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  1. tell nobody

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

    1. Passion


      Damn goats...

    2. Duality


      I concur; they're a real pain when they get stuck in your Maw of Unknowable Void.

    3. Passion


      They always interrupt my conversations with my furry pals from Ulthar. I say no culture at all.

  2. Good afternoon, Princess Twilight! (You're my favourite pony. It's taking every ounce of willpower I have in my body to not produce an actual squee.)

  3. luftschloss

    Ask Luftschloss

    1. I think it would be a great way to explain away arson turned murder. 2. The classic response is an icicle, but just go all out with a bicycle. It's like an icicle but better. Also with fewer vowels. 3. This is actually a really good question. I imagine Twilight is up there, given that she's a ruler of Equestria, but if Equestria is much like the United States then it's worth believing Rainbow Dash probably makes more money. 4. Me. -disappears- I really like Shuck and Mothman, though. 5. I'm kind of divided on this one. I'd call myself agnostic; while I think suppose
  4. luftschloss

    Ask Luftschloss

    HAW YOUR MONOPOLY ON MY ASK THREAD HAS BEEN HIJACKED BY TIGGER I've always wished for a sort of Dumbledore-esque name, but mine is already difficult enough for most people to remember as it is (not that I tell most people my middle name, but regarding my first name- people might be so intimidated by the sheer presence of so many names that they can't even remember my first name). My favourite bird is the one they use in badminton. In terms of living birds (unless we're referring to living sports equipment), I love fox sparrows and ravens. I have a soft spot for ravens because of Poe'
  5. luftschloss

    Ask Luftschloss

    I have only one middle name that is both awesome and a huge embarrassment because it's Essence of Suburban Mother. I'm also not telling you what it is, because you will laugh, and I will reluctantly tolerate it. The one... I have in my backyard. We don't talk about that one. It haunts me. Also, one of my neighbours seems to have mysteriously disappeared. I have eight whole cousins, as opposed to eight half-cousins. I'm also the one with the most cousins out of all of my cousins, as all the other ones have siblings, which is pretty cool (agh split descriptors). I would take a cub
  6. luftschloss

    Ask Luftschloss

    I was persuaded to come back to answer these questions by @Duality.
  7. luftschloss

    Ask Luftschloss

    My least favourite animal is that animal who insists on such classifications. I would estimate that my computer not playing Star Wars (ever) consumes a decent amount of not-Yoda-Force-output-per-second. There's also, of course, the device we don't talk about... needless to say, Jonathan will be alive for a while yet, but in what condition I cannot say. That's most of the electric bill. My favourite plant is the seed of socialism I'm in the process of planting. <:) Jokes aside, though, I adore mint. I can't keep mint plants alive long, though, because I have an unfortunate tendency
  8. luftschloss

    Ask Luftschloss

    First of all, shame on you for bringing set theory into this. <:) Ew. Is this rock-ism I smell (or perceive with any of my other senses, including the sense of you being a swine- which is definitely a legitimate and officially recognised sense; I had a nice chat with the National Federation of Psychologists. I lied again... but honestly the least believable part of this is the idea that I had a chat)? Shame on you. I thought we were moving past this. My favourite musical instrument is not an instrument in the traditional sense- or maybe it's the most traditional. It originated whe
  9. luftschloss

    Ask Luftschloss

    Paperclips are only useful to the extent that they perceive themselves to be, much like yourself. I normally don't have pockets because patriarchy. Actually, this is a lie, as I've infiltrated the mens' clothing section. My pockets are usually apparently empty- this is, in fact, another lie; my pockets contain a miniscule pocket dimension which also holds nothing. I wouldn't have a roof. Betcha didn't see that coming. I choose to be soaked during rainstorms out of pure spite for you and your questions. I would most like to live in the middle of the ocean because weird fish. Haw. All joke
  10. To anyone who reads this,

     I'm taking a break from the forums, and I don't know when or if I'll be back. There were two things keeping me here, and now both of them are gone. I wanted to express how much I appreciate all of you; your ongoing friendship and support never fail to cheer me up. This time, though, it's not enough. Thank you, everyone. 


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    2. Alexshy


      Followed on Tumblr... but, forsooth, what's befallen? yikes.png.0bb3c26a0ce64b5b8c6796c0c23ad233.png

    3. Duality


      You shall be missed.

    4. The_Gobo


      See ya when  ya get back o3o


  11. luftschloss

    Ask A Wannabe

    Which musical is your favourite? :3
  12. I don't know which artists put the Lutece Twins in, but I love them for it. "Heads?" "Or tails?"
  13. luftschloss

    Ask Luftschloss

    Goodness, that's a tough question. I love the fact that you're about 90% of asks I receive. On the outside, I'm mostly just an average person. Perhaps a bit quieter than most, but there's nothing particularly unusual about me. I'm usually found reading- it's an escape for me, and means that I don't have to deal with interacting face-to-face with people, which causes me a lot of anxiety. On the inside, I'm still pretty average, just because humans are so varied. I'm insecure, and yet do my best to be there for the people around me. I'm not really a good or bad person. I have OCD, w
  14. luftschloss

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    Pretty well-known. 6-7/10, maybe?
  15. No, except for in elementary school, when everyone gave everyone else valentines. Same?
  16. "Heathers MBTI types."
  17. It really depends. I'm quite young; something like a ten-year age gap, which wouldn't be a big deal in a relationship where both parties are legal adults, would be unthinkable. If both people are adults, the older you get, the less it matters. I'm kind of sensitive about the term 'age gap' at the moment, mostly because I'm a minor. Generally when you're my age 'age gap' is used regarding pedophilia of some sort. Same, I guess?
  18. Happy birthday! ^_^

  19. A monumental occasion. 



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    2. Duality



      Even now we could gain control of the forums!

      Bribe @Dark Horse with tea, bribe @Lightwing with a fleet of ships, and the forums shall be ours!


      No need to worry about @PathfinderCS; I have taken care of him personally:sneer:

    3. Lightwing


      Oh hello :maud: 

    4. Duality


      So. . . how do you feel about being overthrown as moderator in favour of being made an even more glorious all-conquering ship admiral than you already are?

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