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  1. spoiler

    There aren't a whole lost of episodes that really made me cry, but the ones the end up doing so usually end up being the most memborable. Episodes like "Tanks for the Memories," "Amending Fences," and "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" left their mark on me quite hard, but for good reasons. "The Perfect Pear" similarly hits me in the heart; albeit for a different numbers of reasons. 1. The pair felt genuine. Not only that, but their bond and ultimate love for each other felt real. We see plenty of married couples like the Cakes and Cadence & Shining Armor, but this is the first that really felt special. Their connection that started when they were young just felt so real and special, and it touched an emotional chord with me that I was not expecting. I think for me it ultimately represents something I wish to aspire to; that I can only hope to share such a bond with a special someone someday. 2. The moments like "Quiet You" and the song also hit a chord with me. It's little details like that that help build a relationship and do more than just seem cute. 3. Grand Pear's part was really tragic and like was mentioned earlier; he will never get the chance to apologize to his daughter. 4. The fond memories that Mrs. Cake, Mayor Mare, and Burnt Oak had also felt strong, and when they shared their memories, that water-works almost couldn't stop. Watching this with @Jeric was special in it's own way; considering his experiences. It's something that I hope to aspire to one day, but until then, beautiful moments like that was presented in the episodes will still ring true.
  2. spoiler

    This pair felt truly genuine, and they touched me. Having watched the episode with @Jeric was something special, and these can't say enough.
  3. While it's true that her ideas really formed the foundation and overall base for the show & G4 franchise as a whole, her overall writing is suspect at times and I have trouble believing that things would be better had Lauren stayed as the head. It's difficult to predict that of course, but considering that I REALLY like what we have now, I am skeptical she could've done better.
  4. Here ya go


    1. PathfinderCS


      hee haaawwww

    2. Venomous


      I am laughing so hard right now XD

    3. PathfinderCS


      Blame Dashie. She's the true jackass here. ;)

  5. Some more stuff! More deer for every deer!
  6. Please say yes Starlight~
  7. It's all on perspective, and there's a reason why I consider the Uncharted series my favorite video games of all time. Is experience part of it? Yes, but I personally find the gameplay entertaining and fun. Of course it's not the most original nor most engrossing gameplay out there, but it's still helluva fun. It's still a video game at it's core; regardless of the extra shine. That said the new Uncharted is easily my most hyped game coming this year, and also looking forward to Shadow of the Colossus and the new content for Horizon: Zero Dawn.
  8. The Great and Powerful Trixie @Red Cedar Trixie giggled a little before turning her attention to Applejack's point about a permanent show. Taking some time to think about it she grinned, but also appeared mixed. "It's something I'll have to think about for some time. I still love the idea of a traveling show-pony going to many different cities and towns. Heck; that's how I got to have a show in Saddle Arabia; of all places. I have to wonder if it would get boring staying in one lease for me," she said; yawning a little. Nodding to Applejack she took the blanket with her magic and wrapped it around her. "Thanks Applejack; hopefully they get back soon..."

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    2. Batbrony


      I had no stake in this since I'm a Red Wings fan (who doesn't watch hockey that much) but this has to be said:

      NBA refs after Game 4: "There's no way anyone could officiate this weekend worse than we did!"

      NHL refs in Game 6: "Hold our beers."

      Still, congrats to your Penguins.

    3. Vulon Bii

      Vulon Bii

      Nashville would've ground to a halt if the Preds won.

    4. TheRockARooster



      Oh well, congratulations mate.

      You deserve it.

  10. You can have your opinions, but disrespectful comments will NOT be allowed here. Thank you.
  11. spoiler

    This is easily one of my favorites for the season thus far. The relationship issue between Celestia and Luna seemed very real, and in the end was a lesson everyone could learn from. Add in Starlight's awesomeness and Twilight's adorable freakout, and we have a winner!
  12. spoiler

    Can't wait to finally see this one! Really excited!
  13. There's "A Royal Problem" amongst us! 


  14. I actually never heard of them till now, and I must say, they have my attention. 1. A number of things do like music that appeals to me, getting into a good game/book/media, good food, good time with a friend, etc. 2. A Hoot-er? 3. Save it up; pay off debts. Boring, but efficient! 4. I admire various people in my life for their actions; that alone can teach me a lot.
  15. The Orioles are my #1 baseball team, but I also like the Pirates a lot. Always love those games where you can watch your favorites play against each other. :)