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  1. it feels kind of nice to be back

  2. To me it means to live your life. Try things you never had before. To have fun make friends and don't worry so much.... That and 42. My question is. Did I leave my best friends or did they just Leave me?
  3. Pinkeh x sugar cube .... Because I must. just because I'm gone for a long time doesn't mean I'm going to stop shipping her.
  4. Well.... I have 2 tattoo's... Rose for Princess Luna and a Nightmare moon Tattoo.... so that kind of gives me away... Top of all that all my shirts are MLP.... and my hat is MLP too.... So lets just say I stand out....
  5. Here's some of me... more on the lines of my new tattoo... I still look like crap so :/ I for one love the Tattoo.... Sorry again.. for it not being my oh so sexy face... but still it's something I guess...
  6. Luna just sat there looking at the screen. "I don't get it, this is scary?!" Luna said. "yup, to the people now days, honey that's scary" I said. "But how?! he just some tall guy walking down the street. It's kind of funny more then I guess Scary" Luna said. I got up off our bed and made my way to Luna. I put my hand on the mouse and scrolled down on the page. "IT WON AWARD! FOR BEING SCARY!" Luna yelled. "Yuppers" I said as I made my way back to our bed. Its safe to say we have all seen some scary things in are day... I know I have! Like A gun being pointed at you, someone running after you with a knife.... pissing off your better half.. yeah I pissed Luna off the other night.... that was not a good idea....all those things are scary! A man walking down the street with a smile on his face is not scary.... its silly well for me anyway... So let me hear it what kind of movies,stories etc you were told was "Scary!" only to find out it was just silly or just not scary in any way shape or form. Me? Tall man I think it was... or something like that. Some creepy whatever story... I found it funny. Some guy walking down the street with a smile and dancing around is not scary in anyway shape or forum, in fact I would more then likely be that guy.... Top of all that what's wrong with him doing that in the first place?? So what?! guys happy! why? I don't, maybe he got paid, maybe he got laid I just don't know. Maybe its just me... So let me hear it!
  7. Kidding me? I would spread the world of MLP like a bucking wild fire.... not just a wild fire...but a "bucking wild fire". I mean come on now! something this epic and your going to keep it all to yourself?! that's just wrong on soooo many levels!
  8. That place is just.... ugg. I don't mind the porn... I really don't. but what I can't stand about that place is just how lost I get... its like sec things are going fine then next thing I know I'm in some other part of the website.... like the bad part of it... like you say the wrong thing you get stabbed.... So I just don't much care for it..
  9. Well G1 is okay.... G2 is well blah.... G3.... 0_o. Lets move on... Many don't like them because they are girly, not well done etc. Now I do like G1 and some of G2 is good. But G3.... has nothing good about it end of story...
  10. Some of us do, some of us don't. I do... I don't hate one pony for any reason... you could kick me in the balls, set me on fire and take Luna from me... sure it would hurt me and make me cry like crazy but I'll still love you with all my heart and soul... because that's just who I am...
  11. Tell him/her I was brony... he/she didn't like that? Break their neck and take their lifeless body to my friends place and feed it to some pigs...... what? pigs well eat everything... No I'm kidding, if they didn't like it then fine. As long as they don't give me hate for it I don't care....
  12. OH MY CELESTIA! what the buck Twilight!! I just got done working a 12hour shift! woman! okay! I have to be back at work at 7pm! yeah Twilight! not all of us get to sit around being a sweet as princess! Some guys like me have to work! yeah 7pm-7am woman! ugg... sorry for yelling.... I'll make us some coffee...
  13. Because a lot of ponies can see themselves in Luna like I can... Luna was sent away by all alone for a 1000's years/ I was homeless and with no one to help me at the age of 16... kicked out of my home by my own family.... Luna has a inner demon, her hate and jealousy of her sister/I too have a older sister... that is popular, did something with her life and everyone in my family loves her... many many other things too.. but never the less. That's what I think anyway. Now don't get me wrong I do love Celestia! but Luna just hold a special place in my heart... for many reasons.
  14. My friend... Hater come and go... and yes that is taking it WAY to far. Never the less don't buy in to that hate... buck them and everything they stand for. Some ponies take things a bit to far with things... even I have taken MLP a bit to far.. but never the less I know I have but damn I'm happy so blah. Moving on.... Ponies take things to far all the time, as for the death threats.. don't buy in to them what so ever.. no one and I mean NO ONE is going to kill you because your a brony.... end of story.