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  1. I've got no problem with that, but since each character has an attack that does damage, there is hardly a need. Those attacks can do all the mining you need without the need for a pickaxe or anything. Unless you just really want to make one, in which case, have fun!
  2. @Dynamo Pad, @Pastel Heart, @C. Thunder Dash, @CameoShadowness In Level 2, Trilby was about to help Dynamo with Pastel, but the situation seems to have resolved itself. With a kiss, no less! Trilby gives them a thumbs up. ... Is he approving the shipping, or approving Pastel being safe now? Either way, he approves. However, Thundy was a different case. "Curse me for not picking a flight-capable character..." Taking a page from a mustachioed plumber, Trilby makes his raptor run up to a tree at full speed, and then bounce off it to get as much height at possible. At the top of the raptor's jump, Trilby leaps off it like a trampoline, gaining even more height! He may have had to ditch the raptor, but it somehow pays off! Just barely, though... Trilby almost missed. But he got close enough to Thundy that he was able to grab him by the leg, pull up his power shield, and have a safe-ish landing down below. Thundy is now Roc free! And for good measure, Trilby drops the shield and heals Thundy. "Don't ever ask me to do that again because that was SCARY~!!" Trilby shows his true colors, quaking in his character's boots before chasing down the raptor he ditched earlier. Once more, from the top, to the cave they go! @ExplosionMare. @Windy Breeze, @C. Thunder Dash, @GeneralDirection, @PawelS In the bonus level, Elusive was quickly running out of places where material blocks were just out in the open. She would have to do some deeper digging/mining to get them; something she really didn't want to do. "Tch..." Then she sees a ravine and notices some blocks in their. Eh, what else has she got to lose? Rolling up on the shore, she summons her giant speaks and microphone, and gives an ear-piercing screech; wailing out those screaming tones! And with the speakers amplifying her voice, somehow it works! The blast of sound makes the water bounce up into the air. And before it can come down, Elusive Facts makes the speakers and mic disappear, rides down to the ravine bed on her motorcycle, collects blocks with her whip, and gets out of the way just in time to avoid the water as it comes splashing down! She rides over to her own personal tower mount once more and places the blocks, but she is noticing a bunch of those puzzles attacked to the tower as well. "Ugh... Critical thinking?" Elusive pouts. She looks at the towers the others are working on. At least Pencil is making SOME progress with the puzzles! Way more than she was... "RAAHH!!!" She tries smacking the puzzle with her microphone stand and a few kicks. Nothing. "...I hate puzzles."
  3. Get your waifus ready, it's time for... REAL or FAKE! Unexpected Brad Edition.
    Tune your guitars and adjust your eyes. There's 5 real images, and 5 fake ones. Can you spot the difference? Some humans can't!





















    Any and all comments will earn points, but only the winners will rock out with the most points.
    Don't be afraid to keep trying if you don't get it right the first time! Multiple winners are allowed, and you have til Friday to get it right!
    Good luck and rock on, my crowd. B)

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    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna
    3. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      @DivineNightmare1000 Sorry buddy, but 5 and 8 are real. Maybe if you swap your answers for 5 and 6, as well as your answers for 8 and 9, then you might just win. :mlp_smug: *Hint, hint*

      Either way, you get 3204 participation points, and 91 awesome friend points. :D
      Also, YOU'RE AWESOME & AMAZING TOO!!! And I'm sure Celestia loves you too. :Tempest:

      @Stone Cold Steve Tuna Pretty sure it's the Wicked Witch of the West... 2079 participation points, and 60 Super Mario points.

    4. TomDaBombMLP


      I might sit this one out. :twi: Just because I don't like EqG. :please:

  4. Well, things have been changing between some of our participants, and I might need more active party members. So... Congrats, you've been promoted. You're no longer an NPC that is forbidden from engaging in the game.
  5. Never specified video games, just meant games in general.
  6. @Dynamo Pad, @Pastel Heart, @C. Thunder Dash, @CameoShadowness In Level 2, It takes a moment for Trilby to get close to them all, but he does. He slows his raptor down and he sees the three of them facing off against... something. They are facing off against an invisible beast, but to Trilby, they might as well be doing interpretive dance. "...What are you all doing, charades?! Dynamo, I found the cave that'll lead us to the boss! Whatever you're all fighting, forget about it! We can lose it on the way to the cave. Just follow me, please! I think I can lead us back there." Trilby turns his raptor around and leads the way. It might seem wreckless to just abandon this part of the level, but maybe they can lose or shake off the Rocs on the way to the cave. @ExplosionMare. @Windy Breeze, @C. Thunder Dash, @GeneralDirection, @PawelS In the skybound hubworld, It worked! Elusive is so happy as she makes her microphone disappear. "Ms. Tree Song, you are a perfect guardian. When all this is over, I'll treat you to a tour of the news station." Elusive says. Leading the way, Elusive Facts steps through the portal with Chelsea, Shadow, Pencil and Silver. BONUS GAME: TOWER BUILDER! RACE TO BUILD THE TALLEST TOWER! The party soon find themselves in a big, open field with miles of unexplored grasslands, hills, caves, small houses, a few small lakes and ravines, and so on. And oddly enough, it looks kind of similar to Minecraft. And scattered among the the land is various construction blocks. Some are in plain sight, others you might have to do some digging around or exploring. At the center of this open-world are three big blocky mounds that could turn into metal towers, eventually. They also have a few puzzles on them, similar to rubik's cube puzzles. Solve them, and the towers will gain height and form. Elusive Facts looks around and smiles. "A race? Put a tower together? Now THIS is my kind of challenge! Good luck, everyone else! You're gonna have to bring your A-game if you want to finish a tower before me." With her confidence restored, Elusive Facts summons her motorcycle and drives off. Summoning her whip, she uses it to grab and dig for construction blocks, and throws them at the center tower. The items automatically latch on and start building the tower up taller! It really is as easy as Minecraft. Mine for the blocks, place them anywhere on the unfinished tower of your choice, and keep going! And Elusive is really good at this so far. She's grabbing lots of blocks left and right.
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY FRIEND!!! :mlp_yeehaa: :blue_baloon::balloon:



  8. 2163112.jpeg
    (Art by omame)

    Haven't voted for what happens next in the silly story? Do so now! Vote here. Results on Wednesday. B)

    How is everyone doing? Things have been mostly good over here for me.
    I just updated my LiveJournal again. Now that I've covered the TV show and all three movies, I can start making fun posts. ^_^
    Today was my mother's last day before the hospital she works at changes ownership. Tomorrow, new practices, new uniforms, and probably some learning and adjustments.

    Take care, my crowd. :)

    1. PoisonClaw


      Awww, how cute!

    2. InfernalEnergy


      I'm doing good today! I'm glad things have been mostly good for you! :fluttershy:

  9. In that case... Favorite Egyptian god, GO!
  10. Since you like Ahui, Daring Do, and Dr. Caby... Favorite ancient civilization?
  11. MUST SAVE EVERYONE! SOIYA! ...But try to save the pegasi and alicorn ladies first.
  12. Hello there, my crowd! Welcome to my Weekly Musings: Red Edition. :mellow:

    [I ❤ JAPAN] -- [I ❤ THE COLOR RED] -- [I ❤ CELESTIA]

    starbase.png?1548610771 This week has been interesting, to say the least. Not how I expected things to go, but not bad either. For the most part, I am just left at a crossroad...

    d9o40v7-289c43ef-559f-4e9f-99ed-9e3e398c The biggest thing that happened this month was that I got a shocking letter in the mail... :blush: Apparently, my health insurance has not been covering all my medical expenses after all. It's covered medicine and regular doctor visits. However, when it comes to lab work and ultrasounds, anything that could be considered an operation, they only pay over half of those expenses. Now I am left with a bill of over $1500 dollars, and I was still expecting approval for one more operation, a CAT Scan. Well, I finally got approval, but the question is... Do I even want to continue? I half expected to pay some bills for all this. A few hundred here or there would have been fine with me. But over $1500?! And all for drawing a few meager viles of blood and scanning one little section of my body? Do I even want to do more? Should this be the end of my medical journey? Should I just accept the medical problems I have? I just wish I had some perspective to help me decide what to do next...

    d9o42pj-94308d0d-f9cf-40a6-99f6-07bc5780 I've been managing my time better, but what keeps interfering is that I am going over to help with the renovations at my mother's rental property. They are doing so much work over there, and I just want offer as much help as possible. :twismile: Thing is, they barely need my help, but you never know! One day, I actually helped haul out an old cast-iron bathtub. Thing weight a ton, but it was rotting away and had to go.

    d9o40v7-289c43ef-559f-4e9f-99ed-9e3e398c I got my window fixed! :pinkie: The neighbor finally put in a replacement. ...And cracked another window next to it while putting it in, but don't worry! He's going to fix that too. Let's just hope this doesn't become a running thing.

    d9o42pj-94308d0d-f9cf-40a6-99f6-07bc5780 Wow! The weather, am I right? The last few days this week have been wild. Two days were cold in a row, then it warmed back up, and now another cold front is coming in! Please just stay cold, weather. I was really having fun dressing in my cool season clothes!

    d9o40v7-289c43ef-559f-4e9f-99ed-9e3e398c NO RISE OF THE TMNT THIS WEEK! Because other things got in the way, I ran out of time to see the remaining episodes I have recorded. Next week for sure! :mlp_smug:

    d9o42pj-94308d0d-f9cf-40a6-99f6-07bc5780 Saber 06: Please, Hide the Ninjadaj17bm-76115871-5676-4c80-b092-68abe8a1 Frustrating. Simply frustrating! That’s the only word I can use to describe this episode. Something about Saber’s sword getting sealed, and now he has to find a path to some sacred land to fix it, but the villains want that path opened up as well. Zoous killed Blades’ (Blaze?) former master. The new ninja Rider is more annoying than Naruto; he’s like a kid that only knows how to rough house. But if Kenzan is a ninja, does that mean the sacred sword Riders could be ANY kind of swordsman? Does that mean a samurai Kamen Rider could join them later maybe?! Either way, it’s a slow burn of an episode that doesn’t really resolve much. If anything, I feel completely lost, and the ever growing roster of characters isn’t making this show better for me.

    d9o40v7-289c43ef-559f-4e9f-99ed-9e3e398c Saber 07: What in Blue Blazes?!This was a much better episode, but still kind of a slow burn. The saving grace is that we didn’t have to hear from Kenzan. They are basically building up these episodes as a multi-episode story arc. Saber went to the sacred land of Avalon, but Calibur followed him. Saber managed to collect the King of Arthur book, but we barely got to see its powers in action. It seems the team has their own version of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. And unlike Saber who can do so whenever he wants, it seems using 3 books really puts a strain on Blades. Really good world building so far!

    d9o42pj-94308d0d-f9cf-40a6-99f6-07bc5780 Kiramager 27: Peridot Predicamentdb6u4gy-69324d99-7420-4441-8d1e-c1edb4a3 Well, this was Green’s episode. I do honestly feel like Yodonna raises the stakes of the show. But outside of that, the real highlight was seeing Ms. Misaki and her daughter again, as well as some flashback footage of GekiRanger. All of those scenes MADE this episode! They could have just left SCRTC as just a random piece of scenery for long-time Super Sentai fans, but the fact they went this far is a real joy. Gekiranger is about 13 years old by now! Most kids in Japan have probably never seen GekiRanger. So it’s nice to see the franchise has not forgotten its history outside of major Super Sentai specials. I wonder if anyone who made Gekiranger is working on Kiramager. Maybe a writer or director? Though, to be honest, the Kiramagers have more in common with the Go-Ongers.

    d9o40v7-289c43ef-559f-4e9f-99ed-9e3e398c Kiramager 28: Setting the Sodalite Stage! Blue’s episode! This one was kind of a slow burn, not to mention an exposition dump. Basically, the team managed to recruit a mentor stone, one that looks more metal than stone. Such a grandpa, he is. Worst part of it is that when he finally joined the fight and started showing what he could do, the episode was over! It really did feel like this episode ended too quickly. Hopefully the next one will make up for it.

    d9o42pj-94308d0d-f9cf-40a6-99f6-07bc5780 One last thing, I have been updating my LiveJournal with more posts. Go check it out! Just finished posting all the notes for every episode of Kamen Rider Decade.

    That's it for now, my crowd. B) And remember, birthdays are a sacred thing to celebrate.

    You want my phone number? Okay, it's 56709. I love citypop, and I love this song! It came out on my birth year, 1984. This is "Telephone" by Junko Ohashi.

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    2. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      @PoisonClaw Ah, I see what you're saying. Matching colors/types combo. I get ya. Think Saber will have just as much trouble doing an all red combo?

    3. PoisonClaw


      I don't think he will personally, judging by how little issue he's had using mixed combos up til now. He might be a little winded afterwords like when he used Dragon/Hedgehog/Fantasista though.

    4. InfernalEnergy


      @Oni Equine I really hope things work out well for you! :kindness: Your situation sounds rough, but I know you will make it through it! :fluttershy:

  13. When the weather outside is cold, only one pony keeps me warm:

    (Art by ElzaFox-Blinchik)

    All right my crowd! Last time...



    Twilight Sparkle was just trotting through Ponyville, minding her own business. A moment ago, she was eating at a local diner. "Perhaps I shouldn't have had that second helping for hay fries..." Twilight thinks to herself before magically pulling out a scroll with a list of today's activities. "Now let's see... I finished re-organizing the books, helped Spike trim his claws, sent off all the extra towels to charity, and... Wha?!" Twilight's thoughts are interrupted when a loud sound catches her attention. She looks up to see...!

    A] Rainbow Dash about to fly into her
    B] Pinkie Pie being herself
    C] The Cutie Mark Crusaders needing her help
    D] Random muffins


    And by popular vote, the winner is B!
    Let's see the story continue to part 2...

    "TWILIGHT!" Pinkie Pie pops up seemingly out of nowhere with a shout. "Pinkie! You startled me." Twilight comments. "No time for that, Twilight! We have an emergency, and I need your help!" Pinkie expresses herself by bouncing around, though she has a look of dread on her face. "What's wrong, Pinkie?!" ... What's wrong indeed?

    A] Friendship Problem
    B] Family Problem
    C] Party Problem
    D] False alarm, for Twilight at least

    Vote now!
    I decided to go ahead and post these every Wednesday and Saturday. Better than waiting a whole week for a resolution.

    For anyone interested, the weather has been getting colder around here. And also, I just finished a huge blog post on LIveJournal! About to finish another, shorter one. :kirin:

    That's it for now, my crowd. Take care, and good night. B)

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    2. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      Charlie, gotta go with Charlie :pinkie:

    3. Kujamih


      Heres a twist....

      Its a letter C.  BUT a letter D. Aswell

    4. FuntimeMare
  14. @Dynamo Pad, @Pastel Heart, @C. Thunder Dash, @CameoShadowness In Level 2, It's not long before Trilby has found some food growing in the surrounding vegetation, and he is feeding it to the velociraptor that was summoned for him. "...Did those idiots forget about me? They should have been here, by now! I swear, they are lost without me." Trilby huffs. Seems he has no choice. "Fine. They better not blame me if we can't find our way back here." Trilby sets his staff down near the cave entrance. "Please be like some kind of homing beacon or something..." Then he gets on the dinosaur. "Okay you mighty beast of old, do as your name implies and put some VELOCITY in those feet of yours! Yah!" Trilby commands it, wanting to be taken back to Thundy and the gang. It isn't long before they hear the faint sound of Trilby's voice and the tiny visage of him appearing over the horizon. "HEY!!! THUNDY, DYNAMO, PASTEL!!! OVER HERE!!!" @ExplosionMare. @Windy Breeze, @C. Thunder Dash, @GeneralDirection, @PawelS In the skybound hubworld, Tree Song may have fooled everyone else, but Elusive Facts wasn't so easily fooled. "Hello again, Ms. Tree." She waves. Making her microphone appear, Elusive stands side-by-side with her. "I am Elusive Facts, standing here with the guardian of the city in the sky, Ms. Tree Song. Is it true that you secretly have a thing for the champions of the Justice King? Perhaps the Dark King is bribing you to make sure no one gets through this portal? Please, tell us more. Inquiring minds at home want to know! A gallery of champions risked LIFE and LIMB to make it here! Does this mean their sacrifice was for naught?" Elusive Facts asks before holding the mic close to Tree. ...She's not being recorded at all right now, but maybe if she acts like a reporter and puts Tree on the spot, it'll have an effect.
  15. It's time to post the results from Tuesday's game! And the winner is... @TomDaBombMLP!
    At second place, @ShadOBabe, @Nsxile 🔥🐲, and @ExplosionMare get the lost artifact silver metal award.
    And at third place, @Sparklefan1234 gets the supportive friend award.

    Congrats to all who participated. You are all amazing! :mlp_yeehaa:


    I don't normally post the answers, but I thought I'd reiterate them here just in case.
    The correct answers were 1. Real, 2. Fake, 3. Fake, 4. Fake, 5. Real, 6. Fake, 7. Real, 8. Fake, 9. Real, 10. Real.

    Not sure what I'll do next time... Maybe an Unexpected Brad Edition? Depends if I can find enough believable fakes.

    Take care for now, my crowd. B)

  16. What's happening, my crowd? Hope you all had a good day. :)

    Things have been so busy over here on my end, but at least I am finding time to do fun things too.

    I saw the Ducktales special "Let's Get Dangerous!" since they posted the whole episode on YouTube. And now it kind of makes me want to change my banner... I still like the original cartoon, but the new Darkwing just might be the best version of all. He even PUNCHES his villains! Did the old Darkwing do that? :blink: All I remember from the original show is the goofy antics.

    Also, if you haven't seen it now, I'm starting a story where YOU choose the outcome of what happens next!
    Please go check it out: HERE.
    Voting is still open!


    You are a sensation, Garo!


    That's all for now.
    Goodnight, my crowd. B)

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    2. Funtime Splashee

      Funtime Splashee


      Did the old Darkwing do that? :blink:

      No :blink: well, he must have done something to beat the bad guys up, but I don't remember him using his fists

    3. TomDaBombMLP
    4. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine


      Same! I am pretty sure any time the old Darkwing threw a punch, it failed. He either had to use smarts of fortunate circumstance to help him complete a case.

  17. @Dynamo Pad, @Pastel Heart, @C. Thunder Dash, @CameoShadowness In Level 2, ... Trilby didn't have anything to do until his team finally caught up with him. He hope it wouldn't take too long. For now, he is just waiting. And waiting... He looks at the velociraptor that was left for him. With a bit of apprehension, he reaches out to pet its head. "...So, do I feed you or something? Will you eat out of my hoof without, you know, actually eating my hoof?" @ExplosionMare. @Windy Breeze, @C. Thunder Dash, @GeneralDirection, @PawelS In the skybound hubworld, Elusive Facts is just as awe struck as her new team. "Wow... If this place were real, this would be the scoop of a life time!" Together, they all begin to explore, never getting too far away from each other in case of getting lost. This looks like it might take a while, until Elusive does the obvious. She asks a random NPC. "Excuse me, do you know where the Bonus Level entrance is?" She asks. Gladly, the NPC points the way. They ALL do! "Well, that makes things easy. Right, team?" Guess it makes sense. If this place is paradise, then everyone here would be super nice and helpful. And following the directions of these NPCs leads them to a sacred alcove just outside a palace of golden clockwork. The portal to the Bonus Stage waits, and so does Tree Song.
  18. Celestia is a true work of art~

    (Art by GenjiLim)

    I've been doing a lot of work, so I need a break... Let's try another game! :fluttershy:
    I suggested it before, so let's try that story idea where you all vote on the outcome. Ready? Go!

    Twilight Sparkle was just trotting through Ponyville, minding her own business. A moment ago, she was eating at a local diner. "Perhaps I shouldn't have had that second helping for hay fries..." Twilight thinks to herself before magically pulling out a scroll with a list of today's activities. "Now let's see... I finished re-organizing the books, helped Spike trim his claws, sent off all the extra towels to charity, and... Wha?!" Twilight's thoughts are interrupted when a loud sound catches her attention. She looks up to see...!

    A] Rainbow Dash about to fly into her
    B] Pinkie Pie being herself
    C] The Cutie Mark Crusaders needing her help
    D] Random muffins

    Vote now!
    This is not suppose to be a serious story. It's just silliness for the sake of silliness. :catface:
    Results will either be posted Sunday or next week, just to give people enough time to see this and vote.

    I was originally thinking of using my OC and putting him in random situations, maybe tagging others if they wanted to be in this story or not, but I decided I didn't want to bother anyone... :blush:

    But let's see where this goes! I am making this up as I go along, so don't expect a cohesive story or theme. I'm just doing it for the lulz.
    See you again tomorrow, my crowd. B)

  19. I know I should see the entire series first, but since it was posted legally to YouTube, I saw the Ducktales special "Let's Get Dangerous", and I loved it! They might have said that phrase a bit too much, but it was great! This show has really creative a new, definitive version of my favorite Disney duck super hero. :ticking:

    This really makes me want to watch the entire series now.

    1. Sparklefan1234


      YAY! I'm *so* glad you liked it, BFFFF! :D

  20. Don't dig too deep, it's time for... REAL or FAKE! Relic Hunter Edition.
    As usual, there's 5 fake images and 5 real ones. Only a true archaeologist has the eyes to tell what's real and what's fake. So how sharp are your skills?





















    All answers, non answers, and random comments will unearth points. However, only the one who gets it right will walk home with the most points.
    Don't worry, no ancient evils here. Good luck, my crowd. B)

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    2. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      @TomDaBombMLP Nope, that is also real. :yay: Silly, I know, but real. You're one even-number away from correctly guessing all the fakes. Don't give up now!

    3. TomDaBombMLP
    4. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      @TomDaBombMLP ...THAT'S CORRECT! YOU WIN!!! ^_^ On top of all the points you've collected so far, that 1310879 victory points. Congrats on that last-minute victory!

  21. @Dynamo Pad, @Pastel Heart, @C. Thunder Dash, @CameoShadowness In Level 2, Trilby seems very confused when the velociraptor's rider tried to communicate with non verbally. "...What?" He lets down his shield. "...Ride with you?" Trilby thinks about this. Insert Jeopardy Thinking Theme here. !! "Ohhhh, I get it now. Thundy sent you, right?" Trilby asks, figuring it out. "Listen, I need to stay here! I just found the cave Dynamo and Thundy were looking for." Trilby puts his hooves together and asks politely. "Could you please go back and lead them to my location instead? Once we go into this cave, I know we can face the boss together." @ExplosionMare. @Windy Breeze, @C. Thunder Dash, @GeneralDirection, @PawelS Outside, It was a mighty climb to the sky, but there was no going back now. Once they all have departed, the train makes a sharp turn and heads back to the city. They really are on their own now, but it's okay. With the beasts that Pencil drew, with Chelsea's water dragon, and so on... They arrive! It was a tough flight, at times it felt like the wind and gravity wanted to push them back down. One wrong move, just like any hard-to-reach bonus level in a game, and they would have fallen back down to the ground and all of this would have been for nothing. But they toughed it out until they finally landed on that flying island in the sky, and stretched out before them is serene, heavenly imagery. Wonderful lakes that have fostered various fruit plants along their shores. There are large pillared structures of white and gold, with flowing metal rails and details swerving and wrapping around them like strings on a harp. There are random flower petals flying in the sky, and friendly little cherubs flying around to spread cheer. The purist of white clouds decorate the various corners of this world, but they're not invasive like fog. Roads are lined with gold, the wandering NPCs look perfectly content, and homes look like heavenly mansions. No matter where you look, it's glorious and welcoming. In the distance, you can even hear a faint sound of heavenly music and soft bells chiming. They've made it to the skybound hub world, an area that many wouldn't want to leave once they got here. It's a paradise in the sky! Now all they need to do is find Tree Song, and the entrance to that bonus level...
  22. But it's not accurate. It became inaccurate when I disagreed. Because in my eyes, you are cool.