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  1. Request

    Considering they were teased by Hasbro months ago, and that the movie has been out for a while, I'd say go for it. You can only keep certain things spoiler-free for so long.
  2. I swear to God if I would absolutely go crazy if Larson's idea involving Fillydelphia and the Flim-Flam Brothers were to ever happen as episode 200. MAKE IT HAPPEN HASBRO/DHX!
  3. Okay; my love affair with desert environments has now been ratcheted up~ Source:
  4. "Life will find a way."


  5. Honestly; I really wasn't expecting much of an impact. My fandom interests aside, the film is very by the numbers. It's quite similar to a LOT of other stories that have come and gone, and it doesn't help that the film has its own share of flaws when reviewed by non-brony critics. Even some of the more positively worded reviews from critics tended to say "very cute" or "I had a lot of fun with this film," and while those are good reviews, they are FAR from earth-shattering. Granted the fandom doesn't seem as unique to the general public as it once did, but I question the notion that had the movie been released around season 1 or 2 it would've done any better. I really don't see the happening.
  6. FMV pretty much stands for Full Motion Video. I suspect the reason it looks 'disturbing' is due to the low quality & low framerate; mixed in with some...interesting ideas for games at that time; such as Night Trap, Sewer Shark, Time Gal, and others that don't involve much gameplay outside of trial & error and memorization through various clicks on the screen. Not bad on it's own, but if lazily implemented it can be boring. A famous example of one that still holds up is Dragon's Lair; which is largely due to it's timeless animation rather than low quality live action.
  7. Movies/TV

    I'm not that hyped at this time, but the trailer definitely gives me something to be excited for. Though, I may know a certain @Jeric who may be hyped.
  8. What a deliciousssss deerpone you are. :3

    1. PathfinderCS


      Nope; definitely not. D:

  9. Well; it was a transitory and experimental time for video games, so a lot of the content from that time really doesn't hold up well. I mean, look at videos for a lot of FMV games on the Sega CD, Atari Jaguar CD, 3DO, and even early Playstation and Sega Saturn titles. They tried their best at 'em, but as I said they don't hold up for the most part.
  10. Animation

    @Tailsfan1990 As this is dealing with an anime it has been moved to Media Discussion. Thanks.
  11. I would love to see a Rarity & Rainbow Dash duet. Those two had quite the dynamic in "Rarity Investigate" and I think it could lend well to a song. Starlight & Trixie: Do I even need to say anymore here? Starlight and Sunset: Hey; EqG could use a good duet as well!
  12. Kinda sad I never noticed this 7th anniversary piece until now. Brilliant stuff!


    1. Feld0
    2. PathfinderCS


      Only found on Derpibooru at this point. Artist doesn't look to have a DeviantArt or Tumblr; only on Derpi.

    3. Hierok


      That is an amazing art piece. I like that Discord is in the middle of the picture. I still miss Thorax and Ember tho. :twi:

  13. Oh my gawd... It has facial hair. :o

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    2. PathfinderCS



      We some wildlife like that, but WV is fairly rural; full of worded mountains, and deer have been plenty these past few years. XD

    3. CinnamonPop


      *humble brag* We've been noted as one of the best places to hunt deer, since they are both plentiful, and we have a better biome for them to frolic in. Tons of meadows, an abundance of grass, a lot of freshwater streams, and several patches of forest. Pretty much everything needed for a deer. ^^

      In your face West Virginia, our savior made you. All hail Lincoln. ;P

    4. PathfinderCS


      I honestly noting to combat that with. I mean...aside from thick woods, freshwater streams, and all that... D:

      Meanie. ;_;

  14. Honestly, I'd be shocked if there was enough demand to warrant a game. Granted, we do have some official mobile games and I think that is about as far as that will go. When it comes to consoles games unless you're a big-budged AAA game you'll like be ignored, and I'm skeptical PC would work any better. As such I would think a hand-held game would be best if there ever was a possibility of it.
  15. Mega Thread

    I think you can guess where I was.