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  1. Maybe we could see the return of Gabby and she could be an exchange student, and we could see more positive or the beginning of more positive relations between the Griffons and Equestria.
  2. Nope. Still single and not really looking for relationships right now.
  3. I think that it was a deliberate choice to add the 6th star during Magical Mystery Cure. The first 5 could be seen as representing Twilight's friends, and now that she is no longer Celestia's student and is now her equal as a fellow princess of Equestria, the extra star could represent her.
  4. Meh, I think they are fine enough as they are right now. And to be honest, I think there's more hope for human Applejack than pony Applejack at this point in time to develop as a character.
  5. If Sombra can be redeemed in the comics, than I guess literally anyone can be redeemed, even if I really, really, really, really don't want to see characters like Tirek or Chrysalis get reformed in the show.
  6. Well I originally thought this was going to be a topic specifically made to bash EQG, I was pleasantly surprised that the OP was just asking about the film/franchise's reception and was trying to having a decent discussion instead. Which I appreciate. But to answer your question, even if the reception gradually improved over the course of multiple films, especially the success of Rainbow Rocks, the first film is still divisive, with plenty not really liking it, and others like me who really enjoyed it. I am just glad to see that it isn't as controversial as it was when it was first announced and released in 2013, because as someone who experienced all of that drama that took place a the time, things sure weren't pretty.
  7. The fandom isn't dying, it is perfectly fine right now. It does kinda get annoying with how often people ask if it is dying.
  8. Maybe we could get some brief references during the season, but for the most part I expect the events of the movie to be self contained and not impact the show proper, so it wouldn't confuse kids who didn't see the movie.
  9. I think she might appear at the end of this season given how much continuity we have been getting lately, but than again who knows at this point? Whenever she returns, I feel that she is going to have to team up with another villain such as either Tirek or the Pony of Shadows in order to stand a fighting chance at this point.
  10. While I do really like Anime, I haven't seen a lot of it, although I am trying to get into more series. Right now I am currently enjoying Digimon Adventure Tri and season 2 of My Hero Academia, while I am waiting for the second season of Yuki Yuna is a Hero to arrive.
  11. I don't really know, and given how they aren't going to come back anytime soon, I doubt we will get an answer to this question.
  12. I would probably go with a cat as I am very sarcastic, introverted, and always tired.
  13. Well this is a pretty depressing topic. Thanks for that.
  14. A lot of people seem to agree with you about this. Me personally, I don't really mind very much, seeing how avoiding spoilers hasn't been really that difficult for me.
  15. Given her short pilot for Super Best Friends Forever being pretty enjoyable, I think that I will give this show a shot. I only hope that it doesn't get screwed over by Cartoon Network like how Justice League Action has been.