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  1. Meirno

    The Corrupted Wish Game

    Granted, but you are no longer allowed to spend your time doing anything you enjoy what-so-ever, giving you all the time in your day to do nothing. I wish I owned the comfiest pillows in the world
  2. Meirno

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  3. Meirno

    Out of 10, how sexy is your name?

    Keith. So like a .2 of 10? My sisters always laughed said that name sounds like I should come out of the womb doing taxes and complaining about the job market. However my middle name, Argene (Ar-jeen) is, personally, an attractive name. It isn't a panty dropper or anything crazy, but it's unique and that's what counts.
  4. I do! I have Rainbow Dash on my back, on the right shoulder. This is the pose that I have. I've had issues with her yellow fading out but otherwise it's pretty well that.
  5. Open up your eyes! See the world from where I stand~ Me among the might, you caged at my coommaaaand. Next one would be Rainbow.
  6. Meirno

    S05:E09 - Slice of Life

    Loved the episode, but it took me a couple viewings to catch the hidden picture. (At least one of them, if there are more.)
  7. Meirno

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    My county held a 9/11 remembrance walk today. I'm. Dead. Tired.
  8. Alright, has anyone been keeping up with GGO? Episode 10 aired last Saturday and oh man I LOVE this series! I've never been head over heels for anime before but SAO and GGO have taken me by storm.
  9. I'm split between Pinkie's Lament and You'll play Your Part. But I went with the latter because I listen to it just a tad more than Pinkie's Lament.
  10. Meirno

    Finally quit my job. What now?

    Well, being out of a job without direction is a mixed bag of nuts brother. If you live for free, it's great. It gives you time to figure out what you want to do. Pursue your dream job, try new experiences, all sorts of great opportunities. But if you're living on your paychecks, you've got to work fast to keep yourself afloat. Some things you can ask yourself; What do I want to do with my career? Do I have time and resources to go to school? How long do I have before I have to start collecting a paycheck again? What are some experiences you've always wanted to try? If you enjoyed what you did with the repairing, is there another place near by? Could you open up your own shop? Do you have the resources to be able to repair all/most issues so that you can work for yourself?
  11. Meirno

    Gaming World of Tanks

    I'm in ERAD, and we're the brother clan to CMCAW. Where the CMC's are more geared toward clan wars and I think at one time they even owned some land, ERAD is the opposite. Casual tanking, platoon sometimes, fun and games.
  12. Meirno

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Live burn training today.
  13. Meirno

    Gaming Unturned

    It was JUST released days ago, it's still very new.
  14. Meirno

    Gaming Unturned

    So, this may be the new thing that is exploding out of Steam. The easiest way to compare it to anything is Minecraft meets Day Z. It's pretty interesting, and for being an early release it has a very good amount of content. Even multiplayer for those that also use Tunngle. ***warning: Bloody graphics, language*** So is anyone playing?
  15. Meirno

    What weapon would you take into battle?

    It wouldn't be very practical, but I'd want the Ripper from Unreal Tournament. I'd probably die rather quickly, but it'd at least be fun while it lasted. But in a serious battle, depending on the situation, I will want my M249 SAW that I had when I was in the military. Little Bertha <3