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  1. Discord's word is garbage, his ego is larger than the universe. He did show off warping, but he also said that their friendship wasn't going to do anything
  2. @, Is it reality warping or matter manipulation? I know there's a difference
  3. True, but Celestia and Luna should be stronger, couldn't they at least blast them away until they could fly into the air?
  4. I remember them taking bites out of it, the issue was that they grew back @@EquestrianScholar, It's still unreliable, most wikis are, especially the fanmade ones. For example, the DBZ wiki uses the English dub of the movies and presents it without saying that the Japanese version is drastically different(attacked vs destroyed a galaxy). Or even the official wiki, which added a bunch of blather about Titanosaurus being a good guy
  5. I don't view the comics as canon, I merely pointed that thing out from the comics because some people do. And taking out the alicorns was easy, said vines were getting torn up by Applebloom and Big Mac.
  6. Defeating Celestia and Luna, but how easily remains to be seen. Since you like the comics, you'll be happy to know that in them, apparently, when Discord fought Celestia and Luna, the surrounding area was so damaged by his magic, it had to be quarantined. So at least in the comics, Discord wasn't exactly holding back
  7. @,@@EquestrianScholar, @, Ladies, ladies. I made a thread for your purposes Also, wikis aren't reliable. I could go onto Pinkie Pie's and say "She's so awesome, she can warp the multiverse"
  8. There are differing opinions on Discord's power. I have him rather weak, due to Tirek pwning him with pony power. Other have him as a universe busting badass because he hasn't shown any upper limit.
  9. @, Can't it also mean stuff like someone saying "I HAVE UNLIMITED POWER!" and then proceeding to be owned by the hero(more unlimited?) who is afraid of solar flares?
  10. Even so, you need something at least to back them up. You can't just say "Oh, this character is a universe destroying badass, but was defeated because he had a hangover and was too prideful to fight before hand"
  11. That relies on huge assumptions for his power. I can assume that love powered Chrysalis is as strong as Discord, he never displayed anything saying it wasn't true. I could say that Pound Cake can move faster than Rainbow Dash, nothing has contradicted this
  12. @@Arctofire, He was never threatening. He was always a kid with a machinegun who went around spraying at ant hills for the lolz. His reformation was sudden, but they seemed to be taking it seriously. Then he joined Tirek for the stupidest of reasons and then turned good within the same set of episodes
  13. He has bodily systems as he can get sick. And even if he was immune to it, doesn't make him immune to pain, which he will be feeling. Alternatively, Superman lobotomizes him after finding his brain with X-Ray vision
  14. No, he could just slug Discord in the face. Tirek made Discord look like an idiot with no effort what so ever, even paralyzing him before draining him. Superman also has super intelligence, which he really doesn't need, Discord is too cocky to actually use his intelligence effectively. But again, he doesn't need to, he can simply punch Discord or drag him into space until he calls "uncle", all whilst dodging any of his attempts to do anything. I stand by my general belief that the most MLP can take on is a mountain range, judging by the destruction caused by Tirek and Twilight's battle. But Discord is much weaker than both of them. He's a dimestore version of Q, who is a dimestore version of Mr. Mxyzptlk