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  1. Mane 6 is best pony

  2. Movies/TV

    season 2 is like half life 3...
  3. just made rainbow cupcakes :3

  4. There should be notifications of your favorite songs that play on any of the stations connected to Ponyville live.
  5. What zodiac sign's do you think the mane 6 have?
  6. Web

    they make me laugh so hard XD
  7. Did any of you go to Montreal comic con 2014? If so, how many days did you go and what did you do? i actually met John de Lancie did anybody else meet him?
  8. Gaming

    All we had to do was follow the damn train CJ!
  9. Gaming

    On PC, i go on vizzed for old consoles. you can check the site out:
  10. Gaming

    classic as in how old? and i would wait for it to see if it comes out on PC before buying it on console.
  11. Gaming

    because why not make more billions of dollars with another release. better graphics and mods. also why buy a 8 year old console or a ps4 to play a game? EDIT: im not saying PC is the master race or that ps3 sucks if that's the idea you're getting
  12. yep. My OC was a pilot in the Luftwaffe during WW2
  13. Mega Thread

  14. valve is the company that owns steam... that explode over
  15. you said it for me (insert text to pass 20 word minimum)