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  1. It's pretty interesting actually... If you found a way to include some harps or some different kinds or orchestration, this track would sound like music that belongs in a Morrowind game. Cool ambiance!
  2. My Little Pony. I draw pictures of them, I write music about them, I pose as a colorful equine on the internet, and best of all worst of all, my family and friends feed my obsession with MLP toys. I don't even ask for the stuff it just ends up here. I'm being buried in ponies everypony everyone. It's going to take over my life. Halp.
  3. I rarely visit these forums nowadays. Too busy doing other things and there isn't much here for me to talk about. Not until season 3 kicks in at least. Then I should be a little more active.
  4. Tumblr is pretty useful for me. I can post updates on what I'm doing and anyone can ask me questions in regards to what I do. It's also fun to interact with other artists on there as well. Sometimes it can make for some truly funny communications. Even if you don't have much original content, just being part of the experience is normally enough fun for most. It's a fun way to stay connected with artists you like and interact with them as well. You can ask questions both by name and anonymously, so it can make for some interesting times.
  5. Flutteryshy is a boring character in my opinion. She's always painfully shy to the point where even talking to her own friends or confessing up to something with them is a painful experience and that's something I find very irritating. It's almost like she can't trust her friends because of some weird lingering fear that they will judge her. Hasn't she been through enough with them to trust them at this point? I also don't like how bland she is. She's shy, quiet, and preserved until she needs to step out of her character and be assertive. It's something they've played out too many times a
  6. Schools would find a way to take something awesome like ponies and ruin it. Any who, you know I love your work Vexxypoo. Great job!
  7. Furries, gays, transgender, religious; It doesn't matter who it is, there will always be a stereotype for something, and it'll always be projected by the media at large. Everyone likes to assume the image that is given to them is what represents the majority of the entire lot, when in most cases that is hardly the case. Unfortunately people can never think for themselves these days and always take what's handed to them without any reason of a doubt.
  8. I haven't contributed in the ways of topic content on these forums in a little while, so I thought I'd give everyone a little spot to perhaps get their Rainbowdash side on! Of course you don't have to have an inflated ego or be very Brash in order to be proud of something you've accomplished! It's always a great feeling when you finish something, look back on it, and are able to say, "Yeah I did that! And it was awesome!" So what are you ponies proud of? What do you or did you take pride in as a current or already accomplished goal? It can be anything from making a painting, compl
  9. I dra -shot- Erm. As far as what I consider a hobby and not something I do 24/7? Hrmm.... Well, I fix computers. I diagnose problems, build, and maintain running conditions. I guess that's a hobby...
  10. Haha. Give it time. This community is still very much in its infancy. The furry fandom, however, has been around for a very very long time. Having been involved in the furry fandom for many years, and even going to AC (Anthro Con), I'll just have you know that every single fandom has its good and bad sides. The MLP community is no exception to the rule. Also, to answer the question about the topic at hand, no. Absolutely not. You can't base the similarities of two communities side by side and then say that they are technically the same. They are not. Let's put this into perspective.
  11. I wish Hot Topic would stop seeking to destroy the things I love. Other than that nice shirt!
  12. I went to one convention years ago. I went to AC (Anthro Con) with a couple of close friends. Though it was fun to go to, I did wind up getting drunk most nights. Which in hindsight wasn't exactly the best experience. I'm making plans to go to future conventions.
  13. I think so too. Thanks everypony!
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