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  1. Twilight Sparkle

    A gift for Spike

    Today is a day to appreciate a very special little dragon, so i thought we could all team up to make him a gift, after thinking of giving him a book, Starlight pointed out that something else might be more to his liking, and while books make the best gifts, i decided to make a compromise, and go with comic-books, that way it can still be a book while also being something he trully enjoys On that note, you're all invited to participate in this, by making a comic of your own, either drawing it from scratch, or editing some stills, that will earn you the artist's badge and the comic book one(just post it in the comments, you have 2 days/48 hours) alternatively, you can just get him one of the existing ones(link your favorite comics down bellow) just be careful not to give him any enchanted ones and remember, he's a baby dragon, so no gore or ahem.. unsuited material
  2. Twilight Sparkle

    Spooky Story Time

    Hey, everypony. Time to share out spooky stories to get in the mood for NightMare Night. It can be the olden pony, the pony of shadows or even just something you put together yourself. Make sure to have fun and get in the spirit. Dont forget to give out all that candy to appease NightMare Moon oh and make sure to scare your friends with the spooky award.
  3. Which one of us is the real Twilight?

  4. Hey Everypony. Thanks for celebrating the 8th anniversary. I really can't believe it's been that long since I started to learn the magic of friendship.
  5. Hey everpony, we know Derpy is beloved by all, but Team Ponyville would welcome you all to cheer for us in the spirit of friendship. 



  6. Hope you don't mind, that i borrowed your assssisstant for awhile. :3


  7. Would you maybe care for a little hug princessssssss.


    1. Sparklefan1234


      @Mesme Rize

      I bet you'll become fasssst friendssssss. :o

    2. Staburst Rainbow

      Staburst Rainbow

      "BOTH eyes if you pleasssssse, princesssss"

  8. *pokes the purple princess pony on the point of her protruding snoot* :3

  9. Twilight Sparkle

    events Princess Twilight Sparkle Presents Friendship Day

    It's a bit surreal, and I do often put myself in Celestia's horseshoes when trying to creatively solve problems. Keeping a positive face is more important than ever because your student can pick up on that very well. Thankfully Starlight is not a child or I would have been super paranoid about affecting her in some negative way, but I now have an even greater respect for Princess Celestia and everything she has done for me. I'm afraid I don't. It's a little like dialing a radio knob and picking up a random channel... I think I may have inadvertently answered this earlier, but it would have been when my friends and I went to stop Nightmare Moon and became the elements of harmony. That was the day that cemented our bonds as friends forever. I could never choose! I love all of my friends so much. I am flattered that you would like me enough to do that, you are welcome to use my name if you wish. Okay ponies, I'm afraid my time is up and it's time for me to return to my life in Equestria. It was wonderful meeting each and every one of you! Thank you for all of the well-wishes and once again... Happy Friendship Day!
  10. Dear Princess Twilight,



  11. Salutations, Princess of Equestria, and welcome to our fair forums, created in your honour! If you deign to accept my petition, I, Duality of the Elemental Plane, would ask a humble boon of your singularly majestic personage - specifically, a question pertaining to your field of greatest knowledge.

    What is the simplest and most elegant definition of friendship you have ever discovered?

  12. Twilight Sparkle

    events Princess Twilight Sparkle Presents Friendship Day

    This is what I get for stepping away for dinner with my friends... I don't get to see her enough! She can be a hooffull, but she is SO precious, have you ever seen her??? ...Who told you about it? Unfortunately my duties as the princess of friendship keep me too busy to, but I would LOVE to sub for any of my friends! We could run every lesson with scientific precision. I'm well-versed in a wide array of topics, so I would love the challenge! Some day... Hi DashYoshi! It's a pleasure to meet you as well. Hmm... I would have to say that it was when my friends and I became the elements of harmony. It kind of cemented our everlasting friendship and it's something I will never forget. I think AJ was pulling double duty that day. It is a little tough keeping up with everypony, but I am doing my best RIsing Dusk! Thank you and happy Friendship Day to you as well! So far I have, yes! I've met so many new, friendly people. This has been quite the experience. Yes! Dear Celestia yes, and it's the most annoying thing about being a Princess! They never tell you how difficult it actually is to keep this thing on your head. I... I don't think I want to answer these kinds of questions, I'm sorry Goat-Kun. You are talking to the Twilight from Equestria...? I have wondered if I should have my eyes checked out, it is getting harder to see things from afar... It most certainly is. Sleep tight, H'rok! I'm afraid I don't know what Mission Impossible is. ^ ^; Depending on the day, I agree! Rainbow Dash is pretty great! The Story of Two Sisters has been a favorite since I originally read it. Being a princess hasn't really effected my appetite, I am still a huge fan of daffodil sandwiches and hay fries. I did not know that! I have some research to do now. I'm so sorry I have to be brief with your questions, my little ponies! There are just so many!
  13. Hi, Twilight! Nice to meet the Princess of Friendship herself! ^_^

  14. Good afternoon, Princess Twilight! (You're my favourite pony. It's taking every ounce of willpower I have in my body to not produce an actual squee.)

  15. Happy Friendship Day, Twilight. I hope you, Starlight, Spike, the rest of the Mane 6 and everypony else has a wonderful Friendship Day!