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  1. Hello there, my crowd! Welcome to my Weekly Musings: Orange Edition. :mlp_icwudt:

    [I ❤ JAPAN] -- [I ❤ THE COLOR RED] -- [I ❤ CELESTIA]

    Either things are about to get a lot more dangerous, or things are about to get a lot more liberating. NMxIywIlhGQORAt_eDVx_Em-jgPDq6he7Tu6ttM9 Let's talk about it, my crowd!

    d9o4237-042b9f7a-93ba-4943-950e-fc08fc59 I guess the biggest thing to report this week is an update on the state where I live, Texas. They have, basically, lifted Mask mandates. :wau: Well, it's suppose to "officially" go into effect this coming Wednesday, but I went around town on Sunday, and there's all ready plenty of people not wearing masks. My mother said that she would rather I continue to wear a mask, at least until I get vaccinated. I'm still not sure what to do... It may be a while before I can get a vaccine. My mother still carries her masks around, but she's using them a lot less because she is vaccinated. I may have to try and get a vaccine as soon as possible, because I don't like living with this confusion. But as a medical worker, my mother is concerned. Death rates are lowering, but we're still testing the waters with the vaccines and what not. Either this change in Texas is going to create a new spike in death tolls, or it will work out fine. It feels like change is happening too fast, and I'm not sure if positive change is winning or not.

    d9o43j8-ff6991ab-9ee0-46fd-85ad-6366e0fc There's been lots of pop culture news, but I can barely keep up with all of it. There's lots of new Gridman, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and other various other merch being announced. More movies are coming out, more trailers are being dropped. Bronies can't seem to get enough of what the next pony generation has in store. (If this CGI movie takes place in G4, doesn't that make it a continuation an not a new generation?) What was your favorite announcement this week? Believe it or not, what I'm excited for is rumors. One rumor says that Shout Factory might be releasing more Super Sentai DVD boxsets soon; really hope so. Another rumor says that the Snyder Cut of Justice League might be getting a theatrical release? Not sure how that is suppose to happen since (I believe) the Snyder Cut is being divided into episodic release. Still, if this rumor is true, then this is what I'll gladly get out of my house and brave the wild theaters for. I wanted to drop Netflix, but with things like 2 new He-Man cartoons coming soon and a new Pacific Rim cartoon getting released, I can't afford to drop out now. At least with a theatrical release, I could support the production officially.

    d9o4237-042b9f7a-93ba-4943-950e-fc08fc59 WOW, am I late. :please: I meant to share this last week... I have recently tried a new brand of energy drink that I've never seen before; and I got to try 2 of their many flavors. The brand is called "Alani Nu Energy". I was a little taken back by how the label is just this plastic wrap that feels like paper, instead of printing directly on to the can. Besides all the healthy buzz phrases that they are advertising, which may or may not be true, these are just sweet and fruity energy drinks. If you like the sweeter ones, you'll enjoy these. The first one I tried is called Cosmic Stardust. No idea what it was suppose to be, but the focus on blue, pink, and purple colors on the label made me think of Unicorn-flavored stuff. The drink itself? To me, it tastes like blueberry, but I have no way of knowing what they are actually going for. The other flavor is called Watermelon Wave. The label shows images of Watermelon, Cherry, Grape, and Orange (I doubt it's actually Lemon). If you've ever had a Sprite Remix, it basically tastes like that. Again, I have no idea if any of these are actually the flavors they are going for. I checked the ingredients list for both of these drinks, and they just list a bunch of artificial ingredients and chemicals. Not a single clue of what these flavors are suppose to be based on.

    d9o43j8-ff6991ab-9ee0-46fd-85ad-6366e0fc Saber 25: The Unholy Blades! daj17bm-76115871-5676-4c80-b092-68abe8a1 Darn it! There just isn’t enough time in one episode! I was looking forward to this episode, and yet they left us on a cliffhanger. The true traitor shows her colors, Rintarou is finally stuck between having to make the hardest decision ever, and the new Caliber’s identity is revealed. This is a revelation that has been building since the last Caliber fell. The show kind of teased it happening, and I wish they didn’t, but at least they waiting till midway through the series to make it happen. Plenty of time for most audience members to forget, thus making the reveal a bit more surprising. Also, I was surprised Saber in Primitive Dragon Form was able to get a hit on Sabela. So a skeletal dragon can smack the wind out a living smoke? Logic; what’s that?! :muffins: (Also, I had to watch this episode with IzuSubs. Genm Corp is back, but they haven't caught up on Saber just yet. Hopefully, they will soon.)

    d9o4237-042b9f7a-93ba-4943-950e-fc08fc59 NO ZENKAIGER THIS WEEK! headicon.jpg.b108d7024faaea1671da36b9ca0c4ba2.jpg The answer why is simple. No fansub group subtitled the first episode fast enough. Sad, but that's how it is. I was so excited for this show that I cleared up my schedule so I could watch it as soon as it premiered. I don't even know if Over-Time is going to sub it or if they might skip it. It's like the fansub community is watching on waited breath to see what they'll do. But next time for sure! This series is too important to just skip over.

    d9o43j8-ff6991ab-9ee0-46fd-85ad-6366e0fc Had 3 dreams in a row, this week. One was scary but kind of silly. I was living in a new house, but as I was changing, some random stranger barged in on me. They said that it was cool because they were the previous owners, but that hardly gives them the right to walk on someone who isn't decent! The second one was about me taking a test in school, and the test was in Japanese! Even when I tried to answer the easiest question they had, the so called "question for babies", it was a trigonometry/theoretical mathematics question! They must not mess around in Japan. And the third dream, sadly I can't remember it clearly. I think the ponies were there! Either Twilight or Pinkie Pie. Can't recall exactly what happened. :derp:

    That's all for now, my crowd. B) Take care, and bravely go forward.

    Oh my gosh, I finally found it!! :ButtercupLaugh: Ladies in gentlemen, when I was just a wee child in the 90's, my local library had this educational game on their computers. I'm sure by adult standards, it's actually super easy. But for a kid coming in, randomly playing it, never knowing where the last kid left off, and never fully knowing the objective; this game was scary. Those robots were out to kill you! But the main character looked really cool. ...Don't remember it having voice actors or looking this vibrantly colorful, though... This is a game known as "Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue!".



    1. Flying Pencil

      Flying Pencil

      Take care Samurai and stay safe during this Pandemic

    2. AppleButt


      My state has lifted the mask mandate as well, though I notice people still pretty much mostly wear them in my city.   I’m gonna stick with wearing mine cause I’d rather wear it and be wrong about it working than not wear it and be wrong that they don’t work. 

      Good luck, and stay safe! 

  2. @C. Thunder Dash, @Dynamo Pad, @ExplosionMare, @Ragland Tiger, @GeneralDirection "Chelsea-chan..." Samurai could tell that this was something that must mean a lot to her. He gently puts a hoof on her shoulder. She doesn't have to hug Samurai if she doesn't want to, but he wants to show that he cares too. "You don't have to talk about it, if you don't want to. But we're all here for you."
  3. @ExplosionMare, @Ragland Tiger, @Dynamo Pad, @C. Thunder Dash, @GeneralDirection Samurai seems pretty interest. "The Six Samurai warrior deck... I may need to investigate that some day. Sounds like it was made for me." He takes another sip of his tea. "Oh no, I crashed because Kronos was being way too competitive that day. But don't worry, it's fine." Samurai waves that off before he continues. He doesn't want his friends to get upset at Kronos over nothing. "I haven't lived in Friendshire that long. His last attack was on Japon, his usual target. He only came here because he fo
  4. @ExplosionMare, @Ragland Tiger, @Dynamo Pad, @C. Thunder Dash, @GeneralDirection "Is it called Slifer here? I see... I wonder where that name comes from... But yes, I guess that's the card I'm talking about. Six Samurai? There's other samurai cards?! I'd love to know more about them!" Samurai says, grateful his friends can tell him the western names of these cards and tell him about others he's never heard of. But eventually, it becomes his turn to speak. "Thank you for asking, Pencil, Dynamo. Well, some of you know the gist of it. Three or four days ago, an origami shinobi appeared
  5. @ExplosionMare, @Ragland Tiger, @Dynamo Pad, @C. Thunder Dash, @GeneralDirection Funny Pencil should mention that, for soon, drinks were being served! Pencil gets what she asked for, fruit punch. For everyone else, there's tea, water, or soda if they want it. The kuroko are serving the drinks, so nothing is off limits. "Hmm..." Samurai thinks about what Thundy asked. "The cards have changed names over here in the west. I'm more familiar with their Japonies names, so forgive me if I get them wrong... I would this one spell card that has 3 swords on it.... What's it called? Swords of S
  6. Bonza! Someone actually remembers I exist!
  7. @GeneralDirection, @Dynamo Pad, @ExplosionMare, @Ragland Tiger, @C. Thunder Dash "Ooh..." Samurai watches as Thundy and Chelsea's ritual commences. "That's amazing! Yu-Gi-Oh, correct? King of games? I don't have any cards from that game, to be honest. Though, I've heard of 3 that I wouldn't mind owning..." He turns back to Dynamo. "Mistmane's village is just one part of Japon. There's many villages that make up Japon! Although, I was born and raised in Mistmane's village, so it's my home too. As for Ultramane Tiga... I had heard that got shared with other parts of Equestria, but it w
  8. Samurai Equine

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    @Cwanky You dare throw questionably true compliments at me, you awesome and amazing person?! / 505205
  9. @Ragland Tiger, @ExplosionMare, @GeneralDirection, @Dynamo Pad, @C. Thunder Dash "Well that should be obvious, shouldn't it Dynamo? Kamen Riders are fictional Japonies super heroes. It was my race that made them. Why wouldn't I know about Kamen Riders? Although, being on patrol so much, I don't always get to watch every episode. Mostly, I can watch a few episodes, but I have to rely on Televi-Kun Magazine to fill me in on the rest. Super Sentai is also pretty fun too, and Ultramane..." Samurai explains. Samurai takes a moment to wave everyone outside. He can see Thundy wants his mome
  10. @GeneralDirection, @Dynamo Pad, @C. Thunder Dash, @Ragland Tiger, @ExplosionMare Samurai listens with fascination at these stories, and he reaches out to touch the awesome sword Thundy made just to see if it's actually real. "So amazing... You're saying that you were all trapped in a video game world? I wish I could have been there. I could have helped! That makes my story sound less exciting by comparison." Samurai says. Thundy mentioned something about going outside. Just as Samurai is willing to do that, they have a surprise guest. "Silver! Glad you could join us. You must have be
  11. @Dynamo Pad, @C. Thunder Dash, @Ragland Tiger, @ExplosionMare "I would love to meet some buffalo some day. I wonder what they are like... Well, I'm actually excited to meet any creature." Samurai says with fascination. "So how much have I missed since I've been gone? I see almost everyone has new powers and abilities, but I feel like that's just the beginning."
  12. @Ragland Tiger, @Dynamo Pad, @C. Thunder Dash, @ExplosionMare Samurai claps when Chelsea and Thundy's performance is over. "Bravo." However, when he hears someone at a the door, he waves. "Hello, Bluebell! Please come inside." He hears a remark about the others. "Yes... Silver was invited, but he can be a bit of a loner sometimes. It's best to let him do what he wants. Kronos is very similar. You never know what he wants to do, but he is always welcome to join us any time."
  13. @C. Thunder Dash, @ExplosionMare, @Dynamo Pad, @Ragland Tiger Samurai is too entertained by Chelsea's performance to clap. He doesn't want to be rude and do that while she is playing. But he does turn to Pencil. "I'm sorry, Pencil-chan. We were talking about going to the museum and now we're relaxing here. If you still want to go there instead, we can. I only came here to make sure my house was still standing. I'm happy to do whatever the group wants to do." He hears Dynamo say something and nearly chuckles, but offers Dynamo a place to sit beside him. "I'm impressed you know that ph
  14. @C. Thunder Dash, @Dynamo Pad, @ExplosionMare, @Ragland Tiger Samurai felt humbled when Dynamo said Okaeri. It was just what he needed to hear. Truly he had good friends... Or perhaps, family? "Thank you, Dynamo-san." After hearing Thundy's request, he waves everyone one. "Come on in, everyone. Relax and enjoy yourselves." Samurai says. As he does, he notices what Thundy is doing to spruce up the place. "Thank you, Thundy-san." As he welcomes everyone inside, he takes off his armor and props it upright in the corner for the time being. "My kuroko will help decorate this place so we d
  15. @C. Thunder Dash, @Dynamo Pad, @ExplosionMare, @Ragland Tiger Samurai takes the keys back. "Thank you, Dynamo. I don't know how useful they'll be, but this is a start." Samurai listens to his friends as they travel. He giggles at Thundy's comment. "I would love to hear all about it. I've been gone for two days, but I didn't think I'd miss so much. But Thundy-san, I think you can relax now. There's no one left to save, so you can save your Super Saiya-jin powers for next time." Samurai says. In fact, as they travel though the town making small talk and just enjoying their time togethe
  16. @Dynamo Pad, @C. Thunder Dash, @ExplosionMare Samurai smiles at their offer. "Thank you, everyone. It's not necessary, but I appreciate anyone that chooses to do so." Samurai turns and leads the way. "Dynamo, do you still have my house key?"
  17. @C. Thunder Dash, @Dynamo Pad, @ExplosionMare Samurai still seems visibly troubled by something... He looks over in a familiar direction before looking back at his friends. He listens to their ideas and nods. "Yeah, that sounds nice too. It'll have to be during a day when the town is at peace. Water and fire don't exactly mix. I might not be able to use my fire powers if I'm all wet." Samurai smiles. Still, he looks over in a familiar direction. "Hey everyone, you can go ahead to the museum if you want, but... Do you mind if I step away for a moment? I just want to check somethi
  18. @ExplosionMare, @C. Thunder Dash Samurai nods in agreement, but he still seems rattled about something... "Aquatic exhibit? What's that about?" Samurai asks when he hears about something new. He also can't help but notice the light show Thundy is giving off. "Thundy-san, are you a Super Saiya-jin? I've only seen the manga, but it looks so similar..."
  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :laugh: :blue_baloon::balloon::love:

    1. Windy Breeze

      Windy Breeze

      Woah, don't be too loud. I appreciate the greeting. Thank you :twi:

    2. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Oh, was I being too noisy? Gomen nasai. :proud: I'm just really happy for you. I hope you have a fun birthday and get everything you want.

  20. Let's see the results of Tuesday's game! And the winners are: @Rising Dusk, @PawelS, & @TomDaBombMLP!

    Congrats to everyone, and thank you for participating! :BrightMacContent: Join us next time when we'll do the Seeing Ocellus Edition.

    (Also YAY!!! The "+ Create ˅" button is back! :love: All is right with the forum again.)

    Take care, my crowd. B)

  21. @ExplosionMare, @Dynamo Pad, @C. Thunder Dash, @Ragland Tiger, @Kronos the Revenant, @PawelS, @Windy Breeze The day marches on... Past noon... And into late evening... Among all the things rebuilt, the town square is back to perfect condition. No one would ever know it was ravaged by war. Samurai meets up with all his friends there. He is tired and huffing. He was literally covering EVERY possible inch of this town, saving as many lives as possible and rebuilding as much as possible too. He take his helmet off as he approaches his friends, who have all been waiting for him. "Well
  22. v5.jpg

    Hello again, my crowd. How goes it? :)

    Is it strange that when I see a pony with narrow or more angular eyes, I want to assume they might be asian or have some asian ancestry? :ooh: Seems like the only thing that can confirm is if they are unicorns, because asian unicorn horns are curved. Just look at Mistmane and her fellow asian ponies.

    Nothing major to report today. Just hope you're all having a good day! Let me know if you've got anything interesting to share.

    Take care, my crowd. B)

  23. @ExplosionMare Elusive was about to wrap up her report when she noticed Pencil had returned. "Oh! Perfect! Thank you so much~!" She turns to her camera crew. "Are we still rolling? Okay..." She gets her mic. "This is Elusive Facts. I just got a sudden update. I'm here standing with Pencil Pouch, curator of the Friendshire museum and one of the heroes who stood and fought against those mysterious enemy forces. Ms. Pencil, for our viewers, what can you tell us? Do you know who those enemy forces were? Do you know what made them do a hasty retreat?" Elusive holds the mic up to her. @Dyn
  24. Hello, Celestia? Did you miss me? :sunbutt:

    (Art by KP-ShadowSquirrel)

    And hello to you too, my crowd. :mlp_smug: Any good news?

    I learned that Texas has lifted its mask mandates. However, I am sure that there will still be plenty of people wearing them. My mother thinks I should, at least until I get vaccinated.

    Today's been mostly a good day for me! I learned that new toys of the original Gridman are being made (and they look high quality too). And also, Genm Corp is back! :laugh: I hope they catch up soon. I want to use them to watch the next ep of Saber.

    Take care for now, my crowd. B)

    1. Platinum Night

      Platinum Night

      I’m starting to feel better and I’m getting my new game today.

    2. TomDaBombMLP


      Ooh, lucky Texans! I just hope it works! :lie:

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      @Platinum Night Hope you enjoy it! :squee:

      @TomDaBombMLP Well, it'll either work, or we'll have another spike in COVID cases. :wacko:

  25. @Dynamo Pad, @C. Thunder Dash, @Ragland Tiger, @Windy Breeze, @PawelS, @ExplosionMare Samurai finishes clearing up the debris just in time for 10 additional rescue worker ponies to join the scene and help Dynamo, Thundy, Chelsea, and Bluebell out. Samurai smiles and nods. "I think all of you can take it from here." Walking away, Samurai goes to the most logical place to be, the town square. Thanks to Elusive Fact's transmission, all kinds of ponies are coming out of hiding to help out. Construction workers, police, fire fighters, citizens, and more! Samurai decides to be their chief coord
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