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  1. Well friends, it's taken me a long time to come to this decision, but I feel it is the right one. I am logging off, and will probably never come back. It's not really a big deal. I'm not active here anymore, and evidently there isn't much activity to speak of here, so I write my final blog post. Thanks for everything and goodbye. It's been a pleasure.
  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. I have this dude who's a friend of mine that wants to make his own version of MLP G5. Except in his version he kills off Pinkie because she's too peppy for his liking. Don't even ask me, because I don't know.

  4. Sorry about that, what I said. I was younger and a whole lot more careless than I am now. Sometimes I look back on my older posts and facepalm at how bad they are. Anyway, great little reference. Bonus points for the "blink and you'll miss it" moment.
  5. I got detention for not doing homework in second year. Admittedly, I was younger and a hell of a lot more naive than I am now, but it lingers in my memory and boy, does it still hurt. It must still hurt, because it reminds me never to get in that much trouble again, or worse.
  6. All I literally do is leave the forum open and never use it unless I feel like it. Waste of laptop performance space I know, but my mind works in mysterious ways. One day it's interested. The rest, it's not. Mind you, I used to be a lot more active until an incident occurred that I will not speak of. Since then interaction with me has all but died, as has my interaction with the forums.
  7. Does anyone know how I can view my issues in this new setup? Also how do I edit the "How did you find us" section?

  8. LiS and LiS: BtS player here. Loved the first game, loving this one too. After Episode 2 finished, I was left emotionally drained. I got a real sense of nostalgia from the Tempest part, considering I took part in a Dramafest at high school. My heart ached when Chloe and Rachel kissed, probably because I'm lonely and I wish someone as free-spirited and wonderful as Rachel would come into my life. But that ending. By Luna's flowing hybrid-of-ether-and-horsey-hair mane, I was completely speechless. See, I had read that dossier Rachel's dad put together, and pieced together a horrible truth from my perspective. Not only did I learn who that mystery woman was (by which I mean Sera), but she was in with Damon, and if Damon's business was any bit as bad as what went down with the Prescotts and Jefferson in LiS, then I had to get Rachel the f**k out of there, like as soon as dinner was finished. I haven't gone near BtS since. Too much heartache to deal with right now. Episode 3 can't come soon enough, and on a closing note, damn you Jefferson. Damn you for taking Rachel away from Chloe. Damn you for engineering her death at the hands of Nathan, damn you for engineering Kate's suicide attempt (which I was able to prevent, thank Celestia) and damn you for nearly taking away Max too. If, one day, some kickass scientist invents a portal for people to enter games, I'm going to jump into LiS just so I can beat you to a bloody pulp. Mark my words.
  9. I left the game after the SirFoch incident, considering I won't support a company who basically bullies its users and makes the game P2W. But on the topic, mine has to be the Fury. I've managed to rack up 232 kills with that tank, yet I've not mastered it.
  10. Happy birthday. ;o

  11. Why do I feel like the Irish needle in a Yank haystack? Oh wait....
  12. Sia's "Rainbow" is actually a really good song. It's wormed into my head this past couple of days, and it's giving me the jitters something fierce. Where I live, October 22 can't come fast enough.

  13. No, I can't tell. You're right about that. But somewhere along the way I did notice a change in atmosphere on the Forums. It didn't have that same vibrant feeling when I first came here. When the fandom had only just begun and was thriving something fierce. Maybe the movie won't change anything. Maybe it will. I just hope the team that put it together did it right.
  14. If it doesn't kill the show, the movie tanking would certainly do harm to it. I hope if the movie is as good as the show, if not better, then more people would be interested in joining the fandom. I mean, who knows? Maybe something similar to the brony explosion of yesteryear might happen. That being said, much depends on the success of the movie, how well it is written and the like.