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  1. cmarston1

    What you hope to see before the end of this season

    Let's see: I would like to see Scootaloo's aunts Holiday and Lofty Spike finally give up on his crush and Rarity and the two agree to stay friends Scorpan make an appearance Sunset Shimmer appearing in an episode A satisfactory send off to the main characters
  2. cmarston1

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    To be honest I am not too upset that season 9 is the final season. 9 seasons and a movie is soo much better than what most cartoons even get. While I will be a little sad to something that I really enjoyed and had fun with come to an end, all good things must eventually come to an end, and I would rather see FiM go out nicely rather than see it become a shell of its former self like The Simpsons. Also I am generally curious to see what the next iteration in MLP will have in store, and hopefully I will be able to get into it just like I was able to get into FiM.
  3. Just saw the Frozen 2 teaser and yeah it looks great


  4. cmarston1

    Equestria Girls Kotobukiya Figurines.

    These look so good! I love how they were able to take the EQG designs, which have been criticized for looking samey and were able to make them full of personality. My favorite of which would have to be Rainbow Dash as I really liked the changes of her the most, that being giving her a short ponytail and having her wear a pair of googles like she was some kind of Digimon protagonist.
  5. So, it turns out that Nickelodeon is producing a Rise of the TMNT movie for Netflix.

    Well looks like there is another animated movie for me to look forward to.

  6. Image result for kamala khan president

    Nothing but respect for my president

  7. Sunset Shimmer: How do you know what's good for me?! Princess Celestia: That's my opinion!
  8. My reaction to Steven Universe Battle of the Heart and Mind:

    Related image

  9. With how long season 5 of Steven Universe has been on the air due to hiatuses, I can't believe that it is almost over.  In less than an hour, the season finale that was originally intended to be a series finale is going to air.  Given how  awesome the 22 minute special, Reunited was, I can't wait to see what the 44 minute special, Battle of the Heart and Mind has in store for us.

    Image result for steven universe excited gif

  10. cmarston1

    How to conclude the never-ending Spike's crush on Rarity?

    Well I think something like what Gravity Falls did with Dipper's unrequited crush on Wendy, would be a good way to resolve Spike's crush on Rarity
  11. For animated movies I am really looking forward to seeing How To Train Your Dragon 3, Yuri on Ice Adolescence, and I am curious to see how Frozen 2 will turn out. For tv shows I am looking forward to Infinity Train, The Owl House, Amphibia, Lauren Faust's DC Superhero Girls, and Wizards (the third show in the Tales of Arcadia Series, after Trollhunters and 3Below)
  12. cmarston1

    Small, minor things and details that make you smile

    It's not from FiM, but I did find it neat that the dress Rarity models in the song at the end of Rollercoaster of Friendship is the same dress that she wears in "The Other Side" music video.
  13. cmarston1

    Mediocre/Bad Episode VS. Awful Episode

    While when it comes to both mediocre and bad episodes, I consider them to be episodes that I don't really ever want to see again. However the whys I don't want to see them again is where the differences becomes apparent. Take an episode like Bloom and Gloom for example, I consider it to be mediocre as it just feels like yet another Applebloom feeling insecure about her cutie mark situation episode, that drags on and on and gets pretty repetitive. I wouldn't want to watch the episode because it bores me, and I can't really think of anything all that interesting or remarkable that would come from it. For an episode I consider to be bad, I would use Newbie Dash as an example. While I don't passionately hate like others do, I can't say that I really like either. The reason I don't want to watch it is not because it is boring or unremarkable, but it is that what it does wrong, it does memorably wrong. The comedy in Newbie Dash falls pretty flat for me, and made me cringe throughout the episode. Especially the impressions scene. Basically what I am saying is that I consider a mediocre episode to be something forgettable/unremarkable/boring, but while it doesn't really do anything all that great, doesn't really do anything all that terrible. For a bad episode I would consider it to be an episode that does one major or multiple different things that I can't look past and make the over all viewing experience not very fun.
  14. cmarston1

    E02 - DIY with Applejack

    This was a really good short. I really enjoyed how needlessly thorough Applejack was being, especially when she lost count and said that she needed to cut down a new tree, that was really funny. Overall, the second season is off to a pretty good start if you ask me.
  15. "Oh shoot I lost count!  Well, I have to cut down a new tree."