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  1. Howdy, I noticed on your profile you're from Philadelphia area! I'm with FillyCon and we're starting Pennsylvania's first My Little Pony convention in Center City Philadelphia this August. We have the voice actors behind Peppermint Twist & Maud Pie, along with many guests from the community, check it out:

    1. Skygunner


      I'm vending at your convention.

    2. lablayers


      That's awesome!

      You'll receive more vendor information and you'll be on the website once the vendor list is finalized in the next few weeks.

      Feel free to PM me if you have any questions related to FillyCon in the meantime. :D

  2. Restarted on the Amazon Free version, android device. NEW CODE = 63339
  3. Oh look, I'm back. gosh theres a lot to go through. Wan excuses? Life, that's my excuse. Either way, opening this back up because i now have a considerably large amount of time to kill. Gonna keep the list of everyone already, read though most of them, and will knock the out as they come, however, it has been a year, so who even knows anymore. Feel free to drop your OCs down, gonna be burning lots of midnight oil for the next few days.
  4. BACK! a second (4th?) prance for MLP Forums

  5. Beer, IBC and Stewards sodas. really most glass bottles have metal caps.
  6. Vendors try to accept debit cards, but a lot is usually working against them. Sometimes wifi just refuses to work sometimes the reader refuses to work sometimes something else just refuses to work sometimes paypal just feels like being a butt. So in theory cards work, but in practice...have cash.
  7. All the time. Most my apparel now is ponies. Best of all, I make it all myself!!!
  8. So, in the Fallout universe, bottlecaps are currency. I figured it'd be really fun for people to buy a fallout equestria print, with bottlecaps, rather than money. So...that's what that is. No idea how it'll go over,.
  9. Who else is ready!!!!! wooo woooooooo Got so much new stuff for this convention. Be sure to bring your caps if ya'll want a lilpip print. (it aint for sale with dollars)
  10. Am interested! pm sent I'm a vendor, I don't smoke, and I gotta car
  11. -throws money at everything- Tickets bought Hotel bought Bags aren't packed. -that'd be silly- Car -> Train - Plane - Plane - Train - WALKING - Hotel
  12. For ponies who don't believe in itunes it is also available on amazon as a straight MP3 zip download. Overall it's actually really great. Best of all, it's not christian themed, even though there are variations on usually jesus-themed songs. Silent Night comes to mind right away. It's not really a matter of being PC as much as it's focusing more on a general feeling of family, and the spirit of the holiday, and that's quite nice. Also included is the most depressing song you're gonna hear applejack sing. Like....really. It's a lovely remake of Auld Lang Syne, but dang, if you're not expecting it then prepared to be punched in the heart. Also also, Pop Fly. No idea who he is, but it almost sounds like Button Mash from the jan animations. Finally, it just has that lovely feel of Daniel Ingrams music too it, not quite as epic as the CMC butt branding episode, but still just overall great. Put it on the shelf along with the Mr Hanky Christmas special as a great take of modern culture and Christmas classics mixing for some break from traditional songs that will be drilling into our heads for the next 2 and a half months.