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  1. I'm currently playing a Dark Elf Specral Assasin, I use the Talos shrine to cool down my shout time, and I use Bound Bow and slow time shout, my armor is Nightingale.
  2. Weiss licking Pyrra's boots in the 3rd episode of RWBY, it was a weird moment out of character for her as they never show her sucking up to Pyrra again through out the entire show, She's always been a hot-headed arrogant better than you type of character and it was weird seeing her show her weakness's in public like that.
  3. Binary Blast

    General Media Experienced the parody first?

    I'm a songwriter, well not really just a random hobby I have, anyway back when I was into doing Minecraft Parodies I heard so many parodies of the song When Can I See You Again, and I had no clue what the song was, never had heard of it, I ended up writing a song parodying it called What is This Parodying, I never put it on Youtube though because this was at a time when a bunch of them were getting taken down by content id, and I didn't want to risk a copyright strike on my channel.
  4. My waifu is and always will be Weiss Shnee from RWBY, I like to call her Weiss Cream for reasons I'd prefer not to disclose also I recently realized that Cynthia from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was, like, my first waifu xD
  5. Binary Blast

    General Media Guilty Pleasures

    I have several I own one of those 3d anime boob mousepads I enjoy really pretentious artsy hipster music, movies, and games. I will never outgrow kapri sun I have several I own one of those 3d anime boob mousepads I enjoy really pretentious artsy hipster music, movies, and games. I will never outgrow kapri sun
  6. Binary Blast

    Mega Thread Favourite Musicians or Band

    One OK Rock is one of those bands I really like, but couldn't tell you the name of a single one of there songs, so I guess now I know one, there pretty cool. I'm a Ska-Punk dork through and through, Sublime, Reel Big Fish, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, if it has horns and a reverb guitar I'm down.
  7. thanks that's exactly what I needed. Edit Oh and moderator, I suppose you can lock this page now or whatever.
  8. Ima be setting up a 24/7 whitelisted server for me and some friends when school starts back up again at the end of the month, I'd be happy to whitelist you if you want to join us, fair warning though it's completely vanilla and aside from a few ground rules is completely anarchy, there will be about 16 of us at max, but usually maybe like 3 or 4 on at once.
  9. as others suggested Madoka Magica is absolutely amazing, there isn't any blood or gore, and it isn't sexual at all, but I warn you the plot darkens alot form when the show starts, it is one of the few shows I can honestly say fundamentally changed me for the better, it is a very emotional show though and there will be tears., another one I recommend is Card Captor Sakura, Cowboy Beebop (that might actually be MA for language), and Sailor Moon.
  10. Oh my fucking god Mitsuru stop casting Marin Karin we all know the boss is immune to it, all of them are omg!!!!!
  11. wooo, lovers of the bass guitar, and also the who fans unite!
  12. As a person, Markiplier, but I seem to find myself watching his content less often then I'd like, I think he's been doing too many crappy indie horror games recently, as for content, I've been pretty obsessed with the Game Grumps recently, I like Danny so much better than Jon (ooooooh controversial opinion!!)
  13. My top 5 Secunda from Skyrim It's an atmospheric song and is one of the few that I listen to outside of games, whenever I hear it I always picture snow covered mountains at night time, heading to my home passing the Kajiit Caravans on my way as Whiterun glows softly in the distance and the aurora shines beautifully in the sky. Wind Waker Theme from Wind Waker another one I like because of the atmosphere it gives, I imagine tropical beaches and a large blue see ready to be explore, just hearing this song makes me ready to go on a pirate adventure! Route 1 Pokemon HG&SS I like
  14. Binary Blast

    Mega Thread What book are you reading?

    The Novel I'm currently reading is, "When the Wind Blows," by James Patterson, the manga series I'm currently reading are the Puella Magi comics.
  15. Okay so I just finished watching slice of life, thinking it was the first episode of season 5, then I realized it wasn't so I watched the episode with the cutie mark all being the same or whatever, and then I watched the Tree Hugger episode, and now I have no clue what episodes are left and what episodes I should be watching, can anyone please tell me the names of the ones I missed? to recap I've seen, Slice of Life, The Tree Hugger episode, and both parts of the episode I like to call Cutie Marxism.
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