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  1. Well mate, that's just your opinion on how you look in a skirt. Nothing I can do about it
  2. Homosexual Crossdresser Athiest Brony Gamer Movie-Buff Nerd Real music lover Modern music hater Satanic metalhead Avid reader Irish Irish Patriot Money Craver
  3. Donald Trump. He wants to go after China, he wants to build a wall between the USA and Mexico (and make Mexico pay for it), he wants to forcefully take all the oil from the Middle-East, he attacked one of America's most beloved war heroes, and he believes that vaccines cause autism. And he's ranking high in the polls? *facepalm* >.<

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    2. ChikoritaCheezits


      Bernie Sanders FTW.

    3. ChikoritaCheezits


      Donald Trump is a comedian and Hilary Clinton is just Obama 2.0.

    4. Nerdy Luigi

      Nerdy Luigi

      As I look into Bernie Sanders's viewpoints, he's looking more and more like the best candidate in both parties. He'd be a great president from the sounds of it.


      Donald Trump is the most hilarious waste of time I have ever seen grace the presidential race. He probably would be George W. Bush except even worse. I would see nukes in our future with this laughable candidate as president. Of course, every single running republican is laughable in a similar manner, but none a...

  4. Ya won't be like that if you try crossdressing, trust me. You'll be nothing but cute
  5. Hahaha! Believe me, it's super fun and super cute As for the brony stereotype thing, who cares? XD
  6. Why yes, I have! I do it quite often! I just LOVE to crossdress! . Most of the time, I wear panties and thigh-high stockings under my normal clothes, and I love them. Sometimes, when I'm home alone or if it's late at night, I wear a skirt or a dress I aim at getting myself a thong, some suspenders, along with rainbow-coloured stockings and arm-warmers. Oh yes, that's my dream outfit <3 Hopefully I haven't creeped anyone out XD
  7. Well, I wore briefs up until I was 10. Then I made the switch to boxers, and I'm never going back. HOWEVER, and no I'm joking about this..... but I like wearing panties aswell
  8. Sooo, the Iran Nuclear Deal has ended with the USA and Iran coming to an agreement. I still don't trust Iran, though. To me, it's still the same corrupt, devoutly Islamic country that treats women, homosexuals, and just pretty much every citizen horribly.

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    2. Sky Knight
    3. Sky Knight

      Sky Knight

      It does also strike a major blow the USA in terms of Iran and her allies since Iran can now offer great protection with their nuclear arsenal now. It's all part of a better, brighter and safer Middle East. Not so much an improved way of life per say but a improved frontier for them to be independent and not straining on our western economies in terms of humanitarian aid and radicalism groups.

    4. Mr F

      Mr F

      I feel the same way towards Israel. Now those people REALLY cannot be trusted.

  9. I love you, Fizz. <3

  10. I know it's still July 3rd over in the United States. But since it's July 4th over here right now, I'd like to say Happy Independence Day, America! :D

    1. Nuke87654


      Thank you very much :)

  11. I gave each question my honest answer, and this was my result. My political standpoint is Libertarian Left ^^
  12. I prefer headphones by a MILE. They're more comfortable, the sound quality is much better and I can still somewhat hear things going on around me. I just HATE earbuds! They don't fit into my ears properly, they fall out, they start to hurt after a while, the sound quality is awful, it completely drowns out my surroundings, and they're just way too awkward overall. Headphones FTW!
  13. Watched the new episode and.... *sigh* First Saddle Arabia, now Yakyakistan. That's the second country with a horrific human rights record Hasbro has ponified!

    1. Wayzer


      Ow come on people it's just a kids show :o it's not like they intended something with it >.< I mean just count the references to China in some kids shows, not exactly the most human friendly country either

    2. GrauWitz


      Hmmm, fair point, Wayzy ^^