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  1. Oh wow thank you all so much. I know I would not be where I am without you all. Please keep learning friendship lessons. Always remember the magic of friendship And remember we are always here waiting for you. Me and the girls will never leave anypony behind.
  2. Sorry my dear, but you went twinanas and created the same topic twice. :worry:

  3. With our final adventure airing tomorrow I would love to hear how creative you all can get. So lets hear your fan fictions. The challenge here is to post a short story that is no more than two scrolls in length right here. It can be shorter, heck make it a poem if you wish. Or if you cant think of anything share a link to your favorite foal friendly fan fiction.
  4. Sorry about that moon mishap this evening everypony. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of this amulet soon enough. 

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      You try so hard, Twilight. That's what matters. :fluttershy:

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      :D when I see my favorite pony @Twilight Sparkle has graced us with her presence yet again* 

  5. Good Morning my little ponies. Today I will tell you how to turn in the answers once you have gotten all six questions figured out. You are to write a letter to the princess as telling me what you learned about your new friend and what you learned about friendship along the way. Post the letters here so we can all share in the magic of friendship. Oh and if some pony cant find a group and your group is at the limit of four already go ahead and take an extra member. The event will end on 8-11-2019 at midnight so if you get your answers in before I wake up on 8-12-2-19 you are all set.
  6. Remember my little pony the location methods might be different then the questions methods. In this case the riddle is just a riddle. The anagrams are only for the questions of question set two. (sorry it was so confusing I got over zealous )
  7. Just a photo of me and my friends. How is everypony this evening?
  8. Ok Eveypony the last set of questions is here. I will also explain the hints as apparently they got a biiiit to complex. Sorry I got too enthusiastic about sharing my love of riddles with you Question Set 3 Part 1 Show biggest your what is friends from lesson friendship the ? Hint: Next location: Since it appears that some of the questions might be too hard let me give better hints Each question set uses the same method to figure it out The location clues may or may not be broken with a different method Question set one is a cipher Question set two are anagrams Finally the method to turn them in will be announced in the morning. Hope everypony is having fun and making friends.
  9. Happy friendship day to you too. What in the hay is a tardis?
  10. Ok everypony so a riddle will tell you the next location but the next questions require a bit of work as they use a riddle and a touch more Question Hint: 4 become 3 via Annas Gramaphone defensive spitfire wanderoo? Location In uniques and height deprived ( The location is a riddle and nothing more )
  11. Thats a really nice picture of me. How did you get to Equestria?
  12. Hi everypony, I am going to have a scavanger hunt today to celebrate friendship day. You know just like the ones Shining Armor did for me when I was a filly But since its friendship day you cant do it alone. Make a friend on the forums and you two must work togeather to complete the hunt. But it wont be as easy as just finding the clues so here is your check list to sucess 1. Talk to somepony new to work with they cant be someone you interact with all the time 2. The hunt may involve codes, ciphers, and riddles if you get stuck you can ask for a hint or two here. 3. Have fun and learn about each other. So to get us started I will post the first cipher and give a hint as to how to solve it right here in this very thread. Zkr lv brxu qhz iulhqgv' idyrulwh srqb? Wkh qhaw foxh lv lq wkh suriloh ri d Mhgl. Hint: This type of cipher shares its name with a salad, a month, and a former dictator. The key to solving it is the number of things the cipher shares with the person mentioned.
  13. I have no idea which time zone Ponyville is in. But since it is now August 7th in my time zone... Happy Friendship Day to the Princess of Friendship, Headmare of the School Of Friendship, Ponyville's unofficial librarian, and my favorite pony in all of Equestria! :twi:

    Thank you for touching so many lives (including mine). May your day be as amazing as you are, Twilight.

  14. Ok everypony only one more translation after this. As the Jedi say " May the Force be with us "