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  1. Hard to believe that tomorrow the final season of Voltron will be up on Netflix.

    It's been a wild ride, that has managed to feel both shorter and longer than it actually has been.

    But I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't miss the show when it is over.

  2. So it looks like a third poster for next year's Sonic might have been leaked already.  One that is rumored to be from pre-production.  And honestly I have to say that it makes Sonic look a lot better than I expected him to look after the awful first impressions the two posters gave us.

    If he ends up looking like this, I guess I will be okay with it.



    1. A.V.


      Is that Chris Pratt?

    2. Rikifive


      Looks okay indeed.

      @A.V. I've been wondering on the same thing. :ooh:

  3. cmarston1

    Movies/TV New Sonic movie poster

    I low-key expected the movie to not be good, but I didn't expect for the design of Sonic to be this hated. Well at least there is Detective Pikachu to show us that is possible to translate video game characters into live action and have them look at least somewhat decent.
  4. cmarston1

    What would be a better way to put cutie marks in EQG?

    Remember in the climax of Rainbow Rocks when Sunset Shimmer transformed for the first time? They could also just do that, and instead of giving the characters their cutie marks on their outfits normally, have the symbols be added to their outfit during their transformations.
  5. cmarston1

    Spoiler Avengers IV: Endgame

    This movie is going to destroy me emotionally in the best kind of way.
  6. Starlight Glimmer: Who are you? Tempest Shadow: I'm you, but stronger.
  7. Captain Marvel is continuing to look slick.  Definitely looking forward to it now.

  8. cmarston1

    Worst online community?

    Which ever one has the most gamers in it, given just how trash the gaming community really is. Although the anime community isn't real much better to be frank.
  9. cmarston1

    How much longer should the show run?

    I think ending the show after season 9 is a good call. FIM has already been going on for quite a while, and has already covered a lot, so I think it would be best for it wrap up before it gets stale.
  10. cmarston1

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - 20th anniversary event.


    Hard to believe that a game this Iconic is 20 years old.
  11. Today Disney released its first teaser trailer for this summer's live action adaptation for the Lion King. While given the nature of their live action adaptations of their beloved properties, I wasn't initially interested in this movie in particular. However, I have to admit that I rather liked the teaser, and I wonder what you guys have to say about it.
  12. cmarston1

    Hey Ocarina Time

    While I haven't really played a lot of Ocarina of Time, I have to admire it for being the first 3D Zelda game, which at the time must have been huge. And without it, games like Breath of the Wild most likely wouldn't have existed.
  13. cmarston1

    events Rupee Hunt

    Even though I just found out about this event last minute, I rather like the idea behind it. Doing all this tasks to find out how to unlock these rewards sounds pretty fun to me, and I kinda hope that the site does something like this again.
  14. I may not have really wanted a Lion King remake, but this teaser trailer was great.


  15. cmarston1

    Animation Could the Loud House dethrone Spongebob?

    While it may not seem super likely right now, I think that it actually has somewhat of a chance at doing so, even if it isn't super likely. Given how well received it was from critics and audiences from the get go, how much Nickelodeon has pushed it so far, the fact that it is getting both a theatrical released movie and a spin-off series, The Loud House has enough going for it that if Spongebob were ever to lose popularity, such as if the third movie turns out to be a critical and or financial failure, I can see it becoming Nick's new golden show. While it may seem unlikely, and at this point in time I don't see it happening just yet, it's not like there isn't precedent for something like this happening. Just look at how Spongebob replaced Rugrats as Nick's flagship show.