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  1. I would skip Look Before You Sleep, The Cutie Pox, Spike at Your Service, Bloom and Gloom ( one of the most overrated episodes in the show), Applejack's Day Off, Every Little Thing She Does, and Honest Apple.
  2. Spoiler

    I don't know if we are going to get a 5th movie, however I would like to see the Digital Series have at least a few 11 minute episodes, so we can get at least some lingering plots addressed.
  3. Spoiler

    Given that it didn't appear in the finale, I am curious to see how it is going to come about in the show. I am crossing my fingers that this can finally resolve the "dropped restoring the castle of the two sisters" plotline from season 4, by having the castle be repurposed into being the school of friendship.
  4. My opinions on Starlight Glimmer have changed quite a bit overtime. Before the season 5 premiere I was looking forward to seeing how she would be portrayed as a villain, and when the episode came out, I thought she showed promise, but unlike other people, she wasn't my favorite FiM villain. To tell you the truth I didn't think she or the Cutie Map were as great as others said they were. Than came the season 5 finale, which I liked for the most part, until we got to Starlight's reformation. I still hold my stance that it is the worst reformation to come out of the entire series. It was incredibly rushed and her villain motivations were incredibly lackluster and disappointing given the potential she had to be a good antagonist. Also that montage really did a number to hurt her in the eyes of many, even myself. Season 6 came and that's when she was a bit hit or miss to me. Plus her whole new shift in personality felt really jarring and like we were missing several episodes between the season 5 finale and season 6 premiere. I really did enjoy how she was portrayed in episodes like No Second Prances (which I actually like) and the season finale. But Every Little Thing She Does came around and only heightened my major issues with her reformation and how she never really faced any major consequences for her mind controlling ponies that are supposed to be her friends despite being a good guy now. Plus with what she did to Big Mac in No Second Prances, this was the second time after being reformed that she used powerful magic to strip ponies of their free will. That in turn only made me wish she was actually punished in the season 5 finale even more. Season 7 was actually able to make me like her character. She isn't one of my all time favorite characters in the show, but I now can say that I like her and don't mind seeing episodes focused on her. Episodes like All Bottled Up and Rock Solid Friendship, and surprisingly even A Royal Problem (which I was worried given the synopsis making it sound like it would be another ELTSD) were able to warm me up to her. That along with Uncommon Bond and the finale, meant that every episode of the season where she received a decent amount of focus were episodes that I thoroughly enjoyed, did a great job at making me look at her in a positive light. I still dislike how her reformation was initially handled and especially wish that she had a better backstory, but I can say that I don't mind her anymore.
  5. Would Celestia be as strong as she is described and supposed to be or not? Because if she is at the same level of power she is during events that threaten Equestria, than I think I could take her.
  6. I am pretty sure that she already eats meat.
  7. Well I wasn't expecting to get the full version of theme yet, but this was a nice surprise. I really liked this song, it stands with some of my favorites from the EQG series.
  8. I don't think it would be limited to just to Mistmane and Meadowbrook. Given how Flash Sentry shares the same first name as Flash Magnus, both are orange pegasus who have been involved in military positions, have blue eyes, and Flash Magnus had a shield as his enchanted item, and Flash Sentry's cutie mark is a shield, it seems pretty likely that the two of them are related.
  9. Sunset Shimmer has even more in common with Twilight, so I want to see her and Twilight become a couple. Rainbow Rocks did showed that they have some pretty good chemistry.
  10. After seeing the animation for the 2017 MLP movie, I have been wanting to see what EQG would look like in that style.
  11. While we are at, let's give back Hawaii to the Polynesians who were forcefully annexed into the country as as a result of an unlawful military coup that the United States supported.
  12. I really like Tempest Shadow, but this is something that I wish could have made it into the film. It could have helped make her even more interesting. Also, the more I learn of Tempest's character, the more I realize she is the type of villain that I wish Starlight could have been.
  13. I would have to go with Flash Sentry Magnus. I found his spirited nature to be charming. Also I really enjoyed his interactions with Rainbow.
  14. Most ponies would react like this: While Fluttershy would react like this:
  15. Wait a minute, Mattel is the same company the has the whole Monster High Dolls right? So now Hasbro which is the same company that made the Equestria Girls brand in order to compete with the Monster High brand might actually own both now? That's weird. I hope this doesn't make for a crossover And to be perfectly honest I didn't expect this to happen, mainly because I expected Disney to buy out Mattel in order to compete with Hasbro instead.