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  1. http://worldekin.blogspot.ca/ have a quick look at my blog you might find something you like!
  2. Im Back From Turkey!

    1. Steve Manleyeyey

      Steve Manleyeyey

      Welcome back!


  3. Sorry Could not update status in a while In turkey visiting family

  4. As much as i would like Rarity or Twi to win, I have to say fluttershy is going to win. My top 3. 1. Twilight 2. Rarity 3.Fluttershy Plus i feel like the person behind the vote @ HUB was also the person who created discord Fillies and gentlecolts let the chaos begin
  5. Gone for one day, 300 notifications

    1. Steve Manleyeyey

      Steve Manleyeyey

      That's how it is!


      (Dang!! 300?)

    2. Soundgarden


      >Status updates

    3. Sir_Sombra


      @status see i get a little pinkie pie with making friends on the forums

  6. Everyone is watching equstria girls and im here finishing doctor who

  7. What is on my mind?

  8. Well lokie what we got here brother of mine same in every town

    1. Meirno


      Ponies with thirsty throats, dry tongues and not a drop of cider to be found

    2. Sir_Sombra


      Well maybe that there not aware that there is need for this teary dispear

  9. Is it me or is there a lot of bronies playing tf2 these days

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    2. Wardaddy


      Ur not nice! *pouts*

    3. Sir_Sombra


      Ill add you do not worry vinyl here

    4. Wardaddy



  10. what next EQUESTRIA CENTAURS

    1. Ron Jeremy

      Ron Jeremy

      I'm actually surprised centaurs aren't a thing in the fandom yet.

    2. Frenzyhero


      I've seen centaurs in some of the weirder fics. No, My Little Human, the 2015 spinoff.

  11. Happy Birthday to me :D

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    2. ~StatesTheOblivious~


      Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Vinylscratchisgreat, happy birthday to you!

    3. Sky Warden

      Sky Warden

      Happy day you to birth! :D

    4. Sir_Sombra


      Thanks so much :D so happy to have friends here at the forums ;)

  12. What fun is there in making sense

  13. I dont see why people are making such a big deal out of it. Bronies make humanised verisons of ponies them selves dont they? so why dose every one go crazy when hazbro turns everyone into humans?
  14. Sir_Sombra


    Welcome fellow bronie, I hope you have a great time here in Equestria. Its always great to have someone new join
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