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  1. I dunno, I'm usually for the bad guy reformed as a good guy thing. (Although the show can use it a tad too much.) Takes a strong and smart character to reform theirself. At least Discord can still act like his maniac self at times.
  2. My hair use to be almost hip length and that took like two years to grow out. But it was cut too short and now is only a few inches below my shoulder. Wanna get near my waist line length.
  3. Almond milk way before I went to bed several hours ago.
  4. I'm sure the writers will be able to expand what they do somehow. Like Vlazamal said, they could get help from Cadence.
  5. Average american one, just with a few Californian attributes such as using "like" sorta often.
  6. Switching between yt videos, pmvs and drawing.
  7. I use to love Pinkie Pie all the way back when I was around 6-8, of course the earlier generation. But even to this day I find her a fun character to watch usually. Intellectually wise Twilight is my favorite because she's so driven to being the best that she can book smart wise, etc. I'd say between like and love, as I am getting back into the series for being absent for like 3+ years from the show/fandom.
  8. Oh wow these are really well detailed, especially the eyes! Good hair shading.
  9. channel changer because that's what my father ingrained in us from a early age
  10. day one, war's begun. c'mon johnny get your gun

    1. Miss


      at fruit camp we learn to shoot, boy my helmet sure looks cute

  11. day one, war's begun. c'mon johnny get your gun