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  1. I think the issue with Pharynx comes down to his personality, and considering the popularity of Scootaloo, the Perfect Pear effect with Bright Mac, and Flurry's cuteness & surprising character development, Pharynx would have competition. Still; give best bug-deer some luv! <3
  2. Spoiler Tempest Shadow Fan Club

    I didn't at first, but by GOD this scene just melts my heart every time. <3
  3. What happened to the "Await Moderator Approval" option for posts?

     I really think that option would be useful for when I'm posting in the Fan Clubs, for example.

  4. Spoiler Tempest Shadow Fan Club

    You could be right. TempLight FTW! Source:
  5. Spoiler Tempest Shadow Fan Club

    By GOD that is so perfect! <3 Official head canon; she is head guard of Twilight's palace! Of course...probably not real canon, but still...
  6. Hey From An OK Pegasister!

    Pleased to meet yah! I hope you have yourself a grand time here! ^^
  7. Been watching season 1 episodes; kinda really puts it into perspective how much the Mane 6, CMC, and Spike have grown as characters since late 2010. 

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. PathfinderCS


      @Dark Qiviut

      That's actually what I have noticed! Aside from Applebuck Season, the episodes pre-WWU are a tad rough, but afterwards definitely improve. Heck, even Call of the Cutie was a lot more enjoyable than I remembered.

    3. Adamgreen


      Ah, the simpler days...

      I always fought season 1 was the more chill season compare to it's future ones. Not much tension. Just have fun with the characters and enjoy valuable lessons.


    4. SoberStarlight


      Hearing the season 1 theme song is so.... well... weird, but cool. It's just so different. Season 1 remains one of my favorite seasons though :)

  8. Yah know, I am changing a vote from Flurry to Pharynx. For some odd reason I forgot he was on the list. Also...he is QUITE the looker here~
  9. Going with Flurry and Scoots here, but vote #3 goes to a character probably most have forgotten; who represents a species who has only appeared twice in the show, sadly.
  10. I'm back baby

    @Titans08Mariota Moving to Welcome Plaza.
  11. Favorite Non pony character in the show.

    Well, using "in the show" kinda limits my options, darn it. XD Well, I guess it depends on how you looks at zebras. If you do not count them as a pony, then it would easily be Zecora. If you do, then maybe my favorite would actually be Ember.
  12. My favorite scene from the Hobbit trilogy. Granted, IIRC not in the book, but it works VERY well for the film.

    Radagast: "These are dark spells Gandalf. Old and full of hate. Who's buried here?"

    Gandalf: "If he had a name it's long since been lost. He would've been only known as a servant of evil. One of a of NINE."

    1. Adamgreen


      Never watched Hobbit but it's pretty! ^^

  13. Gotta go Soarin', Horse Wife, and Tree Hugger.
  14. That was my thinking as well. In the end her feeling of invisibility is partially due to her own doing with the stone. Her attempt to fix the problem only made it worse for her in the end.