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  1. @Unicorncob @Dynamo Pad @dragon4111 Those of you still waiting to fight please be patient. I'm going through a transitional phase and some mental health dilemmas.
  2. Jade's reaction was a departure from the way she acted during the unjust match with team Lockdown, and Shining Armor noticed that she was starting to act a lot more like how Tricis would have. Perhaps she was trying to fill the gap she left, or maybe Tricis really had an influence on her. @reader8363 It was difficult to hear Topaz's ten-count of the the roaring of the crowd, still shocked by the result of the fight. After several counts, it was clear that she wasn't going to be getting up. "SEVEN! EIGHT!" She slowly called. "NINE AND.... TEN!" The crowd roared. "Rose loses by ten count, Mason loses by death. The second round of the finals is a double loss and there is no update to the scoreboard!" She announced.
  3. Mason watched his tendrils pierce Rose's chest, shoulders and legs, scewering her with what he thought would surely be a fatal wound. He beamed a wide smile, her body suspended in the air above him with his tendrils hooked into her chest. "SCORE!" He cried, watching the consciousness fade from his opponent's eyes. But the rush of exhilleration he usually got from such a kill didn't come. He felt... cold. Blood dripped at his hooves and he realized it couldn't have been Rose's. He wanted to ensure the kill, so he tried to dig his tendrils deeper into Rose's flesh to pierce her heart and brain, but he couldn't find the strength to do it. In fact, his hold on her weakened. "Wha-at's happening? Why can't I..." He stuttered, feeling the muscles on his host body weaken. The tenebris' eyes shifted down and saw the shadow-formed spear of Etherite sticking into Mason's heart. It was loosing it's connection to this world. "I feel so cold..." Mason said. The tenebris demon relenquished its grip on Rose, and she fell to the stadium floor. Then the shadowy beast swirled around Mason, its body appearing malformed static. It let out a shrill cry that echoed through the ring, then it disappeared, relenquishing it's hold on the dying body it once used to return to some other realm, leaving the earth pony behind in front of Rose's unconscious body. "Rose is down, so I'll start the ten count!" Topaz said, rushing to Rose's side while Mason was still standing. "ONE! ...TWO!" Mason slowly looked down at the spear in his chest, sweat trickling down his chin. His skin started to wrinkle and dry. "Oh..." The earth pony aged rapidly now that the only thing keeping him alive was gone. His skin sagged off his body and his bone structure became more and more defined as he looks more and more akin to a skeletin covered in skin. It slowly raised its hoof and pointed it at Rose while he stumbled toward her. He opened his mouth but his jaw turned to dust, then his whole body was rapidly reduced to dust. "Eugh!" Topaz viscerally reacted to Mason's sudden transformation. "Uh... That probably doesn't need a ten count, but since Rose was down first, she needs to get up before the ten count or the round is a double loss!" She explained before continuing her count. "THREE! FOUR!"
  4. Shining Armor and Quill watched Rose descend, standing between Copper and Dynamo. It looked like things were drawing to a close for the second round, but Mason didn't appear worried about Rose's assault. If the Tenebris got what it wanted, this fight would be dragged out much longer. "Come on..." Shining Armor said under his breath. "We've already had enough bad news. Just let this work!" "Rose is crashing into the stadium like a meteor!" Topaz announced. "But won't that just bring her straight into Mason's claws? What is she thinking?" Mason looked up at Rose while she descended, having to squint to avoid looking directly at the sun. "A final charge?" He asked in a condescending tone. He tilted his head and thought, She wants to die quickly and honorably? We won't be allowing that. Then he noticed the shards of Etherite raising from the ring and the grass, floating in the air to form a spear in Rose's hooves. He opened his eyes wide and took a step back into a more defensive posture. Impossible? How is she even able to do that? Life energy? He eyed Rose, moments before she would collide. Yes, of course! She wants both of us to die! We won't allow it! The shadowy entity swirled around him. The head of Tenebris appeared and let out a shrill roar as a it shot out a tight cone of sharp tendrils at Rose. For her to hit him with the spear, she'd have to get hit by the tendrils as well.
  5. Topaz got back on the stage and squinted up at the area in the clouds where Rose was hanging. "Rose is still up in the air and doesnt look like Mason can get to her, but it's her getting back in the ring that's gonna be the real problem!" Mason smiled up at Rose and silently paced on the stage. "Planning to use your shadow dome technique, Rose?" He asked, kicking the sharp broken shards of Etherite away from him. Some of it landed in the grass.
  6. Tenebris swirled above it's host and then returned to Mason's body. He squinted to look up at the tear in the clouds Rose created. "Having fun up there?" He asked with his chin raised. "I know what you're doing, but it isn't going to help. You've forgotten that I've destroyed your weapon."
  7. If you had an ultimate technique you probably should have used it in your fight .3.
  8. Rose was a pegasus, so she should have the ability to move the clouds, but she opted to create lightning with it instead. Topaz leapt off the stage just in time as a bolt of lightning struck near where Mason was standing. The whole stadium was bathed in light and a booming crack of thunder. The flash of light disipated as quickly as it appeared, but it took Topaz a while to survey the damage as her eyes and ears readjusted to the now calm atmosphere. She squinted and looked over the side of the ring. "Well, That certainly was a rush, but you get what you paid for in the finals..." She said. She blinked when she saw what had actually happened. Mason was standing in the center of the ring with the Tenebris entity floating above him. The ground beneath him wasn't even charred. The lightning never actually struck the ring because it was blocked by the demon's body before hitting the ground.
  9. Mason wasn't saying he'd given clues during the fight, rather that his sporting behavior spanned over the entire week. The shards left of the Etherite dagger where still sharp, but they looked so small it would be tricky to use them to cause a fatal blow. The lack of sunlight was another problem, so Rose would remain at a huge disadvantage unless she managed to get the sun to come out. Mason's blade struck the ground where Rose was standing, creating a deep fizzure in the concrete, but he quickly recovered. "Still able to dodge after all that? You have earned your place in the finals." He said. He planted his rear right hoof on the ground and the stage beneath it started to crack. "Guess I won't be able to make this quick."
  10. @reader8363 I probably can't post today, and if I can it will have to be late at night. I appologize.
  11. Mason felt Rose's attempt to create portals at the ends of his tendrils. Rose wasn't practiced and was hardly able to concentrate, but it was clear that she would succeed in freeing herself soon. Mason had risked enjoying himself for too long. "Well, you all know how the story ends," He said before standing with an erect posture and pulled his three tendrils out of Rose's chest. They rended the flesh when they were ripped out thanks to the hooks he'd created, spraying blood on the concrete. The tenebris entity swiorled around his body as a black, smokey haze with two ever shifting red eyes. @dragon4111 @Dynamo Pad @Unicorncob @DwhitetheGamer Mason didn't directly respond to anything Team Lotus was saying on the sideline, but he continued smiling despite it. He held up the knife and clenched it tight in his fetlock. "I've been very sporting!" He declared, "I gave you all the clues you needed to find out a way to beat me and you've made a poor showing." He held up the knife. "Was this Etherite daggar your only plan? How unfortunate." Mason threw the brittle weapon on the ground and stomped on it with his hind hoof, shattering it into tiny glistening shards. "I wanted to play with you a little more, but your friends' voices grow irksome." He raised his hoof again and the tenebris entity curled it's tail around the leg, forming a sharp, broad sided blade that looked like a dirk. The weapon solidified to the point that it was no longer transparent. "Now you die!" He shouted with his blade poised, he charged at Rose, aiming a clean strike at her neck!
  12. @dragon4111 @Unicorncob @Dynamo Pad @DwhitetheGamer Mason stepped on the knife when she reached for it and punished Rose by digging his tendrils deeper into her. "No interrupting! Its very rude." He scolded. Mason gripped her knife and said, "I'd give you this weapon back but helplessness is more fun!" The tendrils lifted Rose into the air a few feet before dropping her on her back. Topaz ran to the ringside with her mic at the ready, but Mason stopped her. "You can keep that ten count to yourself, filly. I have plans for this one that dont involve her seeing the end of this fight!" Mason ordered. He looked down at Rose, who he now assumed to be totally helpless, and said, "but you already know plenty about death dont you? Which brings us back to our story." He looked at the lifeless colored shadow puppets in his hoof and said. "Seven little ponies who were all different from one another in their own special way decided to join a tournament to prove they were the best. They were all nervous but decided they could do anything if they worked together. Seven little ponies and now there's five. Soon there will be four, but I'm getting ahead of myself." The puppet of Frostflame hunched over and started to pour dark red light from his chest, mimicking blood. "One of the little ponies was named Frostflame. He kept many secrets and no one else liked him. So his friends allowed him to die, and then they all felt a bit happier." All the puppets except for Tricis' disappeared from his hoof. "Then there was a mare who followed everyone around even though no one wanted her to be around her. She was named Tricis and she used to be beautiful and strong." "Mason..." Rokata said with a harsh tone. Mason kept his eyes on Rose. "Oh dont mind him. He's just embarrassed because he's in this next part of the story." The Tricis puppet aged rapidly, becoming even older than she was in death. Her hair thinned and her complexion greyed. "Tricis had a friend named Rokata who found a way to get even stronger and never age. Tricis kept aging until she became shriveled and weak. She was very jealous of Rokata, and so she tried to kill him, but she wasnt strong enough."
  13. "It's simple, boy, she can't," Mason said without taking his eyes off Rose. "This doesn't look good for Rose!" Topaz called. "Mason has ensnared her, no, gorged her with his creepy tentatcles and it doesn't look like he's going to let go! That's got to hurt!" Mason pushed Rose away with his tentacles. The ground between them broke open to reveal the tenebris demon beneath, holding Rose in place. It swirled around Mason, reattaching to him while keeping those three tendrils hooked in Rose's flesh. The tendrils dug deeper into her when she tried to move, expanding and creeping through her muscles, destroying the soft tissue but never going deep enough to cause any fatal wounds. "e-heheheheh... AH-HA HA HA!" Mason laughed, giving credance to one of his old nicknames. The tendrils flexed and tensed, shooting more of their creeping hooks into Rose's flesh. "You've given it your best, but your powers are still abysmal next to mine. I could kill you right now but what would be the fun in that?" Mason held out his left front hoof and a shadowy orb swirled around it. The black object started to split into all colors of the rainbow before being morphed in his hoof like moddeling clay into the forms of all the members of Team Lotus, including Jade and Snow Frostflame, all forming tiny figures that fit on his hoof in an evenly row. "I've been watching all of you. It's quite a touching story you've created. I hope to tell it to all my friends in the future. Perhaps I should recall it to you to make sure I've gotten all the details right." Rose felt the tendrils split within her, expanding out in all directions within her muscle tissue. "Your friend Mason is something of a fool," Rail commented to Rokata. "Yes, it's a nasty habbit of his," Rokata replied.
  14. Mason rasised his eyebrow at the knife when he saw Rose poise it in her wing. It wasn't clear if he knew what it was, but he turned his focus to the blade instead of Rose for once. "That weapon looks awfully sharp," he said, "Try not to slip." Rose threw her knife at Mason, but he was ready to defend himself from it. His shadowy tendrils shot out to catch the knife, but the knife phazed straight through it. His eyes widened when he realized his defenses wouldn't work on the weapon, and he attempted to dodge. The knife sliced into his back and left a nasty gash, but it hit him at an angle since he was quick enough to dodge, and the damage was only surface level. He rolled forward, leaving a trail of blood droplets beneath him, and landed in front of the real Rose. "So you've got a weapon we can't touch?" He asked, "A well kept secret..." Mason was off balance, and it looked like Rose had a chance to get him when she reached out with her shadowy hoof. He jumped back, but she managed to grab onto his neck. That was perhaps not wise. "She's got him!" Rose heard Shining Armor shout, but Mason was smiling at her with the same wild eyed expression he had before. "Here's my secret," He said. @Unicorncob @Dynamo Pad @DwhitetheGamer @dragon4111 Tendrils shot straight out of the ground beneath Rose's clone, bursting through the concrete and destroying the shadow entity from beneath before it had time to react. At the same time, three tendrils shot up from the ground beneath Rose and pierced her lower chest and both shoulders. It all happened as fast as the blink of an eye, like they came out of a spring loaded trap, a trap that Mason had been laying since the beginning of the match. The time the ground beneath his hind left hoof cracked, and the swirling shadows around that leg were all subtle warnings of his plan. The tenebris demon had broken through the ground, extended out of Mason's body, and traveled through that crack in the ground, using Mason's eyes to locate where Rose was, and sprung an attack when Rose got close enough to him. It looked at first like it was all over, but Mason missed every vital organ in Rose's body, only piercing the flesh of her shoulders, and not cutting deep enough to puncture her stomach with the third tendril. The snaking tentacles dug deeper inside of her, and hooked into the flesh to hold her in place. He pushed her away from him, but kept the tendrils stuck in her body. "Such a simple minded fool. It makes it so satisfying to trick you," He said. He casually strode to the knife that Rose's clone was holding, which was now laying on the ground where the clone used to be. He picked it up and inspeceted the blade, trying to figure out what it was, while his tentacles held Rose in place.
  15. "I can tell you're trying something, Rose," Mason said, his eyes always followed her true body and not the clone. His hind right left shifted and the concrete beneath him cracked subtly. "You'd better hope it doesn't miss."
  16. Mason had already proven that he was well equipt to handle multiple targets at once, so he didn't seem nervous about the second copy circling to his right flank. A second, shadowy head with long, gnarled fangs extended from his neck and looked at the original Rose with piercing red eyes. Topaz started backing toward the edge of the ring.
  17. Topaz huffed and turned up her nose. "Why is everyone on your team trying to tell me how to officiate my matches today?" She muttered. "So, your father is a bit of a sticking point for you, isn't he?" Mason asked. Surely he didn't actually know very much about Rose's connection to shadow, but the Tenebris was able to conjure up her worst memories of the stallion merely by mentioning him. "You've gotten a lot stronger this week, Rose. You might even be able to kill him some time soon. It's just too bad you'll never get a chance to." "Alright, combatants, it's Rose of team Lotus versus Mason of Team Rokata! The fight starts now!" Topaz announced. Mason stood still, shifting his left hind hoof. A shadowy aura flared up around his body.
  18. well, you get to choose when that happens. He did probably get his skull broken though.
  19. "You're forgetting the third possibility," Ray said, standing between Viridi and Defiant. He pointed at where Canteen was running, and he was headed straight for a section of stairs where one of Onyx's concrete projectiles landed. Canteen didn't seem to be looking where he was going, and was poised to suffer a nasty trip in a few moments. @reader8363 @dragon4111 @Unicorncob @Dynamo Pad Topaz stepped back into the center of the ring with her mic held high. "I appologize for that delay, but it looks like we're back on track now!" She announced. The ring was now fully repaired, just like it was the day they arrived at the tournament. "Would the next fighters please enter the ring so we can get the second round of the finals started!?" Mason jumped back into the ring. This time it was for real. He smiled and waited for his opponent.
  20. Mason smiled and stepped to the side, he was now standing between Rose and her friends. "Don't make things too easy for me, Dynamo. You wear your emotions on your sleeve. All of your friends here lock their feelings up tight. I wonder what they think of you when they hear you cry yourself to sleep over dear old dad every night." Mason cocked one eye at Draco when he was addressed and said, "But you've got a juicier one, don't you Draco? You act so aloof about death, but you've found yourself a sweetheart here, haven't you? And the worst part is that she's about to die and it's all because of you. You have told your team about her, haven't you?" Mason smiled at Rose. "Alright, that's enough then. I just wanted to ask you a question is all. I'll leave you to the rest of your break." Mason returned to his side of the ring, but the words he spoke still hung in the minds of team Lotus. "Alright fans! A few more minutes and the ring will be ready for the next fighters!" Topaz announced to the cheers of the crowd.
  21. @Unicorncob @dragon4111 @Dynamo Pad Mason seemed to block out Dynamo, Draco and Jade. He was focused on his mark and he was trying to keep her focused on him exclusively as well. Dynamo Pad's words seemed to ease her mind a bit, but he was still making himself hard to ignore. When Rose covered her hoof with her metal leg to stop the shaking, Mason raised an eyebrow at the metal appendage and said, "My, that's a fine tool you have, and so soon after the semi finals. Did the hag give it to you?" He shifted his eyes to look directly at Jade, and the next words he said snaked through her mind. "You'd think she would save something like that for her star pupil, but I guess Jade wasn't strong enough."
  22. "I've already been in plenty of danger during this tournament," Topaz said, wagging her hoof and closing her eyes, "I know you think you're pretty bad, but there's no need to give me an explicit warning just to make yourself sound more dangerous."