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  1. No. I generally think it looks pretty cute. I don't really agree with a lot of the criticisms people have towards it. I for one like the character designs and think they are charming, and I actually think this kinda of cutesy art is fitting for a My Little Pony cartoon. Given that it is a reboot of a beloved property with a chibi art style and focusing more on comedy, I have heard a decent amount of people fearing that this would be like Teen Titans Go, but I don't really think this will be the case. The humor in Teen Titans Go is cynical and mean, and I don't really see that vibing with the My Little Pony franchise. If anything I could see Pony Life being more like Unkitty, which while I haven't really seen myself, I have heard pretty good things about.
  2. Nothing good would come out of it, if we're being honest.
  3. Especially given what company FiM belongs to. Given that Hasbro does the same thing with Transformers, I'm not surprised that they would do this with their My Little Pony franchise. Like if audiences can deal with the autobots of G1 being different with the autobots from Transformers Animated and the autobots from animated being different from their counterparts in Transformers Prime, than I'm sure that they can handle the mane 6 from Friendship is Magic being different from their counterparts in Pony Life.
  4. I actually kinda like the art style. Sure it is a pretty drastic change from FiM, but I don't mind it too much. I find it to be cute, and nicely expressive. Which given that this is supposed to be a more slice of life and comedic series, seems pretty fitting. I'll probably give it a chance to see what it has to offer.
  5. I think I remember someone suggesting this as a badge a whiles back. So this is pretty neat to finally see implemented. Also I just think that it's a pretty cool idea in general to have an element of harmony badge anyways.
  6. I don't care much for Deadpool as a character, and I don't really want him in the MUC. Especially when they are other characters I would rather see make it there instead. Also no, neither Loki, or Thanos are the best MCU villain. That title still belongs to Killmonger. Citizen Kane is ok, but not one of my favorite movies. Tangled is an ok movie, but the series is a vast improvement in like every way.
  7. I would have to go with Frozen. The main reason would be that while I do like how the characters and everything looks in CGI, however I really really like how they look in the 2D art style that can be found on some of the merchandise, and I kinda think they look a bit better there if we are being honest. Also if Frozen was traditionally animated, and still managed to become the massive phenomenon it became, maybe it could have lead to a revival of traditionally animated films in theaters.
  8. I hope they are right, because a random holiday special isn't really what I would want to be the EQG finale, even if I do enjoy it, which I most likely will.
  9. As small as it was, I think that might have been the thing that excited me most about the episode. Ever since Rainbow Rocks back in 2014, I have been wanting to see Sunset make an appearance in the show, even if it was just a small cameo. So after all these years, to finally see Sunset appear in the main show, it just felt really good, and I know that I'm not the only one who felt this way. It was like icing on the cake to have a much desired fan request finally make it into the show during its finale, and after watching I had to go back and watch the song on youtube to make sure I didn't imagine it. It was just really great, and touches like this are why I love the episode.
  10. I really like this new rank. It's very pretty. Once we are able to change ranks, I might change mine to Kirin.
  11. This is how I feel when they are talking about shipping. Like for instance when talking about whether or not AppleDash is canon or not. Instead of just being honest and saying that they had Applejack and Rainbow Dash be in a relationship, they would say they would rather leave it up to the viewer's imagination. It ultimately comes a cross as them wanting to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to LGBT representation. They want to get the positive attention that would come across with that, but implying that AJ and RD are a thing, but don't really want to deal with homophobic backlash. It kinda feels a bit cowardly in a way there, NGL.
  12. Given how cutie marks have been presented in the show, I really don't think this is possible like at all. Once you get your cutie mark, it stays with you forever.
  13. And now here I am. The real final episode of MLP: FiM. It's been a long ride, but definitely one that I am glad to have been a part of. For a while now, I have been wanting the final episode to be an individual slice of life one instead of an two part episode, and for it to focus on wrapping things up, and so this ended up being kinda what I actually wanted for a finale to be like. I have to say that I really liked this episode a lot. The episode handled the subject of friendship drifting apart really well, and made me feel very nostalgic towards to the show. The wrap around segment of Twilight having a student who also didn't believe in the importance of friendship was something that I found to be quite clever. I also found it clever that the final shot of the show was the book that was opened at the very begging of the show closing. I also really enjoyed the song here, it was catchy, and sentimental, and I feel did a great job at helping wrap things up on a good note. I also really enjoyed to see Sunset Shimmer get a cameo in the song. Like she is now canon to the show, and I really like that. I also found that it was cute that we saw Lyra and Bon Bon's wedding in the newspaper in the beginning of the episode, and that it was implied Applejack and Rainbow Dash are a couple. I also liked seeing what everyone was up to in the future. Overall I loved this episode and found it to be a nice way to end the series.