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  1. If people judged me just for my furry avatar I'll personally kick their ass. :3
  2. 1 is fine but the controls are kinda awkward considering it's an early PS2 game, I recommend the others if you're interested.
  3. I've been an open furry for about 3 years now, starting when I was still watching MLP (got out of MLP during 2018) and I feel a lot more confident about being a furry than brony. My boyfriend and a lot of my friends are furries as well, I love being part of the community.
  4. I'm so proud to show off my new fursona, Sugarblood! She's a chubby werewolf and not afraid to show it off :3 Someone already drew her on a discord server I'm on and I love it
  5. I don't remember if I asked you this, but what makes 3 your favorite?
  6. I absolutely love the Devil May Cry series, I've played every game except for the reboot. I first got into it back in 2017 when my good friend @CloudMistDragon convinced me to try out the series, and I don't regret ever getting into it. As for my favorite game, it's hard to choose between 3,4, and 5. But I want to know if there are other fans of DMC and their opinions on the games.
  7. While I think burning the flag is a highly stupid and disrespectful thing to do, it's protected under the 1st Amendmant.
  8. her name is Calypso but yes, like that. I love it
  9. I would like if a furry drew art of my new fursona! It can be headshot, full-body, whatever. I just want some art of her since she was just made yesterday
  10. I think it's a parody meant to poke fun at people who hate the show for being different.
  11. I mean you got a banada, bet you didn't have that at 17.
  12. I don't have enough posts to post this in debate, but I just want to say something about it. This whole Coronavirus thing has been blown completely out of the water, it went from people actually being concerned to people shitting on America and Trump because "orange man bad". I'm no Trump supporter, but it's tiresome to see it constantly. Here are my opinions though: 1. The death toll numbers are completely false. The CDC has admitted to saying every death that has happened so far is due to Corona even without testing being done. Hospitals are paid to falsify the death certificates of people who have deceased, so I'm not willing to trust anything that comes from their mouths. 2. Masks and gloves don't do anything when you're not sick. Especially considering when most people don't know how to correctly use a mask, and gloves can make the virus spread around more. 3. Social distancing is making the problem worse for everyone, not just for America. By removing yourself from other people, you get less exposed to germs that'd keep your immune system strong and not allowing your body to build antibodies for the virus. Your immune system is actually getting weaker, therefore being more exposed to the virus. 4. Projections for the virus are most likely false and only made for fear bait. I don't care what anyone says, it's the beginning of May and I highly doubt that 3,000 Americans will die daily from it in June. You can't make a prediction like that right now. 5. It's been proven across the nation that hospitals have been overstaffed and actually had to lay people off due to how empty they are. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but if the virus was really that widespread that problem wouldn't occur. 6. Comparing the virus to the Spanish Flu is a highly uneducated comparison. The Spanish Flu was over a century ago, and medicine and health practices have way improved since then. That's about all of my opinions for now. Thanks for reading.