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  1. I actually really like what we are seeing with this so far. I'm digging how it is going for a much more action oriented tone than what's traditionally expected from the studio.
  2. Christopher Nolan's Tenet. Christopher Nolan and his ego insisting on releasing the movie during a global pandemic, makes me never want to watch it out of pure spite.
  3. So far I haven't purchased him, so I don't really have experience playing as him yet. At first when I saw the announcement that he was in Smash, I was a little underwhelmed. However after seeing more of how he functioned in the game, I become more interested in him and I am currently waiting to purchase him eventually.
  4. While pepperoni is a classic, my other personal favorite would have to be spicy buffalo chicken pizza.
  5. About time. First it was supposed to air on Discovery Family in May, then it was supposed to debut in June, and then it was supposed to air first on Youtube, and now here we are. I am absolutely baffled with how Hasbro has been handling the distribution of this show. What are they even doing?
  6. Not really. I have always been a bit of a picky eater. I may have gotten a bit better over the years, but I'm still not someone who is very keen on trying new foods.
  7. Given that it's FiM's 10th anniversary I was feeling pretty nostalgic, so I listened to The Magic of Friendship Grows from the finale.
  8. Happy Birthday MLP! It's hard to believe that is already 10 years old. It feels like it was just yesterday when I first got into the show. Man did time just fly by. I never would have imagined that a cartoon about pastel colored ponies learning about friendship would have been a large part of my life, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Thanks FIM for what you have given us over the years.
  9. Hard to believe that it's been this long, but I got into the show in early 2012, way back in the middle of season 2. I am not really entirely sure what convinced me to watch the show, but I'm glad that I gave it a shot. All I can recall was seeing memes and videos online, and I guess that got me to watch the show on a limb. Which like I said before, I am happy that I decided to do so. Now when it comes to how I got into this site, all I can really remember was watching a video about Ponyville Confidential, that somehow ended leading me here. Either the forums were mentioned in the video i
  10. I'm actually okay with this. Sure I would have liked to see in theaters, but given everything that has been going on in the world, going to the movies right now isn't particularly safe. So having it debut on Disney+ will allow for me to finally see the movie, but not have to risk my life doing so.
  11. No. Even assuming that Twilight is immortal, which the show never really made all the clear, this isn't something she should do. In fact this isn't even something she would do in the first place.
  12. Flies are the absolute worst, but I dislike all tiny flying insects similar to them as well. They never want to leave you alone, and that's just plain obnoxious.
  13. Soft cookies obviously. Can't really see any reason why you would go for hard cookies instead.
  14. I absolutely love She-Ra and the Princess of Power. After the events of season 4, I am excited to see where the show is going to go next. Which is why I am a bit disappointed that we don't have a release date for the next season yet.
  15. Probably Pony Life. I haven't even heard of the clipshow specials, and I am not really interested in checking out the season 10 comics as I feel that FiM already ended off on a satisfying note and I don't really need to see more from it. Plus I am genuinely interested in checking out Pony Life as I think it looks cute, I like the art style, and I am interested in seeing how the mane 6 will be reimagined in this new show.
  16. C'mon we all know Rarity has the best mane out of the mane 6. It's not even a contest.
  17. I wouldn't go as far as say I love Hard to Say Anything, but it is the first episode that comes to mind that I like that not a lot of other people do. I just really enjoyed how the episode conveyed its message of how love and romance doesn't really work the way as it does and stories, and that it takes time and work and getting to know the other person. Outside of Steven Universe, I haven't really seen a lot of media aimed at children tackle romance like this, and I felt that it was done well for the most part in this episode.
  18. The first generation I played was the third generation. But my first game wasn't Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. The very first game and the one that got me into the franchise was Pokemon Leaf Green.
  19. I always chose the water type as it's my favorite type in the series.
  20. Hot take: I actually didn't mind the Grogar twist. I thought it actually made sense for Discord as a character to do something like this. He is the type of character who would be a trickster type mentor in order to teach characters a lesson which can be seen through episodes such as The Beginning of the End and What About Discord. Not only that but I found it kinda weird how throughout the season "Grogar" didn't really do much and left Cozy Glow, Tirek, and Chrysalis off to their own devices. So learning that "Grogar" was Discord all along and that this was all a plan on his part make
  21. No. I generally think it looks pretty cute. I don't really agree with a lot of the criticisms people have towards it. I for one like the character designs and think they are charming, and I actually think this kinda of cutesy art is fitting for a My Little Pony cartoon. Given that it is a reboot of a beloved property with a chibi art style and focusing more on comedy, I have heard a decent amount of people fearing that this would be like Teen Titans Go, but I don't really think this will be the case. The humor in Teen Titans Go is cynical and mean, and I don't really see that vibing with
  22. Nothing good would come out of it, if we're being honest.
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