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  1. Hey there! We're starting a Pokemon-Gijinka Mystery Dungeon Roleplay very soon and would be more than happy if you guys checked it out! Here are the rules and planning discussion thread. http://mlpforums.com/topic/120870-the-village-we-love-ooc-discussion/ We'll be having the main Roleplay thread up soon!
  2. The Campfire We Love Howdy Folks! This is the Chat and discussion board for The Village We Love: A Pokemon Gijinka Mystery Dungeon Roleplay Thread. Here you can ask the creators or other roleplayers questions or jog up some ideas and events that may be coming towards the future of the Roleplay. Maybe you just wanna chat and vent out what kind of day you've been having, who knows! This is the place to do it. So don't be afraid to talk to us cause we're here to help! Creators and DMs of the Roleplay are: TrumpCard SleeplessSketch Links to the other connecting Threads:
  3. The Village We Love A Pokemon Gijinka Mystery Dungeon Roleplay Links to the other Threads! Main Roleplay Thread OOC Chat Thread Genre Adventure Casual* The Premise You will be roleplaying as one of the many villagers of Hoja, a large port village located on the south face of the island. Whether you choose to play as a shopkeeper, a merchant, a guild member or maybe just a teen or child yet to find their special role in Hoja. The Village We Love is a casual roleplay with adventure aspects built into it. Instead of one overall goal, the roleplay will be set up around a
  4. Back and in action???

  5. Alright everyone here's the poop. Personal things have pretty much made a huge dent into my life and I have to focus all my attention on dealing with it. It's pretty much draining me physically and mentally and I don't think I can really keep up an internet life the way it's going right now. So with sad news I'm here to tell everyone that I'm gonna have to not only quit the Rp but the entirety of the Mlp forum as a whole.
  6. I think we're pretty much set or a time skip. Also I have something very important to say but I'll wait until later, I'm gonna be busy taking care of something personal. If anyone would like to start off the new day then go right on ahead, the blackout will last until the next day in-rp.
  7. Dusk The ghostly boy on the bed merely nodded at Loli's hyperactive description of what happened during their trip to the outdoors. Dusk looked at Koh and pretty much chuckled as she had finished, but inquired about his outing. "Man...where do I begin...this morning was a little bit of a rocky start since that Smeargle kid showed up with gods know what plan he had...then we proceeded to the town which was much bigger than I thought. As you can see we did a little shopping and finally got me a cool leather jacket." He said as he showed off his new outfit by lifting it by the collar.
  8. Dusk Dusk's train of thought was interrupted when a sudden familiar voice spoke to him as it became louder as they got closer to him. Of course it was Lolita, back from her little camping trip with the rest of the others who went out. Before he could speak and respond to her usual hyperactivity, she went into the room waiting for him to spook her. Dusk smiled and chuckled to himself while looking to his side to see Amaya looking a tiny bit concerned as she commented on his thinking. "Haha..I won't..I'll catch you guys later okay? Sleep well when you do." He said to his little Swann
  9. Ohhhhh you're terrible. As for the content, I'd say go ahead, I just don't want anything extreme and outright uncomfortable or insensitive. I'd say stick around for a while. If a person disappears from our little Roleplay then there's a chance you can come in in, though there is a tiny line for registration.
  10. You're going on time-out Hello there, I'm sorry to say but registration is kind of close at the moment. Don't mean to be the bearer of bad news.
  11. Oh god please don't tell me that we're going to put down an old Mightyena somewhere! I would also like to announce to people we'll be time skipping soon, most likely tomorrow evening or Wednesday so prepare your bodies.
  12. How pg is the material in question? Is it sexual content or graphic stuff. Describe to me what it is.
  13. I most certainly did. Buuuut that's about the last one for a long time. XD
  14. @,@@Ampharos, @@Lyridian, Dusk After hearing the announcement Dusk merely scratched his head and shrugged in response to Zoey's little outburst. "Well there's not really much we can do Zoe...they probably just want to make sure everything is okay with us all safe and secured. If anything were to happen to us it would be held in the school's responsibility deeming them unsafe and unfit to be able to take care of a problem like this. I for one wouldn't like our stay here to be disastrous and cut short...I like it here too much.." Dusk retorted and looked around the Common Room an
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