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  1. Well friends, it's taken me a long time to come to this decision, but I feel it is the right one. I am logging off, and will probably never come back. It's not really a big deal. I'm not active here anymore, and evidently there isn't much activity to speak of here, so I write my final blog post. Thanks for everything and goodbye. It's been a pleasure.
  2. I have this dude who's a friend of mine that wants to make his own version of MLP G5. Except in his version he kills off Pinkie because she's too peppy for his liking. Don't even ask me, because I don't know.

  3. Sorry about that, what I said. I was younger and a whole lot more careless than I am now. Sometimes I look back on my older posts and facepalm at how bad they are. Anyway, great little reference. Bonus points for the "blink and you'll miss it" moment.
  4. I got detention for not doing homework in second year. Admittedly, I was younger and a hell of a lot more naive than I am now, but it lingers in my memory and boy, does it still hurt. It must still hurt, because it reminds me never to get in that much trouble again, or worse.
  5. All I literally do is leave the forum open and never use it unless I feel like it. Waste of laptop performance space I know, but my mind works in mysterious ways. One day it's interested. The rest, it's not. Mind you, I used to be a lot more active until an incident occurred that I will not speak of. Since then interaction with me has all but died, as has my interaction with the forums.
  6. Does anyone know how I can view my issues in this new setup? Also how do I edit the "How did you find us" section?

  7. Wardaddy

    Gaming Life Is Strange

    LiS and LiS: BtS player here. Loved the first game, loving this one too. After Episode 2 finished, I was left emotionally drained. I got a real sense of nostalgia from the Tempest part, considering I took part in a Dramafest at high school. My heart ached when Chloe and Rachel kissed, probably because I'm lonely and I wish someone as free-spirited and wonderful as Rachel would come into my life. But that ending. By Luna's flowing hybrid-of-ether-and-horsey-hair mane, I was completely speechless. See, I had read that dossier Rachel's dad put together, and pieced together a horrible truth from m
  8. I left the game after the SirFoch incident, considering I won't support a company who basically bullies its users and makes the game P2W. But on the topic, mine has to be the Fury. I've managed to rack up 232 kills with that tank, yet I've not mastered it.
  9. Why do I feel like the Irish needle in a Yank haystack? Oh wait....
  10. Sia's "Rainbow" is actually a really good song. It's wormed into my head this past couple of days, and it's giving me the jitters something fierce. Where I live, October 22 can't come fast enough.

  11. No, I can't tell. You're right about that. But somewhere along the way I did notice a change in atmosphere on the Forums. It didn't have that same vibrant feeling when I first came here. When the fandom had only just begun and was thriving something fierce. Maybe the movie won't change anything. Maybe it will. I just hope the team that put it together did it right.
  12. If it doesn't kill the show, the movie tanking would certainly do harm to it. I hope if the movie is as good as the show, if not better, then more people would be interested in joining the fandom. I mean, who knows? Maybe something similar to the brony explosion of yesteryear might happen. That being said, much depends on the success of the movie, how well it is written and the like.
  13. With all the hype being generated by the upcoming movie, I wonder how the fandom will benefit from this. I imagine there might be a lengthy surge in people identifying themselves as bronies, otherwise the influx levels would remain largely the same as they are now. What do you guys think?
  14. I don't know how, but in a single night I've gone from not caring much about this movie to looking forward to it. To think all it took was listening to Sia's "Rainbow" and looking up the poster. Frankly, I'm still baffled.
  15. It's odd. At first I didn't care much for the MLP movie. I was, like, neutral towards it. But after hearing Sia's "Rainbow" and looking at that Oh-So-Glorious movie poster, I can sense an increase in my hype levels. Totally under my nose and all. What is this that has suddenly piqued my interest in the movie?

  16. The forum itself is a great place, and I've chatted and roleplayed with some lovely people. However, with regard to a rather unpleasant experience involving forum staff whom I shall not name, mistakes were made. That is all.
  17. Halo 5, without a shadow of a doubt, is the worst of the worst games I've ever played on all gaming devices combined. Oh, how the mighty have fallen in my eyes. To think 343 Industries (the inheritor of the Halo franchise after Bungie left) did so well with the first game they built from the ground up, which was Halo 4. Admittedly, the multiplayer sucked because it was too similar to Halo's bitter rival Call of Duty, but the story was among the best ever in the franchise. Chief awakening from cryosleep to fight an ancient evil he accidentally awakened, while trying to save his friend and ally
  18. Wardaddy

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because I haven't a clue what's going on here. Double banned for taking the hobbits to Isengard.
  19. Ah! Another tanker. Nice to know I'm not the only one here.

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    2. Snow


      Are you ok with your best mate killing your waifu? I saw the movie :c

    3. Wardaddy


      Yeah, no hard feelings there. The actual fight never happened, and had Fury been up against an experienced crew it would have been toast, and not even plot armor would have saved it.

    4. Snow


      In that situation, for sure. I gotta go to work now, I'll talk to ya later, nice meeting you!

  20. I'm not impressed at how BFM is not being shown in the UK. We have Disney XD, and yet there isn't a trace of Star to be found. There's not even any re-runs. It's as if it never existed, which doesn't make sense because Star is a Disney original. But more importantly, need I mention the levels of hype I'm feeling just by watching the promos? It's seriously disappointing me that I'm missing out on this piece of epicness.
  21. Primarily I'd get a car, stock it with as much food and blunt weapons as I could get. Once that was done, I'd try my local military barracks for weapons (and a more heavily armored transport if possible) before checking to see who in my family was still alive. If they were a zombie, I'd kill them but not without sadness. Any other zombie I'd whip without a second thought. In the meantime, I'd look for other survivors, some working firearms and ammo, places to stay for individual nights that I can effectively fortify and easily defend. Your turn!
  22. Just found this gem from old Spongebob. Gave me a nice hearty laugh


  23. In Part 2 of the Crystal Empire, the Mane 5 were desperately trying to keep the Crystal Ponies from exposing the fake heart, getting them to try out the food and drink instead. I wonder could they have come up with more convincing excuses to keep the ponies away? You know, something like "Princess Cadance has decreed that the heart remain isolated until such time as it is safe to view it." Something a little more solid than just trying to get the ponies to eat and drink.
  24. Wardaddy

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because that Audi is actually a Decepticon from Transformers 2. Decepticons want to kill you dammit!
  25. I'm still wondering if I should change up my profile or not. It's grand giving it a fresh look, but I like tanks.....

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Do whatever you feel is right :squee:

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