.
  5. (DM please learn to tag, I didn't know we'd started ) Mick sat and looked stonicly at the screen, occasionally flicking through the 'channels' before settling back on the corridor to his side. Hearing a few buzzing noises he flicks through again, seeing one of the other guards painting and rushing away towards one of the other offices. 'Fool. Least they have the sense not to stay out' He clicks back to his hall but puts the screen down, stand up and walk to the window. The radio begins to chatter and he hears talk of movement from the mechines, as well as a request for check ins. 'Might as well, would want to scare them later' He goes to grab the walkie, only to knock it on the floor and scatering its batteries. "Oh bloody hell. I'm too old for this" Grumbling some more he gets down on his knees to try and rescue a battery from under the desk. After a failed attempt or so, he realises his position, swiftly hoping up despite the ache in his back he glaces at the monitor screen in time to see movmemt. He rushes to the door and closes it, knowing he only has a few minutes he drops back down and makes haste recovering the batteries. "Got em" (I am sick of say the word batteries now. Well done brain, well done)
  6. 'Darn over-egotistic bloody mews... would never make mistakes on purpose. 4 and a half years of med school I will not... But Vinnie, Specimens. SHUT UP ME!' Carrying the gijinka inside he places him down on metal bench near a small fridge. "Well, now, lets see whats wrong with you shall we?" He begins his examination. "High exhaustion, slight shrapnel penetration..."
  7. PBHAS no... ...live newts.... Also, Since the comic ended, I think it's safe to say that Sniper dies and went to Equestria.
  8. Vincent gasped and rushed to the door, his last specimen had lasted long and he was bored. "Malade? AHHHH! Tres BON!" He calls as he exits his little mountain nook, seeing his current boss floating a body over, his grin falters slightly, "A Charlizard? psh, fire types, can never keep 'em alight. Pass it here" his accent changes with the new sentence, Retching out and gesturing for Ribose to reslease his new specimen. Actually... "Also, Patient or Specimen?
  9. What's my que? I'm still trying to catch up. And I've just had a long/bad day at work so a summery would be appreciated.
  10. Name: Mick Mundy Age: 30 something, though his eyes say different. Gender: Male Backstory (not required, but encouraged): Recently move to *LOCATION REDACTED* from *LOCATION REDACTED*, Mick needed a new job. And so he finds one. In a children's restaurant. That's wuite a far cry from *R E D A C T E D***R E D A C T E D* Personality: Cold, vigilant, silent, until he gets angry, then you'll hear him. He doesn't fell he needs a team, but for ease of the job he'll do it. Looks: He's the Sniper from TF2, only in Night Guard uniform. Office (north, east, south or west): West please. Other: Don't expect him to be social. Also, don't ask about the #1 CAMPER mug. Or what the shiny liquid in it is. BONUS QUESTION: would you prefer the animatronics to be silent, or be able to speak? Answer yes or no please Dark's answer : Taunt me, I dear yo... OHHHHHHHHH GOD THEY'RE ACTUALLY TALKING! Mick : *glare, whispers under breath* Bloody robots... (Don't worry, I'm not mentioning anything of TF2 for the rest of the thing, except maybe his hate for robots... I just needed a backstory and the name fit [chose the name at random, sorta])
  11. Huzza! Welp, Imma apply with a Vaporeon Medic. Name: Vincent Varoen (Vaporeon) Faction: Ribose Appearance: (Picture goes in later, I need to edit somethings in it) Age: Late 20 something. Special Abilities: Haz mad med haks dowg. Alright, so, he isn't all that, but he is an expert in healings. Rank: Medic/Doctor Personality (and) History: Though the only Gijinka in his hometown, he was incredibly loyal, worked voluntarily and always look for the best possible solution to his towns ailments... And so, well, let's just say he didn't take the (purge?) too well... Now, he works for whoever pays, but is just as likely to Ice Beam you and use you as a specimen as he is to treat you like a patient and heal you... Faction : Ribose (currently, form of payment he receives is ??IDFK, DM, what's he being payed??) Aaaaaaand with that, is tea time, then bed time, work tomorrow...
  12. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay mates! Is now a bad time to ask about joining Your talk of explosions and such confuseds me...
  13. Story concepter? Hmm. I like the sound of that. What is it?