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  1. I'm interested as well; problem is I have too many characters to choose from. D:
  2. Unfortunately you are correct. While we would love to have you participate any OC you use for RPs in Equestria Empire have to be approved before you can RP in this section. Sorry.
  3. For The Great and Powerful Trixie I can only imagine one song fitting a mare of her talents!
  4. Seeing this here has me so excited @Scribblegroove! And of course Sojourner and Pathfinder will be used here!
  5. The Great and Powerful Trixie @Skycoaster@Strong Copper With a smile Trixie embraced her dear friend Luna as if the two hadn't seen each other in years. "Ah; you know The Great and Powerful Trixie," she said in a somewhat loud voice, and giggled a little. "I have to make an impression some how. The Mare of Ceremonies has much to plan for, and what better way to do that than early! And room you say? Ahhh; lovely! That would be the perfect place t-" She then had just noticed another pony approach, and Luna addressed her. Slightly annoyed at the interruption she nonetheless stepped back and smiled while Luna did her princessly duty; also nodding at the new arrival, thinking she remembered him from somewhere.
  6. I would have to agree. He's got a great and suave voice, but when he acts he tends to overemphasize himself; if you will.
  7. @ChaigeleyJacob Just letting you know that I merged your new thread with the one that was already open in Site Questions. Also; please keep in mind that you do not need to make additional topics just to make an update. It's better to post a reply in this thread. Also, content like this goes in Site Questions; not General Discussion. Thanks.
  8. Is it possible that Flurry Heart has a lot more character than her parents at this point? Granted I'm not saying they're bad characters, but Flurry Heart left a VERY positive impression and I can see her growing into quite the intelligent alicorn someday. Though, to be fair to Shinning and Cadence, their bits in the episode were enjoyable as well.
  9. Yes; I am. That I am.
  10. I'd be okay with that.
  11. Notice: Guys; cut it with the risqué images and watch what you post here. I get the subject matter, but that's no excuse for potentially turning this towards NSFW. The topic has lasted this long without drifting to that, so let's keep it like that before any notices or warnings are sent. Thank you.
  12. @Discordrules123 Just letting you know this was moved to the comics section. Thanks.
  13. @$avage Pony Just letting you know this was moved to Original Character Help. Thanks.
  14. Realistically I would have to think that is the most likely scenario. I do want to believe there is something more between them, but at this point I think a Bon Bon/Lyra bit is most likely.