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Does anypony else have any military OCs?

Stone Cold Applejack

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Yes......i recently created a militant character who will play a key role in an upcoming fan film. He's know as General StoneColt Hoover. (Resemblance to StoneWall Jackson and J. Edgar Hoover, ;)
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...Sort of? The samurai warrior class was kind of like a military force, the knights of ancient Japan as it were. They were definitely soldiers ready to defend their country and follow the emperor's orders at a moment's notice, but they were scattered all over Japan to protect and serve different autonomous regions, and they existed before the industrial revolution. The advent of guns in the country pretty much wiped them out. However, since this is MLP we're talking about, I doubt Celestia would ever want to get rid of any samurai ponies (if any were introduced in the show, that is).

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Let's see.....


yes...yes I do. If you wanna go by WWII standards,  then I gots one that is quite literally a Sturmtiger,  and my namesake,  Skygunner,  gots a flak 88 on his butt as a cutiemark. 


Plus oodles more.


I also have numerous transformers OCs that cross over,  carrying their military guises with them,  like this.



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