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  1. Ha! Haven't posted recently and haven't been very involved with this season either. I've watched all of them and liked a few but over all I'm meh about this season.
  2. Cartoons need not align with our whims, desires, or thoughts about good government. It simply has to be entertaining and well designed, which the show is. It's not the real world or even a version of the real world, so their government doesn't have to be like ours.
  3. I think they are great, but as with many things they are best in small numbers. I'm not a fan of the idea of the mane 5 joining Twilight as one, but I would love to learn more about Luna and Celestia. However, they've had chances to show more of their back story in the show but choice not to.
  4. The strong implication is that Twilight, Luna and Celestia were destined for their roles and I think it's been implied that the tree is somewhat sentient.
  5. It's like Mayor Mare! Pretty sure that's her name and also her job. That's Equestria for you.
  6. This thread is more of a poll, but I perfer Minuette.
  7. I'm not a huge fan of Pinky, but I see she has some value.
  8. The answer is clear: blame Larson. Actually I don't think Celestia has an agenda. Having an agenda implies depth and we've not seen much that would suggest she has hidden motivations. Not to say she doesn't have a inner life, but it doesn't seem to affect how she rules.
  9. Luna is interesting because her royal countenance was hiding a lot of pain and misery. We've never seen behind Celestia's mask and we may never. Luna is playful, serious, clearly lacking in confidence, compassionate and able to understand her subjects in a way her sister maybe can't. She's complex.
  10. What Pinkie represents, laughter, is only one part of friendship and the other mane 5 represent the other parts. Twilight is Princess because she represents all those elements, is a leader, and created new magic. I also agree not being perfect, but striving to do her best makes her a stronger princess. Heck we saw that with Luna in last episode.
  11. It's possible, but it doesn't appear that many Unicorns ever use spells that can drain them. Basically the spells you do or learn are part of your special talent. Only a unicorn like Twilight who so loves magic would push themselves to the limit. Spells are to unicorns what flying is to pegasus. It's part of them. Yet we've seen ponies come close to exhaustion trying to maintain spells, so it would work head canon wise.
  12. Hapless ponies is also a popular meme with the writers. Remember, they are putting the characters in situations to teach a certain lesson and be entertaining, so they'll often exaggerate their fears and xenophobia. This makes it hard to pinpoint what the ponies really think because it can and does change. In broad strokes I would say they can be quite fearful, superstitions, and xenophobic, but they're also quick to see the error of their ways.
  13. Yep. That's where the idea for her being Chrysalis came from, but I don't agree with that theory.
  14. She did appear at the wedding-she danced too. But she was nowhere to be seen during the attack.