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  1. Hey there! We're starting a Pokemon-Gijinka Mystery Dungeon Roleplay very soon and would be more than happy if you guys checked it out! Here are the rules and planning discussion thread. We'll be having the main Roleplay thread up soon!
  2. The Campfire We Love Howdy Folks! This is the Chat and discussion board for The Village We Love: A Pokemon Gijinka Mystery Dungeon Roleplay Thread. Here you can ask the creators or other roleplayers questions or jog up some ideas and events that may be coming towards the future of the Roleplay. Maybe you just wanna chat and vent out what kind of day you've been having, who knows! This is the place to do it. So don't be afraid to talk to us cause we're here to help! Creators and DMs of the Roleplay are: TrumpCard SleeplessSketch Links to the other connecting Threads: Main Roleplay Thread OOC Rules and Applications Thread
  3. The Village We Love A Pokemon Gijinka Mystery Dungeon Roleplay Links to the other Threads! Main Roleplay Thread OOC Chat Thread Genre Adventure Casual* The Premise You will be roleplaying as one of the many villagers of Hoja, a large port village located on the south face of the island. Whether you choose to play as a shopkeeper, a merchant, a guild member or maybe just a teen or child yet to find their special role in Hoja. The Village We Love is a casual roleplay with adventure aspects built into it. Instead of one overall goal, the roleplay will be set up around a series of ‘Quest’ storylines that is similar to how a RPG game might be played. Each character will share a common goal, and once said goal is complete a new ‘Quest’ will be opened and so on and so forth. RulesMost of these rules can be found in greater detail in the thread: Rules of Roleplay, so please give them a read if some points are unclear to you. They will be enforced and all participants MUST follow them to keep the Roleplay Orderly and Fun for everybody. All interested roleplayers must post their profile applications to the OOC/Discussion thread of The Village We Love OOC.) Please keep content of the Roleplay to PG-13. No Blood and gore, Absolute MINIMUM of any vulgar language, and romance is alright but nothing NSFW at all. Please be sensitive of your content as well. Racism, sexism, or profanity of any kind will not be tolerated. Please respect the decisions and wishes of the DMs of the Roleplay. Our words are LAW...or something close to that...we just want people to have fun! The Dms Reserve any right to turn down an application if found to be too obscene, or does not meet the requirements stated. Applicants will follow a “Three strikes, you’re out” Protocol, unless the DM finds the situation need to be dealt with otherwise. Three Infringements on the rules will result in the Applicant/Roleplayer being kicked from the Roleplay. This also applies to applicants that do not meet the requirements stated in the application itself. Of course; No GodModding, Powerplay, or Metagaming! No Mary Sues or Gary Stues. Lastly, depending on the number of Roleplayers we might receive, please wait for about 2 other posts after you had posted your roleplaying post before posting another. This keeps the thread from going too quickly from just 2 other people roleplaying by themselves. There will be exceptions to this rule however depending on the activity in the Roleplay. For us to make sure youve read all the rules, out the emoji OuOb under the extras tab in your application. So have common courtesy and respect for one another and we’ll all get along great and have a fantastic time! And if there are any other questions about the Roleplay whether it’d be the rules or story, ask any of us in the OOC Chat Thread. Thanks! -Sleepless & Trump List of NPCs Tortuga (....): The Gentlehearted Mayor. Was a proud warrior who showed much prowess during the War dating back two or so centuries. Sees the villagers as his children. Does not like to be called by his name. Spinda (Pastel): Owns the General Store. Sweet but gullible and abit airheaded. Audino (Dashi): Runs a little clinic near the town square and makes regular stops over at the guild to ensure the health of the guild members. Also makes house calls! List of Accepted Applicants and Roleplayers (See applications folder for more details) Bonnie - Wigglytuff - Mayor-in-training - Trumpcard Dusk - Dusknoir - Guild Master/Teacher - SleeplessSketch Arden - Axew - Guild Member - SleeplessSketch ApplicationRoleplayer: (Your Username) Name: (First name is required, Last and Middle are optional) Nickname: (Optional) Pokemon Type: (all pokemon are applicable except for Extreme Legendaries like Mewtwo, Dialga, Zekrom, Arceus, etc.) Age: (10yrs- 40yrs) Gender: (if Applicable) Appearance: (Your character must have physical pokemon traits that represent them, not just in their clothing. ex: An Ampharos has both a yellow jacket and the tail of an ACTUAL Ampharos.) Personality: (Give a quick summary of who they’re like, what are their Pros and Cons?) Job: (What is your role here in The Village? There will be a list of available Shops/Businesses that you may choose from. Keep in mind, depending on your character you may not necessarily have a job, such as a child or being new to/visiting town.) Origin Story: (Tell us how they came to live in the village, how they grew up, and please...nothing gruesome..) Relationships: (not necessarily romantic[it could be though] , but this is a summary of whom your character knows like neighbors or guild mates or friends. Just make sure you have the other Roleplayer’s consent before committing to said relationship. ) Extras: (Extra tidbits or facts that don’t necessarily fit in Origin or Personality. Such as any notable fears, interest, or quirks. ex: Tamira has a fear of spiders. Tommy has a stutter.) List Of Available Jobs (Please add a small piece in the Origin section as to how you obtained said job! Some jobs have a limited amount of slots, such as shopkeepers and the teacher.) Shop Owners- Congratulations! You are the owner of your very own, fine establishment! What kind of goods or services do you provide? I provide fresh flowers and herbs to my customers, in hoped of brighten their day! (You run the Flower Shop.) What kind of Store would you run? Employees- You are the employee of one fine establishment. What kind of work do you do? Sort, grow, cut, and find various kinds of flowers and plants or herbs!gish) (You work at the Flower Shop.) You work under Pastel, selling a variety of goods, and goods accessories.(You work at the General Store.) You deliver packages, messages, and telegrams to the villagers of Hoja! (You work at the Post Office.) Guild Members You are one fine adventurer! You explore the world in search for glory and treasure, or perhaps you got pulled along by a friend… (You get jobs at the Guildhall) Fisherman/Miners/Coral Farmers- You are one of the many hardworking villages that help keep Hoja on it’s legs as you provide food, minerals, and other luxuries and necessities! You’re a Fisherman! You use wood carved canoes and boats to go out into the bay or open seas to catch sustenance for the Village. (You work at the Docks and use Canoes!) You’re a Miner! This doesn’t mean you’re not allowed in clubs mind you. You work hard to brings ores and other minerals to the population of Hoja so that life goes on smoothly and in comfort! (You work at the Hoja Mines and occasionally at Tuscan Mountain for those tough orders.) You’re a Coral Farmer! You work to provide the village with luscious ocean produce and luxurious items like the coral itself, but responsibly of course! (You work at the Reefside of Hoja Village, just below the cliff of the Guild) Craftsmen- You are one of the many craftsmen that grace the shores of Hoja! You create works of sleek, glass artwork for the villagers and tourist.(You are a Glassworker.) You carve/craft jewelry, statuettes and other art pieces from the coral, ores, and minerals cultivated around Hoja. (You are a Craftsmen.) You work with ores and metal and are well gifted in the art of metallurgy. (You are a Blacksmith.) Entertainers You feel most at home up on stage, dazzling the crowd with your outstanding performances during times of festival and entertainment, or even rituals for the shrine! (You’re a Performer.) You paint sceneries, denizens, and events of your choosing and live off the satisfaction of your creative and artistic creation. (You’re an Artist.) You fill the air with your wonders of music and inspiration as you professionally handle your prized instrument of choice. Or maybe you’d rather prefer to sing to the masses with your soothing voice! (You’re a Musician/Singer.) Student You are one of the many tykes of Hoja village, and one with a thirst for knowledge at that! So grab that water bottle of learning and get to class! (You are one of the Students in a small class led by Dusk. Classes are held at the Guild Hall whenever it is held!) Nurse You help out at the clinic and make sure Doctor Dashi doesn’t overwork themselves into an exhausted state. You learn quite well from her and are certain you can also help take care of others in need! (You work at the Clinic and sometimes the Guild!) So basically use this thread to read the rules and post your Roleplayer Applications. We hope to welcome you to our village! Arden Application Roleplayer: SleeplessSketch Name: Arden Kardjvr Nickname: Ardy by friends Pokemon Type: Axew Age: 19 Gender: Male Appearance: [LINK] Arden is a short ginger boy that is about 5’1” in height. His most notable features are his dark red eyes and his almost hilarious bucked teeth. He’s darker than most ginger-skinned people due to inate sense of adventure and gets out often. His face, shoulders, and knees are littered with freckles. He has a dark-orange curly hair that seems too untamed to even be dealt with. Arden sports a hooded poncho and a simple tank top underneath while wearing worn adventuring shorts while also keeping his feet bare without any foot attires. Job: Guild Member, he’s always dreamed of exploring every inch of this large island since birth and was well influenced by his own Mother Anzel the Haxorus who use to be a fine seasoned explorer herself. As soon as he turned 10 he signed up as an apprentice in the Guild and undertook their jobs ever since. Personality: Arden is a ball of energetic mass in a short package. He’s always out and about doing what he can for the Guild, he’s a little famous for accepting jobs quite quickly but also able to finish them reasonably. He’s an overall nice guy to most folks who deserve it, but he’s also quite quick to blow a fuse when provoked. He’s a tad sensitive about other’s underestimating his abilities, especially when it comes to his height for his age. But all in all in a time of crisis, that’s when his true abilities of perseverance and resourcefulness come into play, though there are some accounts of his own doubt about his own abilities come into play as well, but a quick pep talk of encouragement is all he needs to gain confidence and see through any situation no matter how dire, even though he may not have all the solutions thought out through... Origin Story: Arden has been living in Hoja village for as long as anyone can remember. His mother Anzel the Haxorus was a great explorer from parts unknown that decided to settle down in Hoja village. With great influence from his mother’s exciting stories of her adventures, he was more than determined to become a great explorer himself! And thus a legacy was kept alive through the actions of this young Axew. Extras: Arden has a slight lisp that comes through his talking whenever he gets flustered or hot-boiled.He also has a small passion to sketch out all the locations he’s discovered as well as the local fauna and wildlife in his secret sketchpad. OuOb Dusk Application Roleplayer: SleeplessSketch Name: Dusk Nickname: THAT SPOOKY LOOKING NICE GUY THAT RUNS THE GUILD. Pokemon Type: Dusknoir Age: 30 Gender: Male Appearance: [LINK] Dusk is a fairly tall and rather built figure with pale skin and faded black messy hair that sticks out from under his hood. Dusk sports a large cloak over a duster that usually drags beneath him as he floats about. His cloak is actually a reaper cloth tailored to look more wearable than a raggedy old cloth that it usually is, this also goes all the way up covering his neck and at most times his mouth. Dusk also wears a comfy ushanka as well as a couple of soft and sleek white feathers on the top of head and is usually one of the most recognizable feature on him, though not as recognizable as his extremely off-putting as his eyes. They appear to be hollowed out and replaced with a complete darkness when you gaze into them, though the only representation of a gaze is the floating red-pinkish orb that travels side-to-side from one eye to another as he looks around. Job: Guildmaster. Personality: Despite his spooky appearance, Dusk is actually one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever come to know. With a passion for the pursuit of knowledge and passing said knowledge and experience to the new generation, he took on the role of Guildmaster without hesitation. Dusk is a huge bookworm and reveres in the art of reading and learning any and all things. He’s very soft-spoken and understanding to other’s well-being, though he is quite clumsy at times and tends to get deeply lost into his own thoughts when he’s thinking about something. Thanks to years of experience under his belt, he’s no slouch either when it comes to tough situations as his cool-headed demeanor shines through as he is able to calculate and think of the best way to solve any problem, preferably without the need for violence, but don’t underestimate his strength either...he’s quite the powerhouse. When no one seems to be paying attention to him.. he can be seen fidgeting and twirling these two white feathers that sit comfortably on the top of his hat...wonder what kind of value they hold to him...and who or what they belonged to... Origin Story: Dusk was a stranger that happened upon this island during a personal journey he embarked on several years after he was young and fresh out of classes located far beyond the seas of this region. Seeing this new place as an opportunity to learn more about other Pokemon and the world, he decided to settle here for an unspecified amount of time. Over a span of time he had constantly proved himself to be responsible and well fitted as the role of Guildmaster in aiding young adventurers and students in learning about the world and themselves in the process. As a Dusknoir on a spiritual journey to learn more about this mysteriously vast world, his stay may not be permanent here at all, though he makes the best of it and treats it like his genuine home more than anything thus earning his welcome into the hearts of many denizens. Extras: Dusk is usually an insomniac and can be seen hovering about the Guild Halls acting as sentry or just passing his sleepless nights with a good book he can sink his teeth into...HAH SLEEPLESS. OuOb
  4. Back and in action???

  5. Alright everyone here's the poop. Personal things have pretty much made a huge dent into my life and I have to focus all my attention on dealing with it. It's pretty much draining me physically and mentally and I don't think I can really keep up an internet life the way it's going right now. So with sad news I'm here to tell everyone that I'm gonna have to not only quit the Rp but the entirety of the Mlp forum as a whole.
  6. I think we're pretty much set or a time skip. Also I have something very important to say but I'll wait until later, I'm gonna be busy taking care of something personal. If anyone would like to start off the new day then go right on ahead, the blackout will last until the next day in-rp.
  7. Dusk The ghostly boy on the bed merely nodded at Loli's hyperactive description of what happened during their trip to the outdoors. Dusk looked at Koh and pretty much chuckled as she had finished, but inquired about his outing. "Man...where do I begin...this morning was a little bit of a rocky start since that Smeargle kid showed up with gods know what plan he had...then we proceeded to the town which was much bigger than I thought. As you can see we did a little shopping and finally got me a cool leather jacket." He said as he showed off his new outfit by lifting it by the collar. "We met a bunch of faces and girls kept giggling at me which was super weird and uncomfortable. Zoey said because I was Hot? But it wasn't even warm today so I don't know what thy mean by that. I also found these cool things called escalators that I thought kidnapped me to the second floor but really didn't. Then we went to eat sushi for lunch which tasted amazing but that's when the lights turned off...then we made our way back here and the rest is history. " dusk finished his story and exhaled as he lied back down. "I'm kinda's been a big day...I think I'm gonna pass out guys...I'll catch you in the morning.." Dusk said as he yawned and nuzzled his pillow with his face. "Let's catch up...again...tomorrow..."
  8. Dusk Dusk's train of thought was interrupted when a sudden familiar voice spoke to him as it became louder as they got closer to him. Of course it was Lolita, back from her little camping trip with the rest of the others who went out. Before he could speak and respond to her usual hyperactivity, she went into the room waiting for him to spook her. Dusk smiled and chuckled to himself while looking to his side to see Amaya looking a tiny bit concerned as she commented on his thinking. "Haha..I won't..I'll catch you guys later okay? Sleep well when you do." He said to his little Swanna friend reassuring her with a grin. "And take care of Zoey, I think she's having a little fit." Dusk said teasingly as he knocked on his door and went on in. Upon entering he saw Lolita and gave a smile. "Boo~" he said jokingly as he sat himself on his bed. "What's new Skitty Cat?" He asked waiting to hear her exciting adventures in the wild.
  9. Ohhhhh you're terrible. As for the content, I'd say go ahead, I just don't want anything extreme and outright uncomfortable or insensitive. I'd say stick around for a while. If a person disappears from our little Roleplay then there's a chance you can come in in, though there is a tiny line for registration.
  10. You're going on time-out Hello there, I'm sorry to say but registration is kind of close at the moment. Don't mean to be the bearer of bad news.
  11. Oh god please don't tell me that we're going to put down an old Mightyena somewhere! I would also like to announce to people we'll be time skipping soon, most likely tomorrow evening or Wednesday so prepare your bodies.
  12. How pg is the material in question? Is it sexual content or graphic stuff. Describe to me what it is.
  13. I most certainly did. Buuuut that's about the last one for a long time. XD
  14. @,@@Ampharos, @@Lyridian, Dusk After hearing the announcement Dusk merely scratched his head and shrugged in response to Zoey's little outburst. "Well there's not really much we can do Zoe...they probably just want to make sure everything is okay with us all safe and secured. If anything were to happen to us it would be held in the school's responsibility deeming them unsafe and unfit to be able to take care of a problem like this. I for one wouldn't like our stay here to be disastrous and cut short...I like it here too much.." Dusk retorted and looked around the Common Room and his friends. The very thought of just leaving them after they had just met a few days ago would be devastating. "So come on..why don't we listen and see what unfolds for now. This Blackout thing might not be a one day crisis." Dusk said trying to be the voice of reason this time around. He gave a soft smile and complied with the instructions given to go back to the dorms for the day. At least they had some fun going out earlier, maybe it won't be so bad. Dusk went back to the dorms as he walked in the hallway along with some other students and his friends. Coming to the Dormitory Hall he headed towards the door of his room. Maybe Koh and Lolita were back, then he can tell his room mates about the awesome day he had....but his thoughts came back full circle to his questionable abilities as a ghost-type....maybe if he tried hard enough...he can phase through the walls of the dorm rooms to go inbetween hanging out with familiar faces. There really wasn't much ruling on that...nor did the instructors say it wasn't allowed. Yeah, tonight he'll try to regain his ghostly abilities. He continued to contemplate on the matter as he stopped and stood outside his door with a very concentrated look and gesture on his face and poise.