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  1. I wouldn't say so. Spike's paranoia wasn't due to selfishness, and even then, like we've seen with Fluttershy, some development will take some time. I thought it added to his character; personally.
  2. What does a promiscuous buck take to keep from falling asleep from exhaustion?

    No-Does.  *rimshot*

    1. PathfinderCS


      That was so brilliant, it was fawnderful. Well done. :D

  3. @PinkiePie97I hope you don't mind me moving this thread and making it the official thread for the episode.
  4. The Great and Powerful Trixie @Red Cedar Trixie sighed deeply; putting a hoof to her head. The lack of sleep was doing no favors in her communication with Applejack. "Admittedly while I am used to sleeping on the road in a small trailer, Trixie is less used to sleeping in an environment like this," she said, still working to keep herself focused on AJ rather than the pain. Using her magic to get the blanket and wrap it around her still caused some minor pain that caused her to wince a little. "Still, I should be fine. I just need to...wake up, if you will. Desert morning stuff." She chuckled casually as she looked towards the emergency supplies. "It looks like you're still dealing with a lot of pain. Don't worry about me; use whatever willow we have left on your injury."
  5. @Red Cedar I apologize for my absence; largely due to some chaos at home. I'll try to have something for yah later today.
  6. Had an absolutely wonderful time at BronyCon this year! My good and dear friend @FancyHorse was a great roommate! <3

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    2. Hierok


      @Batbrony And if you have to discript yourself, how would you do that. :P

    3. Batbrony


      @Hierok why through the song of my people, of course... :orly: #BatPonyNoises 


    4. Hierok
  7. tumblr_n1gfoo6UOk1sodo64o1_400.gif

    It just want to swim.

    1. PathfinderCS


      Everyone knows that baby deer like swimming pools. :3

  8. For some reason those look REALLY good! I'm not sure if it's the colors or the design, but they look sharp. I can't believe I am saying that. D:
  9. @Dark Qiviut Considering this upcoming airdate this topic has been moved.
  10. spoiler

    @Firedog Just letting you know this has been moved to the Season 7 section considering the US airdate is upcoming.
  11. AntonyC at BronyCon? Reviewing is Magic LIVE!? HAAZAAAHHH!!!!

  12. I want more of this character in my life. Seriously; if the prequel comic starring her didn't infatuate me with her, then these shots surely will.
  13. @Sparklefan1234 Well, I'm doubtful that will happen, but I'd be psyched if it actually did. XD At the very least King Aspen did get a cameo in one of the more recent comics: ALSO NEW FANART!!! Source:
  14. @Sparklefan1234 At this point I'm doubting that we'll see any, but I have hope. Now, deer have been present, but they've been purely animal deer, if you will. Not the sentient variety like we see in the comics. Saying that I do hope we see them in time as I do believe sentient and non-sentient deer should be able to coexist.