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  1. It's not so much the soundtrack as it is the orchestral score that you hear in the background. That never had a release of any sort, so this is a first.
  2. PathfinderCS

    Books Do you like reading?

    Here's the thing with me; I actually LOVE reading. I love engrossing myself into some sort of fictional world, time, or circumstance, and I enjoy learning about history, archeology, etc., of real world things. I also love having physical books in my hand; something about them. That said; I barely ever read. It always feels like I have no time for it and when I do; I feel guilty for doing it. Quite the conundrum as it's more a mental thing I need to overcome. :/
  3. That's an AWESOME Spyro sig, My Friend! :squee:

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      @PathfinderCS You're Welcome, My Friend! :-D

      Amazing work as always, My Friend! @Kyoshi :squee:

    3. Kyoshi


      Turned out pretty decently I must say. :3 For once. :P Glad you two like it. <3

    4. Sparklefan1234



      Your ability to create awesome sigs never ceases to amaze me. :rarity:


      SYPP9.gif :P

  4. As a lover of film/tv/game score music; this is an absolute delight. Almost everything Daniel Ingram does is gold and what I remember from the film was a treat. Can't wait for this orchestral goodness to be released here. <3
  5. PathfinderCS

    Do you think Rainbow Dash is awesome?

    She's one of my favorites of the Mane 6 in terms of development, tho her cockiness can be annoying at times. That said...
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    2. PathfinderCS


      OMG I know! He's so adorable it's just I can't take it omg! <3

    3. Kyoshi


      This is definitely one of the best modern day conversions of a game character. Can't believe we went from that *shudders* Skylanders design, to the best that Spyro has ever looked. Almost completed the first game fully. It has been great minus the flight levels and some superchargers being meh. I am excited to play Spyro 2, my personal favorite. :3

    4. PathfinderCS


      Amen to that! It stunned me when I first saw the design back in April; and even coming from Toys for Bob. VERY impressive! Can't wait to get farther in these games. :3

  6. PathfinderCS

    What is "canon"?

    As it stands I look at it as A-canon and B-canon. To me, A-canon is the show and the movie. They reference each other and both fit in with little complication. -------I would also add in Equestria Girls considering how many times EqG references Equestria (equestrian magic being a main thing) and that characters still can travel from one area to the next (Sunset and Starlight); not to mention how EqG followed the series timeline pretty well (EqG 1 has Twilight with her wings (MMC), RR shows the castle (Twilight's Kingdom), FG has the post-credits scene with Princess Twilight mentioning time-related things (Cutie Re-Mark)). However you can choose to skip EqG and suffer no consequence from the show. B-canon is any print material including comics & books. As such the comics CAN be canon, but only if it doesn't interfere with what the show has established. As such some stories no longer work (Nightmare Rarity, Reflections, FIENDship #3) while others are in severe question (FIENDship #5, Return of Queen Chrysalis).
  7. While the movie isn't perfect in regards to character portrayals, I don't really get some complaints when it comes down to. Granted I'll concede some arguments, but here's my view: 1. Twilight losing her cool isn't necessarily OOC, but unlike other times Tempest proves quite the psychological force and seeing the princesses turned to stone like nothing else left it's mark. Not only that; we also have Capper's betrayal as well as mistrust of the pirates weighing on her mind. I mean yeah; she's faced Tirek and dealt with princess-based disappearances well enough, but I'd wager that a combination of effects definitely weighed on her. 2. I don't see why Starlight and Trixie really have to be involved here. If storm guard armor/shields were enough to push back Twilight's horn magic; then Trixie would stand little chance and Starlight probably not far behind. As for Discord...well, the Pony of Shadows and Cozy Glow could likely have been easily handled by the Lord of Chaos as well; I just think he chooses to not involve himself unless the ponies actually can't handle the situation. While not directly stated; to me he seems more hands off unless told to assist. 3. Shining Armor and the royal guard: Yeah; I'll give you that one, especially how that cornered a little filly like no tomorrow. A shame that was never addressed/ 4. Did Celestia really know the hippogriffs were subjugated? It was my impression Celestia knew of them, but contact was limited; similar to how things were with the yaks. Until Rutherford wanted to establish diplomatic ties; knowledge of culture and happenings was very limited. 5. In regards to southern Equestria and the fleet; do we know from where they came from? I mean if we use the prequel comics as canon, then the Storm King has recently invaded and destroyed the kingdom of Abyssinia (Capper's people), which is to the east of Canterlot, IIRC. In any case the fleet knows how to use storm clouds as disguise so it's likely some places either didn't realize what was in the sky, or didn't care (ala Klugetown). I mean; I'll concede on some areas like why Celestia thought the hippogriffs were so essential against the Storm King, or why Fluttershy seemed more Timid than usual (though to be fair she acted similar when arriving at the Peaks of Peril), or the lack of any clear directive for the ponies to go south. Otherwise tho; some things make sense to me. So yeah; movie should remain canon...and it helps that season 8 kept referring to it, so yeah.
  8. PathfinderCS

    What Was Your First Profile Pic?

    I was quite the Princess Luna fanboy, so IIRC, it was this:
  9. PathfinderCS

    Why Are People Saying Yeet?

    @Midnight Solace Moving to General and removing "The Hell" form the title.
  10. PathfinderCS

    resolved Can't make status updates

    @Odyssey From the looks of it they were indeed disabled, and I am really unsure as to why. I did a thing, so go ahead and see if it works now.
  11. You're welcome.

    1. TwilySparky


      I was half expecting a spyro status update. :-D

    2. DivineGlow1000


      @PathfinderCS What do you think of this song?


  12. Starlight was most likely captured alongside Trixie in some manner. They had some sort of magic-repelling armor, so I can see it working against someone like her. As for Discord, I still tend to believe that he wants the ponies to take care of themselves for the most part. He likely saw the Storm King as a minor threat and let the ponies figure it out.
  13. PathfinderCS

    StarTrix: Trixie & Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    Fanart of these two kissing always feels just right. <3