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  1. Well mate, that's just your opinion on how you look in a skirt. Nothing I can do about it
  2. GrauWitz

    Which labels would you put on yourself?

    Homosexual Crossdresser Athiest Brony Gamer Movie-Buff Nerd Real music lover Modern music hater Satanic metalhead Avid reader Irish Irish Patriot Money Craver
  3. Ya won't be like that if you try crossdressing, trust me. You'll be nothing but cute
  4. Hahaha! Believe me, it's super fun and super cute As for the brony stereotype thing, who cares? XD
  5. Why yes, I have! I do it quite often! I just LOVE to crossdress! . Most of the time, I wear panties and thigh-high stockings under my normal clothes, and I love them. Sometimes, when I'm home alone or if it's late at night, I wear a skirt or a dress I aim at getting myself a thong, some suspenders, along with rainbow-coloured stockings and arm-warmers. Oh yes, that's my dream outfit <3 Hopefully I haven't creeped anyone out XD
  6. Well, I wore briefs up until I was 10. Then I made the switch to boxers, and I'm never going back. HOWEVER, and no I'm joking about this..... but I like wearing panties aswell
  7. GrauWitz

    Political compass test

    I gave each question my honest answer, and this was my result. My political standpoint is Libertarian Left ^^
  8. I endorse this message, because Fizz is indeed such a cute, sweet guy! I love ya, @Fizz.!
  9. GrauWitz

    Music Headphones or Earbuds?

    I prefer headphones by a MILE. They're more comfortable, the sound quality is much better and I can still somewhat hear things going on around me. I just HATE earbuds! They don't fit into my ears properly, they fall out, they start to hurt after a while, the sound quality is awful, it completely drowns out my surroundings, and they're just way too awkward overall. Headphones FTW!
  10. GrauWitz

    Do you look younger or older then you really are?

    Eeyup! I am 15, and people often say that I look like I'm 16, and I agree with them. I actually do look like I'm 16. People also commented that I looked 16 when I was 14 ^^.
  11. GrauWitz

    Whats your school mascot and School colours?

    My school does not have a mascot. No school in Ireland has a damn mascot XD. But anyway, my school's colours are blue and white.
  12. GrauWitz

    Mega Thread What book are you reading?

    Right now, I'm reading Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. This is my all-time favourite book! I highly recommend it ANYONE who wants a good read!
  13. GrauWitz

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    The fifth guy in the row that is standing up? XD
  14. GrauWitz

    Something you loved, and now hate?

    Destiny: I remember being so excited for this game. Hell, I even got it for a great price. When I first started playing Destiny, I really liked it! I thought it was very fun to play, and leveling up my character in the early stages of the game was great! I was getting better guns, I was getting better armour, I was getting better abilities. I was actually feeling a sense of progress! And PvP was so much fun aswell. It was just an excellent multiplayer experience....... Then I hit Level 20. This is where the game throws progress out the window and makes you do the exact same thing over and over again to get better gear, only to get NOTHING in return for all that fucking grinding! The campaign is one of the worst I've ever played. The story is non-existent, the enemies are dumb and the gameplay gets repetitive. Also, PvP started getting old. So yeah, now I fucking hate Destiny! It was fun at first, but now it's an absolutely miserable dreck of a game. A total failure
  15. Yes, I did. He's one of my friends from the forums (not gonna name him), and he is my best friend. After a while, I started developing a crush on him, and eventually I was deeply in love with him. At first, I just kept it to myself, but then I read a special blog post by (thank you so much for inspiring me <3), and it inspired me to confess my love for my dear friend. I told him, and he took it pretty well. He even said that if it weren't for our age gap, he would've liked to be my loving boyfriend. We may not be a couple, but we still love each other a lot.